Welcome – How to Become a Christian / Master Class?

How to use this Evangelistic Tool to further the Borders of Gods Kingdom

Hearing the Gospel?

How Do we come into contact with God's Word that is Living and Active

Class – Believing in Jesus?

Why God desires us to believe in the unseen?

Repenting / Change of Heaqrt?

How God Desires that we turn to Him for peace and rest.

Confessing Jesus?

When we confess with our lips we do to things 1) We verbally say we believe that Jesus is the Christ 2) We Confess Past Sins

Being Baptized / Becoming a Child of God?

How do we come in contact with Jesus sacrifice.

From Babe to Saint?

Once we become a Child of God - we need to learn how to chew on the meat of God's word.

Congratulations – Next Steps?

You Finished God Bless
Video – Come I will make you Fishers of Men