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Do Angels Exist?

In Christian theology, the existence of angels is widely affirmed across various denominations, based on biblical teachings. Angels are considered spiritual beings who serve God and fulfill various roles in the celestial hierarchy and in the interaction between God and humanity. The Bible contains numerous… Read More »Do Angels Exist?

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What are Angels?

Angels, as described in the Christian faith, are spiritual beings created by God to serve Him and fulfill various roles throughout the biblical narrative. They are messengers, warriors, and servants of God, acting according to His will in the spiritual realm and in the lives… Read More »What are Angels?

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how do0es the church view other religions

How does the Church View other Religions?

The Christian perspective on other religions, alongside the understanding of the Bible’s stance and deriving key takeaways from it, encompasses a multifaceted examination rooted in theological insights, scriptural analysis, and ecclesiastical teachings over the centuries. This response integrates biblical scripture, insights from Martin Luther, Thomas… Read More »How does the Church View other Religions?

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How are churches goverened

How are Churches Governed?

Church governance refers to the structure and system of authority that organizes and directs the communal and spiritual activities of a Christian community. The Bible, being the foundational text for Christian belief and practice, offers principles that have been interpreted in various ways to form… Read More »How are Churches Governed?

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how does the church approach and education

How Does the Church Approach Teaching and Education?

The Christian approach to teaching and education, deeply rooted in the Scriptures, emphasizes the transformative power of God’s Word in shaping individuals and communities. This view is consistently reflected throughout the Bible, where the significance of instruction, wisdom, and understanding is underscored. Let’s explore how… Read More »How Does the Church Approach Teaching and Education?

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