How To Become a Christian / Master Class

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About Course

How To Become a Christian / Master Class

7 Course Modules – 14 Lessons / Classes – Video – Quizzes 

Hearing God
Believing God
Repenting – Change of Heart
From Babe to Saint

What Will You Learn?

  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • Worldwide
  • Online
  • Grow at your own pace
  • Learn to be a Spiritual Leader
  • Share with a Family Member
  • Share with Your Searching Teen
  • Cast it to Your TV
  • Take on Your Cell Phone
  • Finish
  • Print Your Own Baptisimal Certificate

About the instructor

Father / Grandfather / Preacher / Missionary / Author

Greg & Darlene Married 1972 +

Three Daughters – Christina – Kelly – April

Currently 6 GrandChildren, Lilly – Daisey – Corben – Indy – Elsie – Pergrin

Central Ohio School for Preachers and Teachers

Completed a two-year Program in the evenings after work. Went to work then came to this large congregation to go through their program. 5 Nights a week

International School of Evangelism

Darlene and I completed this Two Year Full-Time Program. Days consisted of Studying the Bible 8 hours a day, then 2-3 hours of homework every night.

First Mission Trip to Ghana

Part of Our Circuculium was to get experience in Mission Fields. Our Trip was 3 Week, 1 1/2 Weeks in Ghana West Africa, then 1 1/2 Weeks in Birmingham England.

Preaching Dahlonaga Georgia

Shultz Lewis Childrens Home

Darlene and I and our Girls served as Foster Parents to 6 other foster girls needing a Christian Home.

Mission Trip Est Church Yendi – Ghana

This Trip we had a small team and Went to the interior to the town of Yendi, Ghana South Africa

Deacon – Evangelism

Helped in my home congregation serving as their Evangelism Deacon. Started a Program Called CIA ( Christians in Action ) worked very well in mobilizing our congregation to reach out.

Mission Trip to Guyana

Our First Trip we accompanied an experienced missionary our first Trip. from then on has been 40 Years in love with Missions – Focusing mostly in Guyana

Established Churches Coomacka, Blueberryhill, Kakawani, Guyana South America

Motivating Church WorkersMotivating Church Workers

Preacher Lancaster Ohio

Elder – Ohio

Author “Beware Lest you Entertain Angels Unaware”

Mission Trip to Honduras – Darlene

40 Years continued Mission Trips Guyana South America

Going nearly every Summer Leading Teams to encourage and help our local ministers to evangelize. We for 5 Years held Guyana Christian Youth Canp – The last camp we has in 2013 we had 107 Guyanese children campers.

Guyana Christian Youth Camp

2014 Trip To Holy Lands

Darlene and I were Blessed to be able to go and spend three weeks in the Holy Lands. We had spent our whole lives studying and teaching about them. The Lord allowed us to see them. We would highly recommend it to any of you that might get opportunity

Children’s Church Ministry


Course Curriculum

Welcome – How to Become a Christian / Master Class
How to use this Evangelistic Tool to further the Borders of Gods Kingdom

Hearing the Gospel
How Do we come into contact with God's Word that is Living and Active

Class – Believing in Jesus
Why God desires us to believe in the unseen?

Repenting / Change of Heaqrt
How God Desires that we turn to Him for peace and rest.

Confessing Jesus
When we confess with our lips we do to things 1) We verbally say we believe that Jesus is the Christ 2) We Confess Past Sins

Being Baptized / Becoming a Child of God
How do we come in contact with Jesus sacrifice.

From Babe to Saint
Once we become a Child of God - we need to learn how to chew on the meat of God's word.

Congratulations – Next Steps
You Finished God Bless