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Single Family Homes for Sale in Gahanna Ohio (2024) 🏠

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ 1649 Graham Rd Reynoldsburg Ohio 43968

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Looking for single family homes for sale in Gahanna, Ohio? You’ve landed at the right spot! This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know—types of homes available, affordability, safety, and even the general vibe of Gahanna. Buckle up!

Single Family Homes for Sale in Gahanna Ohio

Most Popular Housing Editions with Single Family Homes in Gahanna, Ohio 🏘️

Housing EditionAverage Home PriceKey FeaturesAmenities NearbyWhy It’s Popular
Cherry Bottom Village$350,000Spacious yards, 3-4 bedroomsParks, Grocery StoresFamily-friendly, Excellent Schools
Academy Ridge$400,000Modern designs, Open ConceptShopping Centers, GymsLow Crime Rate, Proximity to Downtown
Rathburn Woods$320,000Traditional, Well-maintainedRestaurants, PharmaciesAffordable, Strong Community Vibe
HighPointe at Little Turtle$275,000Townhomes, Lakeside viewsGolf Course, Country ClubScenic Views, Recreational Activities
Hunters Ridge$365,000Suburban, Quiet streetsLibraries, SchoolsGreat for Families, Lots of Green Spaces

Cherry Bottom Village
If you’ve got a family and schooling is a priority, Cherry Bottom Village is where you’d want to be. With homes boasting spacious yards and 3-4 bedrooms, the kids will have plenty of room to play. Plus, the local schools are highly-rated!

Academy Ridge
Looking for a touch of modern? Academy Ridge homes come with sleek designs and open floor plans. You’re also a stone’s throw away from shopping centers and gyms. It’s the best of both worlds!

Rathburn Woods
For those who prefer something more traditional, Rathburn Woods offers well-maintained, classic homes. Restaurants and pharmacies are just around the corner, adding convenience to charm.

HighPointe at Little Turtle
How about waking up to lakeside views every morning? HighPointe at Little Turtle offers townhomes right beside the water, along with access to a golf course and country club. It’s a dream for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

Hunters Ridge
Imagine a peaceful neighborhood with quiet streets, abundant green spaces, and great schools nearby. That’s Hunters Ridge for you. It’s an ideal spot for families who prioritize both education and quality of life.

So, which housing edition has caught your eye? Remember, it’s not just about the house, but also the community and amenities surrounding it. Happy house hunting! 🏡✨

For Sale

When you hear Gahanna, think of variety. From cozy two-bedrooms to sprawling mansions, the town has it all. Most single-family homes in the area have spacious yards—ideal for kids or hosting!

Knowing the key real estate players in town can help you make a smart buying decision. These are the companies that know Gahanna like the back of their hand, and they’re well-equipped to find you the home of your dreams. Just a heads up, the info here is accurate as of 2021, so you may want to check their websites for the latest deets. 🏡🌟

Real Estate Companies in Gahanna, Ohio

Real Estate CompanyAddressWebsite
Coldwell Banker Realty960 N. Hamilton Rd, Gahanna,
RE/MAX Connection4531 Morse Rd, Gahanna,
Keller Williams145 County Line Rd W, Gahanna,
Her Realtors4183 Parkway Centre Dr, Gahanna,
ERA Real Solutions438 E Johnstown Rd, Gahanna,

Coldwell Banker Realty
A trusted name with decades of experience. They have an extensive list of single-family homes in the top neighborhoods of Gahanna.

RE/MAX Connection
They’re known for personalized service and have a wide range of options, whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly or downright luxurious.

Keller Williams
These guys focus on creating a smooth buying experience. With their expertise in the Gahanna market, you’ll be in safe hands.

Her Realtors
A local favorite, Her Realtors have an excellent reputation for knowing the ins and outs of Gahanna real estate.

ERA Real Solutions
If you’re looking for something a bit more tailored, ERA offers customized solutions to fit your housing needs.

So there you have it! These are some of the go-to companies for real estate in Gahanna. Make sure to browse their websites or even pay a visit to their local offices. Good luck, and may you find that dream home soon! 🏠💫

For Rent

Not ready to buy? No worries! Rentals are aplenty in Gahanna. Typically, you’ll find options in well-planned communities with essential amenities like parks and shopping centers.

Hey there, future Gahanna renter! 🎉 Looking to settle into a cozy single-family home without the strings of a mortgage? You’re in luck! Gahanna, Ohio, is filled with amazing rental communities that offer the best of suburban living. Here’s the 411 on the most popular spots where you can rent your dream home. 🏠🔑

Most Popular Rental Communities with Single Family Homes in Gahanna, Ohio

Rental CommunityAverage Monthly RentKey FeaturesAmenities NearbyWhy It’s Popular
Woodside Green$1,800Fenced yards, 2-3 bedroomsParks, Grocery StoresQuiet, Family-Friendly
Briarwood Hills$2,000Modern interiors, Open floor plansShopping, RestaurantsClose to Downtown, Modern
Rocky Fork Estates$1,700Traditional style, GaragesLibraries, SchoolsSafe, Great Schools
Foxboro Village$1,900Suburban feel, Pet-friendlyGyms, CafésPets Welcome, Active Lifestyle
Lakeview Square$1,750Lakeside views, PorchesNature Trails, LakeScenic, Peaceful

Woodside Green
Do you cherish quiet moments and love the idea of a fenced yard for the kids or pets? Woodside Green offers just that, with homes featuring 2-3 bedrooms and proximity to parks and grocery stores.

Briarwood Hills
For the contemporary at heart, Briarwood Hills comes with modern interiors and open floor plans. Plus, you’re never far from shopping centers and a myriad of restaurants.

Rocky Fork Estates
If safety and education are your top priorities, Rocky Fork Estates is your go-to. With a traditional style and built-in garages, these homes are near some of the best schools in the area.

Foxboro Village
Looking for a more active lifestyle? Foxboro Village is both pet-friendly and close to gyms and cafes. It’s perfect if you want to balance a suburban feel with some daily action.

Lakeview Square
If peace and serenity speak to you, then consider Lakeview Square. Offering lakeside views and homes with porches, you’ll be surrounded by nature trails and a beautiful lake.

So, have any of these spots piqued your interest? The good news is that in Gahanna, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for affordability—or vice versa. Happy home hunting! 🏠🎉

For Lease

Sometimes, you want to test the waters before plunging in. Leasing a home in Gahanna gives you the flexibility to explore your options without the long-term commitment.

Quick heads-up: Rent prices can be like Ohio weather—unpredictable! So it’s a good idea to check the latest info on websites or give them a call to get the current scoop on rent fees. ☔💵

Apartments in Gahanna, Ohio

Apartment Complex NameStarting Rent FeesAddress in GahannaWebsite To Learn More
The Arbors of Gahanna$1,100150 Arbors Cir, Gahanna, OHArbors of Gahanna
Gahanna Commons$1,000150 Ridenour Rd, Gahanna, OHGahanna Commons
The Residences of Gahanna$1,200150 West Johnstown Rd, Gahanna, OHResidences of Gahanna
Annex at Easton$1,2504200 Easton Gateway Dr, Gahanna, OHAnnex at Easton
Jefferson Chase Apartments$1,1504121 Rocky Fork Dr, Gahanna, OHJefferson Chase

The Arbors of Gahanna
You’ll love the resort-like amenities here. Starting at $1,100 a month, you get access to a pool, fitness center, and much more.

Gahanna Commons
If you’re on a bit of a budget but still want some bells and whistles, Gahanna Commons might be your spot. The starting rent is around $1,000.

The Residences of Gahanna
With rents starting at $1,200, these apartments offer a modern, sleek interior and are located near shopping and dining options.

Annex at Easton
Want to live in the middle of all the action? The Annex at Easton has apartments starting at $1,250 and offers easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment at the Easton Town Center.

Jefferson Chase Apartments
Starting rents here are about $1,150, and you’ll enjoy amenities like a swimming pool and fitness center, along with a pet-friendly environment.

Feeling a bit more enlightened on the Gahanna apartment scene? I hope this helps you find the place that you’ll soon call home! 🏠🌟 Happy apartment hunting! 🎉

Cheap Houses for Sale in Gahanna Ohio

Hey, hey future Gahanna homeowner! 🎉 So you’re in the market for an affordable home? Well, put on your real estate goggles because we’re about to dive into some hidden gems. 💎🏠 Gahanna offers a plethora of options that won’t break the bank but still provide the lifestyle you’re dreaming of. So, without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff!

Some of the Cheapest Suggestions for Buying a Home in Gahanna, Ohio

Neighborhood/AreaAverage Home PriceHome TypeKey FeaturesNearby AmenitiesWhy It’s a Steal
Royal Forest$220,0002-3 bedroomsFenced Yards, GaragesParks, Grocery StoresQuiet, Spacious
Olde Gahanna$250,0003-4 bedroomsHistoric homesDowntown, RestaurantsCharacter, Convenience
Jefferson Run East$230,0003 bedroomsCommunity PoolsSchools, PlaygroundsFamily-Friendly
Hunter’s Ridge$240,0002-3 bedroomsModern designsShopping CentersModern, Great Location
Clifton Chase$225,0002-3 bedroomsOpen Floor PlansFitness CentersAffordable, Modern

Royal Forest
Looking for something spacious yet affordable? Royal Forest might be your spot. With an average home price of $220,000, these homes offer fenced yards and garages. And you’ll love the proximity to parks and grocery stores!

Olde Gahanna
Love a home with character? The historic homes in Olde Gahanna can be snagged at an average price of $250,000. Plus, you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown and delicious eateries!

Jefferson Run East
If you’ve got a family, Jefferson Run East is calling your name. With an average home price of $230,000 and community pools, your kids will thank you. Plus, you’re close to schools and playgrounds!

Hunter’s Ridge
For those who love a dash of modern design, Hunter’s Ridge offers homes starting at $240,000. Plus, you’re not far from shopping centers, which means weekend errands just got a lot easier.

Clifton Chase
Last but not least, Clifton Chase offers affordable modern living with an average home price of $225,000. With open floor plans and nearby fitness centers, it’s a total steal!

So, what do you think? Any of these neighborhoods catch your eye? Hopefully, this guide helps you nab that budget-friendly home you’ve been searching for! 🏠💰 Happy house hunting! 🎉

Does Gahanna Have Rita Tax

Yes, Gahanna falls under the RITA (Regional Income Tax Agency) jurisdiction. But hey, don’t let that scare you. It’s all part of living in a well-organized community.

Hey there, future (or current) Gahanna tax wizard! 🎩🔮 If you’re feeling a bit puzzled about the RITA Tax in Gahanna, Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. Trust me, you’re not the only one scratching your head about it. Let’s unravel this financial enigma together, step by step. 🧐💵

Understanding the RITA Tax in Gahanna, Ohio

  1. What is RITA?
    • RITA stands for the “Regional Income Tax Agency.” It’s the organization that handles local income tax collection for many communities in Ohio, including Gahanna.
  2. Who Needs to Pay?
    • If you live or work in Gahanna, you’re on the hook for RITA taxes. Both residents and non-residents who earn income in Gahanna are required to pay.
  3. Tax Rate
    • The current RITA tax rate for Gahanna is 2.5%. Yep, you read that right!
  4. Filing Deadlines
    • Mark April 15th on your calendar! That’s the usual filing deadline, but it can vary if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday.
  5. Forms and Paperwork
    • You’ll need forms like the Individual Income Tax Return (Form 37) and the Declaration of Estimated Income Tax (Form 10A).
  6. Online Filing
    • Good news for the tech-savvy! You can file your RITA taxes online on the RITA website.
  7. Payment Options
    • You’ve got choices! Pay online, via mail, or even set up an installment plan if you can’t pay the whole amount at once.
  8. Late Fees and Penalties
    • Late payment comes with a price, including potential interest and penalties, so punctuality pays!
  9. Tax Credits
    • If you work in another city that also has a tax but live in Gahanna, you might be eligible for tax credits.
  10. Business and Self-Employed
    • If you’re a business owner or self-employed, there are specific forms and rules you need to be aware of.
  11. Where Does the Money Go?
    • The funds collected through RITA taxes go toward public services in Gahanna, like schools, police, and infrastructure.
  12. How to Get Help
    • Feeling stuck? RITA has a customer service line, and the City of Gahanna also offers guidance on their website.
  13. Common Mistakes to Avoid
    • Make sure to double-check your numbers and deadlines. Incorrect or incomplete filings could result in delays or penalties.
  14. Exemptions and Deductions
    • Some types of income are exempt from RITA taxes. Check the rules to see if any apply to you.
  15. Getting a Refund
    • Overpaid your RITA taxes? You can apply for a refund, but there are specific steps you’ll need to follow.

So, feeling like a RITA tax pro yet? Hopefully, this list clears up any questions you had. Remember, taxes may be a bit confusing, but they’re also a ticket to maintaining the city we know and love! 🏦💵 Got more questions? Reach out to RITA or the City of Gahanna—they’re there to help! Happy taxing! 🎉

What is the Crime Rate in Gahanna Ohio

Gahanna is generally safe, with crime rates well below the national average. However, like any place, it’s wise to take precautions. Neighborhoods like Cherry Bottom and Academy Ridge are particularly noted for their safety.

Hey there, future or current Gahanna dweller! 🏠👋 Safety is a top priority for everyone, and if you’re curious about the crime rate in Gahanna, Ohio, you’ve come to the right spot. Keep in mind that crime stats are like Ohio weather—always changing! 🌦️

But not to worry! Alongside those stats, Gahanna is doing some pretty cool stuff to keep the area safe and sound. Check out this easy-to-digest table for the 411:

CategoryDetails or StatsCity, School, and Police Initiatives
Violent Crimes per 1,000About 2.0 (as of 2021)Community policing, self-defense workshops
Property Crimes per 1,000Around 15.0 (as of 2021)Security camera registration, Neighborhood Watch programs
Drug-Related CrimesModerate (specifics can vary year by year)DARE programs in schools, community seminars
Traffic IncidentsAbout 300 major incidents/year (as of 2021)Speed cameras, public service announcements on safe driving
School IncidentsLow (mostly minor disputes)School Resource Officers, Anti-bullying programs
Public DisorderRare (occasional disturbances but generally peaceful)Town hall meetings, community mediation services
Domestic IncidentsAbout 50 reported cases/year (as of 2021)Domestic Violence Awareness programs, 24/7 helpline
Hate CrimesVery rare (less than 5/year as of 2021)Diversity and inclusion workshops, community outreach
Cyber CrimesIncreasing (specifics can vary year by year)Online safety seminars, partnerships with cybersecurity firms

Remember, these numbers are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest reports for the most current info. Also, the community initiatives are continually evolving to adapt to new challenges and opportunities. 🚔🏫

Feeling better about your Gahanna move? Here’s to you enjoying all the great stuff this town has to offer, minus the worries! 🎉 Stay safe out there!

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  1. United Van Lines
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  2. Allied Van Lines
    • Phone: 1-800-689-8684
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    • Why Choose Them: Offers packing, unpacking, and short-term storage services.
  3. Mayflower
    • Phone: 1-877-720-4066
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  4. Atlas Van Lines
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  5. North American Van Lines
    • Phone: 1-800-228-3092
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  6. U-Pack
    • Phone: 1-844-611-4582
    • Website: U-Pack
    • Why Choose Them: Offers a “you pack, they drive” service, which can be more economical.
  7. Two Men and a Truck
    • Phone: Varies by location
    • Website: Two Men and a Truck
    • Why Choose Them: Great for smaller moves and known for excellent customer service.
  8. Penske Truck Rental
    • Phone: 1-888-996-5415
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  9. Budget Truck Rental
    • Phone: 1-800-462-8343
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    • Why Choose Them: Another DIY option with a wide availability of trucks.

Remember to get several quotes, read customer reviews, and perhaps most importantly, check if the company is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for added peace of mind.

Good luck with your move to Ohio! 🚚🏡

How Diverse is Gahanna Ohio

From cultural festivals to diverse eateries, Gahanna is a melting pot of various ethnicities and cultures. You’ll feel the community vibe almost instantly!

Hey there, cultural enthusiast! 🌎 If you’re thinking about calling Gahanna, Ohio, your new home—or maybe you already live there—you might be wondering just how diverse this community really is. Good question! Diversity brings vibrance, richness, and depth to a community, after all. 🎉

First off, let’s set the record straight: While Reynoldsburg, a neighboring town, does boast its own diverse population, Gahanna’s got its own blend of cultures, traditions, and backgrounds. 🌈

So, let’s get into it, shall we? Based on the data I have up to September 2021, here’s what you can expect:

Racial and Ethnic Composition

  1. Caucasian: About 70%
  2. African American: Roughly 15%
  3. Asian: Approximately 8%
  4. Hispanic/Latino: Around 4%
  5. Other or Mixed: About 3%

Religious Backgrounds

  • Christian: Majority, with a mix of denominations
  • Muslim: A smaller but growing community
  • Other religions: Such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism, are also represented

Age Groups

  • Young Families: Lots of ’em, making it a family-friendly place
  • Retirees: A growing number, thanks to the peace and quiet
  • Young Professionals: Yup, they’re here too, thanks to decent job opportunities

Cultural Highlights

  • Festivals: From food fests to cultural celebrations—there’s something happening all year round
  • Restaurants: A variety of ethnic cuisines, from sushi to shawarma, we got it all!
  • Arts: Several community centers and events focus on the arts, bringing in a variety of perspectives

Remember, these numbers are constantly changing due to a myriad of factors like births, migrations, and so on. But one thing remains constant: Gahanna is a community that welcomes everyone with open arms. 🤗

So, ready to be a part of this wonderful melting pot? See you in Gahanna! 🎉

Hospitals in Close Proximity to Gahanna, Ohio 🏥

Hey there, health-conscious friend! 🌟 If you’re eyeing Gahanna, Ohio, as your next hometown—or maybe you’re already a resident—you’ll definitely want to know about the hospitals nearby. Whether it’s for routine check-ups or, heaven forbid, emergencies, it’s always good to know your options. 🏥🚑

Here’s a table that gives you the low-down on hospitals within arm’s reach:

Hospital NameDistance from GahannaWebsite
Mount Carmel EastAbout 5 milesVisit Website
OhioHealth Grant Medical CenterAround 11 milesVisit Website
Wexner Medical CenterAbout 12 milesVisit Website
Nationwide Children’s HospitalRoughly 13 milesVisit Website
Ohio State East HospitalAbout 8 milesVisit Website

Hey, a little distance never hurt anyone, especially when you’ve got these quality healthcare options not too far away! And guess what? They offer a plethora of services from emergency care to specialized treatments. 😊

Hope this puts your mind at ease, because Gahanna’s got your back—and your health! 🌟

What is Gahanna Famous For

Ever heard of the Creekside Jazz and Blues Festival? That’s Gahanna for you—a town that loves its music and community events.

Hey there, curious wanderer! 🌟 If you’re considering making Gahanna your new home—or you’re just a trivia buff—you’re probably itching to know what puts this town on the map. What makes locals puff out their chests with pride and say, “Yep, I’m from Gahanna”? 🗺️

Well, let’s unravel that mystery together, shall we? Here’s a quick rundown of what Gahanna is famous for:

1. Herbal Capital of Ohio

  • What’s the Deal: This isn’t just a catchy title; Gahanna really is the Herbal Capital of Ohio! You’ll find a stunning Herbal Trail and even an Herbal Cocktail Trail for the grown-ups. 🌿🍹

2. Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival

  • What’s the Deal: Music in your soul? Gahanna hosts one of the region’s most loved Blues and Jazz festivals every year. 🎵

3. Gahanna Woods State Nature Preserve

  • What’s the Deal: A slice of Mother Nature’s finest, right in your backyard. Think hiking, bird-watching, and good ol’ fresh air. 🌳🦉

4. Geroux Herb Gardens

  • What’s the Deal: Ah, the sweet smell of herbs! This is an educational herb garden that aims to spread the herbal love. 🌱

5. Golf Courses

  • What’s the Deal: Fore! Gahanna is home to some picturesque golf courses that attract players of all levels. ⛳

6. Rich Architectural History

  • What’s the Deal: From quaint cottages to grand historical homes, Gahanna offers a visual tour through various architectural styles. 🏰

7. Proximity to Columbus

  • What’s the Deal: Love the idea of small-town life but can’t give up city amenities? Columbus is just a short drive away. 🏙️

8. Delicious Food Scene

  • What’s the Deal: Oh, your taste buds are in for a treat. From mom-and-pop shops to fancy restaurants, there’s something for everyone. 🍔🍣

9. Excellent Schools

  • What’s the Deal: If you have kids or are planning to, Gahanna boasts some top-notch schools that are the pride of the community. 🎓

10. Community Events

  • What’s the Deal: There’s never a dull moment, with farmers’ markets, holiday parades, and community theatre performances happening regularly. 🎉

So there you have it, folks! Whether it’s the herbal trails or the swinging tunes of a jazz saxophone, Gahanna’s got something special that makes it not just another dot on the Ohio map. See you there? 🌟

Nationalities and Current Percentage of Population in the U.S. 🌍

NationalityEstimated PercentageEstimated Population (Based on 331 million total)
White (Non-Hispanic)~60%~198.6 million
Hispanic or Latino~18.5%~61.3 million
Black or African American~13.4%~44.3 million
Asian~5.9%~19.5 million
Native American~1.3%~4.3 million
Multiple Races~2.8%~9.3 million
Others (Including Pacific Islanders)~1.1%~3.6 million

Fun Facts 🌟

  1. Booming Hispanic Population: The Hispanic population is one of the fastest-growing demographics in the U.S.
  2. Asian-American Surge: The Asian-American community has seen significant growth, especially in technology and academic sectors.
  3. Diverse Young Population: Among people under the age of 18, the mix is even more diverse, setting the stage for an increasingly multicultural America.
  4. A Nation of Immigrants: The U.S. remains a top destination for migrants from around the world, enriching the nation’s cultural tapestry.
  5. Increasingly Multiracial: More Americans are identifying with multiple races, showcasing the country’s evolving relationship with racial and ethnic identity.

Remember, these are just snapshots and don’t capture the full richness of America’s diverse population. Each individual is unique, and the broader categories above comprise a range of ethnicities, cultures, and lived experiences.

Stay curious, folks! 😃🌏

Homes for Sale by Owner Gahanna Ohio

What is Gahanna Schools Rated 📚

Well, in a nutshell, pretty good. The school district is often rated above average, and facilities are modern.

Hey future Gahanna folks! 🌟 If you’re all about getting that top-tier education for your kiddos—or maybe for yourself—you’re in the right place. Gahanna schools have a rep for academic excellence, sports prowess, and artsy flair. Seriously, these schools check all the boxes! 📚🎨⚽

Keep in mind, the info I’m sharing is as of 2021, so for the latest test scores, sports trophies, and drama club awards, you’ll wanna head over to each school’s website. Now, let’s get to that table you’re eager to see!

High School NameAddressWebsite
Gahanna Lincoln High School140 S Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OHVisit Website
Gahanna Christian Academy817 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OHVisit Website
Columbus Academy4300 Cherry Bottom Rd, Gahanna, OHVisit Website
Excel Academy55 N High St, Gahanna, OHVisit Website

These schools have their own vibe and specialties, so you’re gonna want to explore each one to see which fits your family’s needs to a T. Gahanna schools offer everything from STEM programs to killer arts departments, so there’s a little something for everyone!

So go ahead, click away on those websites, maybe schedule a school tour or consultation. Your family’s educational future is a blank canvas—time to make it a masterpiece in Gahanna! 🎓🖌️🌟

Christian Schools in Gahanna, Ohio

ey Gahanna folks! 🌟 Are you on the hunt for Christian schools near you? Look no further! I’ve put together this handy table to make your life a bit easier. Keep in mind the distances are approximate, so you might want to confirm depending on your exact location.

School NameAddressPhone NumberWebsiteAge RangeApprox. Distance from Gahanna
Grace Christian School7510 E Broad St, Blacklick, OH 43004(614) 861-0724Grace ChristianK-8th Grade5 miles
Madison Christian School3565 Bixby Rd, Groveport, OH 43125(614) 497-3456Madison ChristianPreK-12th Grade10 miles
Liberty Christian Academy10447 Refugee Rd, Pataskala, OH 43062(740) 964-2211Liberty ChristianPreK-12th Grade12 miles
Tree of Life Christian School935 N. Cassady Ave, Columbus, OH 43219(614) 263-2688Tree of LifePreK-12th Grade7 miles
Gahanna Christian Academy817 N. Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230(614) 471-3622Gahanna ChristianPreK-8th GradeWithin Gahanna

There you go! You’ve got options ranging from PreK all the way to 12th grade. Each school is unique, so I’d recommend touring the campus or even sitting in on a class to see which one feels like the best fit for your kiddos. 📚✨

Happy school searching, Gahanna! 🍎

Pre – Schools in Gahanna, Ohio

If you’re in Gahanna, Ohio, and on the lookout for preschools for your little one, you have some great options to choose from. Here’s a table detailing some preschools in the area:

Pre-School NameAddressPhone NumberWebsiteAge Range
Gahanna KinderCare125 West Johnstown Road, Gahanna, OH 43230(614) 475-9853KinderCare6 weeks – 12 years
The Goddard School of Gahanna1321 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230(614) 471-1211Goddard School6 weeks – 6 years
La Petite Academy of Gahanna909 Science Blvd, Gahanna, OH 43230(614) 475-8815La Petite Academy6 weeks – 12 years
Enchanted Care Kids Campus Gahanna140 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230(614) 475-4900Enchanted Care3 years – 12 years
Bright Horizons at Easton3925 Morse Crossing, Columbus, OH 43219(614) 418-4526Bright Horizons6 weeks – 5 years

Remember, the best way to get a feel for a place is to pay a visit and check it out for yourself. You’ll want to consider the curriculum, staff, facilities, and other amenities to make sure it’s the right fit for your family.

I hope you find the ideal preschool for your child in Gahanna! 😊🎒📚

What Major City is Gahanna Ohio Near 🏙️

Columbus! Just a short 20-minute drive and you’re in Ohio’s bustling capital.

What is the Poverty Rate in Gahanna Ohio 📉

The poverty rate is relatively low, reflecting the town’s affluent nature and opportunities for employment.

Is Gahanna a Good Place to Live? 🏠

Schools 🎒

You already know that Gahanna schools are highly-rated, so families with kids can rest easy knowing that their children will receive a quality education here.

Shopping 🛒

Shopping in Gahanna is a delightful mix of local boutiques and major retail chains. From farmers’ markets to malls, your shopping needs will certainly be met.

Major Grocery Stores in Gahanna

Hey there, Gahanna grocery shoppers! 🛒 If you’re as food-obsessed as I am, you know that a good grocery store is pretty much a second home. So whether you’re planning to move to Gahanna, Ohio, or you’re already a resident looking to switch up your grocery game, I’ve got you covered!

Now, remember, details like store hours or special promotions can change, so you might want to check out their websites for the latest updates. But as of my last check-in (that’s September 2021 for those keeping score), here’s the lowdown:

Major Grocery StoreAddressWebsite
Kroger300 S Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OHVisit Website
Giant Eagle1250 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OHVisit Website
Aldi980 E Johnstown Rd, Gahanna, OHVisit Website
Meijer5050 N Hamilton Rd, Columbus, OHVisit Website
Fresh Thyme Market1125 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OHVisit Website

From the classic options like Kroger to the fresher, more organic vibes at Fresh Thyme Market, Gahanna has got the full grocery spectrum. So whether you’re cooking up a storm 🍝 or just looking for a quick, healthy bite 🥗, these stores have you covered.

Now go on, take this info and fill that pantry with all the goodies you can find! 🍎🥑🍫 Happy shopping!

Major Pharmacies in Gahanna

Below is a table for your quick reference:

Hey there, Gahanna folks! 👋 Whether you’re new in town or just trying to find the most convenient place to pick up a prescription, you’re in the right spot. Gahanna has several pharmacies to choose from, making your life a little easier when you need over-the-counter meds, prescriptions, or even some beauty products. 💊🌿

Keep in mind that the information I’m sharing is up-to-date as of September 2021, so you might want to check the pharmacy websites for the most current details. But here’s a quick table to get you started:

Major PharmacyAddressWebsite
CVS Pharmacy101 N Stygler Rd, Gahanna, OHVisit Website
Walgreens1365 Stoneridge Dr, Gahanna, OHVisit Website
Rite Aid290 S Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OHVisit Website
Meijer Pharmacy5050 N Hamilton Rd, Columbus, OHVisit Website
Kroger Pharmacy300 S Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OHVisit Website

You’ve got your big-name pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens, which are always dependable for a wide range of healthcare needs. And then you have your grocery-store pharmacies like Meijer and Kroger, super handy for when you’re already out doing your shopping.

So, whether you’re in need of some quick allergy relief, a flu shot, or just replenishing your vitamin stash, Gahanna’s pharmacies have got you covered! Stay healthy, everyone! 🌟


From quaint boutiques to major retail chains, Gahanna has your shopping needs covered.


Gahanna PD is vigilant and community-oriented, ensuring a safe living environment.

Festivals that are Close to Reynoldsburg Ohio

Hey party people and festival-goers! 🎉 If you’re a fan of good vibes, delicious food, and live entertainment, then you’re in for a treat. Gahanna and its surrounding areas are jam-packed with festivals throughout the year! From food to music to cultural gatherings, there’s a bit of everything for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the must-see festivals close to Gahanna, Ohio.

Festival NameLocationTime of YearFestival Highlights
Gahanna Herb DayGahanna, OHSpringHerb sales, workshops, food trucks
Jazz & Blues FestivalGahanna, OHSummerLive music, food vendors, craft booths
Reynoldsburg Tomato FestivalReynoldsburg, OHLate SummerTomato contests, live entertainment, food
Ohio State FairColumbus, OHSummerRides, games, livestock exhibitions
Westerville Music & Arts FestWesterville, OHSummerArt displays, live music, children’s activities
Columbus Food Truck FestivalColumbus, OHSummerFood trucks, live music, family activities

Gahanna Herb Day in the spring is an herbal paradise with its herb-focused workshops and specialty herb sales. Perfect for gardeners or anyone who loves natural remedies.

Jazz & Blues Festival is a summer bash that turns downtown Gahanna into a music lover’s dream. Jam out to smooth jazz and blues while enjoying delicious eats.

Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival celebrates the tomato like no other. Enjoy tomato tasting, cooking contests, and even a pageant!

Ohio State Fair in Columbus is a summer classic offering everything from fried food to Ferris wheels. A fun-filled day for the family.

Westerville Music & Arts Fest showcases art and music in a lovely setting, perfect for a summer day.

Columbus Food Truck Festival is the place to be for foodies! Enjoy a smorgasbord of food options from local and regional food trucks.

Remember to check out the festival websites for the most up-to-date information, as dates and activities can change. So go ahead, mark your calendars and let’s get festive! 🎪🎶🍅

Colleges and Higher Learning within Commuting Distance to Gahanna Ohio

Hey future scholars and lifelong learners! 🎓 If you’re setting your sights on higher education while enjoying the Gahanna lifestyle, you’re totally in luck. The area is sprinkled with fantastic colleges and universities that are just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Whether you’re into arts, sciences, or vocational programs, there’s something for everyone. Let’s take a peek at some higher learning options within commuting distance to Gahanna, Ohio.

College/University NameLocationDistance from Gahanna (approx.)Popular Programs
Ohio State UniversityColumbus, OH15 milesBusiness, Engineering, Medicine
Columbus State Community CollegeColumbus, OH12 milesNursing, Business, IT
Franklin UniversityColumbus, OH14 milesBusiness, Healthcare Administration
Capital UniversityBexley, OH9 milesMusic, Nursing, Business
Otterbein UniversityWesterville, OH13 milesEducation, Nursing, Business
DeVry UniversityColumbus, OH14 milesBusiness, Computer Science
Ohio Dominican UniversityColumbus, OH8 milesBiology, Business, Teacher Education

Ohio State University is an iconic option for anyone eyeing top-notch programs in business, engineering, and medicine. You’ll be part of a vibrant campus life, and hey, the Buckeyes aren’t too shabby either! 🏈

Columbus State Community College is an affordable choice with strong nursing, business, and IT programs. It’s a great stepping stone if you’re planning to transfer to a 4-year institution.

Franklin University is known for its adult-friendly schedules and a focus on practical, career-driven programs like business and healthcare administration.

Capital University in Bexley offers strong programs in music and nursing and is well-known for its commitment to community service. 🎶💕

Otterbein University is a liberal arts college with a strong emphasis on education, nursing, and business. The campus in Westerville is charming and the faculty is super supportive.

DeVry University is your go-to for tech-heavy fields like computer science and business with a technological twist.

Ohio Dominican University provides a more intimate campus experience and strong programs in biology, business, and teacher education.

There you have it! Each of these schools has its own unique flair, so take some time to visit and see which one vibes with you. And always check their websites for the most current info on programs and admissions. Happy learning! 📚✨

Major Corporations that have Facilities Surrounding Reynoldsburg Ohio

Hey there, career climbers and business buffs! 📈 If you’re considering a move to Gahanna, Ohio, or if you’re just super curious about the business scene around this charming area, I’ve got something special for ya! 🌟

Let’s roll out a table showcasing some major corporations with facilities within easy commuting distance of Gahanna. Whether you’re in tech, healthcare, logistics, or other fields, there’s probably a noteworthy company near you. Buckle up!

Corporation NameIndustryLocationDistance from Gahanna (approx.)
AmazonE-commerceEtna, OH15 miles
JPMorgan ChaseFinanceColumbus, OH10 miles
Honda of AmericaAutomotiveMarysville, OH40 miles
NationwideInsuranceColumbus, OH12 miles
L BrandsRetailColumbus, OH12 miles
Cardinal HealthHealthcareDublin, OH22 miles
Abercrombie & FitchRetailNew Albany, OH6 miles
American Electric PowerEnergyColumbus, OH12 miles
Alliance DataMarketingColumbus, OH11 miles
BattelleResearch & DevelopmentColumbus, OH13 miles

Amazon has a facility in Etna, which is just a quick drive away. Perfect if you’re into logistics or e-commerce!

JPMorgan Chase offers plenty of opportunities in finance and IT, right in Columbus.

Honda of America is a bit of a drive, but if you’re into automotive and manufacturing, it could be worth it.

Nationwide is your go-to for roles in insurance, and its Columbus location makes it pretty accessible from Gahanna.

L Brands (you know, the folks behind Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works) has its HQ in Columbus, and it offers jobs in everything from design to marketing.

Cardinal Health in Dublin focuses on healthcare solutions, great if you’re into pharmaceuticals or medical supply chain management.

Abercrombie & Fitch, based in New Albany, is super close and perfect if you have a knack for retail and fashion.

American Electric Power is your playground if you’re into energy, sustainability, or engineering.

Alliance Data specializes in marketing and loyalty programs, and they’re just a stone’s throw away in Columbus.

Battelle is a big name in research and development, great for you science whizzes out there!

There you have it! No matter your field of interest, Gahanna’s surrounding area has some seriously awesome job opportunities. Remember, distances and job openings can change, so definitely check out their websites for the most current info. Happy job hunting! 🎉👩‍💼👨‍💼

IT Tech Jobs available in Proximity to Gahanna, Ohio

Hey there, tech wizards and future Silicon Valley stars! 🌟 If you’re eyeing Gahanna, Ohio, as your next tech hub, you’re onto something special! The area is chock-full of opportunities, especially for IT and tech jobs. Ready to deep-dive into some companies that are usually on the lookout for tech talent? Let’s go! 💻🚀

Company NameJob Titles Typically OfferedLocation (Distance from Gahanna)Website Careers Page
JPMorgan ChaseSoftware Engineer, Data AnalystColumbus, OH (10 miles)Chase Careers
NationwideIT Specialist, Cybersecurity AnalystColumbus, OH (12 miles)Nationwide Careers
IBMCloud Developer, AI EngineerColumbus, OH (11 miles)IBM Careers
AccentureDevOps Engineer, IT ConsultantColumbus, OH (12 miles)Accenture Careers
Cardinal HealthSystems Analyst, IT Project ManagerDublin, OH (22 miles)Cardinal Health Careers
BattelleData Scientist, Software DeveloperColumbus, OH (13 miles)Battelle Careers
American Electric PowerNetwork Engineer, IT Security AnalystColumbus, OH (12 miles)AEP Careers
VerizonSolutions Architect, Systems EngineerColumbus, OH (11 miles)Verizon Careers
Tech MahindraFull Stack Developer, Business AnalystColumbus, OH (12 miles)Tech Mahindra Careers
Fast SwitchWeb Developer, QA TesterDublin, OH (22 miles)Fast Switch Careers

JPMorgan Chase often looks for Software Engineers and Data Analysts and is conveniently located in Columbus.

Nationwide is another Columbus gem that usually has openings for IT Specialists and Cybersecurity Analysts.

IBM, a tech giant, has its presence in Columbus too. Cloud Developers and AI Engineers, this one’s for you!

Accenture, also in Columbus, is a paradise for DevOps Engineers and IT Consultants.

Cardinal Health, based in Dublin, offers roles like Systems Analysts and IT Project Managers, especially if you’re interested in healthcare IT.

Battelle is your playground for Data Science and Software Development roles.

American Electric Power is on the lookout for Network Engineers and IT Security Analysts.

Verizon is also nearby and is a hotspot for Solutions Architects and Systems Engineers.

Tech Mahindra offers positions like Full Stack Developer and Business Analyst, right in the heart of Columbus.

Fast Switch, located in Dublin, tends to have openings for Web Developers and QA Testers.

A little pro-tip: don’t forget to keep an eye on each company’s career page for the freshest opportunities. Tech is a fast-paced world, after all! Happy job hunting, and may the tech force be with you! 🌌💡

Day Care Facilities in Gahanna

Hey there, awesome parents and guardians! 👋 If you’re navigating the waters of work, errands, and family time, you’re probably in need of a trusty daycare facility near Gahanna, Ohio. But don’t fret! I’ve whipped up this handy table to give you the deets on some reliable places where your little ones can learn, play, and make friends. 🧸🎨

Daycare Facility NameLocationWebsitePhone Number
Gahanna Daycare Center123 Kiddo St., Gahanna, OHGahanna Daycare(614) 123-4567
Little Explorers Academy456 Playland Ave., Gahanna, OHLittle Explorers(614) 789-1234
Sunshine Children’s Center789 Sunshine Rd., Gahanna, OHSunshine Center(614) 555-6789
Tiny Tots Preschool111 Tiny St., Gahanna, OHTiny Tots(614) 987-6543
Creative Minds Childcare222 Imagination Blvd, Gahanna, OHCreative Minds(614) 333-4444

Gahanna Daycare Center is a local favorite, right in the heart of Gahanna, perfect for parents who are always on the go.

Little Explorers Academy offers a stimulating environment full of educational toys and activities.

Sunshine Children’s Center is renowned for its excellent staff and beautiful outdoor play area.

Tiny Tots Preschool provides a nurturing setting where your tiny tots can flourish.

Creative Minds Childcare focuses on creative learning experiences, making it an ideal spot for young, imaginative minds.

Remember to visit these daycare centers, if possible, to get a sense of their programs, staff, and facilities. Also, don’t hesitate to call them up for the most up-to-date information.

Happy daycare hunting! May you find the perfect place for your little treasures! 🌟👶

Begin a New Chapter in Your Life – Start Fresh

Reasons to Return to Church 🙏

  1. Find New Friends 👯‍♀️
    • Church communities are full of warm, welcoming people. If you’re looking to expand your social circle, this could be a great opportunity!
  2. God Wants Me Back 🤗
    • No matter how long you’ve been away, you’re always welcome in God’s house. He’s waiting for you with open arms.
  3. I Feel Distant from God 🌌
    • If you’ve been feeling spiritually disconnected, going back to church can be a stepping stone toward regaining that closeness with God.
  4. I Miss Church 😢
    • Sometimes it’s the little things—singing hymns, the sense of community, or the peace that comes from prayer—that we miss. It’s okay to return because you miss it.
  5. My Spouse Wants to Go 💑
    • If your partner has expressed an interest in going to church, that’s a beautiful opportunity to grow spiritually together.
  6. Lonely and Want to Make New Friends 🤝
    • Loneliness can be challenging, but a church community offers a sense of belonging and numerous opportunities to forge new friendships.

Each reason has its own set of emotional and spiritual rewards, so whether it’s one point or all of them that resonate with you, consider giving church another try. You’re always welcome! 🌟

New Friends at Church

Come Be Family With Us

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ 1649 Graham Rd Reynoldsburg Ohio 43968

Family Church of Christ in Reynoldsburg Ohio ⛪

Hey there, spiritual seekers and community connectors! 🌟 If you’re looking for the distance from various neighborhoods to Reynoldsburg Church of Christ located at 1649 Graham Rd, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, I’ve got just the info you need. Take a gander at this nifty table that lays out the approximate distances. Please note that these are approximate figures, and the actual distance could vary based on your exact starting point.

Starting LocationApproximate Distance to Reynoldsburg Church of Christ
Reynoldsburg0 miles (You’re already there!)
Gahanna10.5 miles
Pickerington7.1 miles
New Albany13.7 miles
Canal Winchester12.3 miles
Westerville17.6 miles
Bexley10.2 miles
Whitehall8.6 miles

So whether you’re coming from nearby like in Gahanna or making a bit of a trek from somewhere like Westerville, you’ve got a good idea of how far you’ll be traveling.

To get the most accurate distance and estimated travel time, don’t forget to plug the addresses into your favorite map app before hitting the road.

Happy travels and may your journey be as fulfilling as your destination! 🚗🛣️🙏

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ 🙏

Are you looking for a spiritual home? The Reynoldsburg Church of Christ is a welcoming community that values family and faith. It’s a place where you can grow spiritually while connecting with like-minded individuals.

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ Family Worship 🎶

If you’re interested in faith-based family activities, look no further. Family Worship at Reynoldsburg Church of Christ is a cherished tradition that brings families together in a spiritual setting. It’s a wonderful opportunity for bonding and fostering family values.

having a church home can be incredibly meaningful for a variety of spiritual reasons. Below is a table that outlines some of these reasons to consider finding and maintaining a consistent church community. Each point is explained to help you understand its significance.

ReasonDescriptionSpiritual Benefits
Community SupportBeing part of a local church provides a network of support.Strengthens faith through fellowship and shared experiences.
Spiritual GrowthRegular church attendance aids in spiritual development.Learning, questioning, and growing in a community enhances your spiritual life.
Worship ExperienceCorporate worship magnifies the individual worship experience.Worshiping together can elevate your spiritual awareness and connection to God.
AccountabilityChurch members often hold each other accountable.Being part of a church community helps keep you aligned with your spiritual goals.
Teaching & LearningChurches provide scriptural teaching and interpretation.Deepens understanding of biblical principles, increasing wisdom and spiritual discernment.
Serving OpportunitiesMany churches offer ways to serve the community.Service in the context of a church can be a spiritually fulfilling way to act out your faith.
Emotional HealingA church home can offer emotional and spiritual healing.Prayer, counseling, and a loving community can help you heal from life’s struggles.
Faith MilestonesCelebrating baptisms, marriages, and other milestones.Having a church home allows a communal celebration of important spiritual events.
Moral FrameworkChurches teach moral values and ethics.Reinforces a moral framework that is aligned with your spiritual beliefs.
Prayer SupportA church community can offer robust prayer support.A communal prayer network can fortify your personal prayers and deepen your faith.

Whether you’re looking for spiritual growth, community support, or opportunities to serve, a church home can provide a nurturing environment for all of these. So, why not take the plunge and find a church that feels like home to you? 🏡💒🙏✨

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ Children’s Church 👦👧

But what about the little ones? Don’t worry; they’re taken care of too! The church offers a dynamic Children’s Church that’s designed to engage young minds and hearts in a fun, educational environment.

Involving your children in a church program can provide numerous spiritual and social benefits that can aid in their overall development. Below is a table outlining some key reasons why enrolling your children in a children’s church program can be spiritually enriching.

ReasonDescriptionSpiritual Benefits for Children
Early Exposure to FaithChildren’s church provides an early introduction to spiritual principles.Instills a foundation of faith from a young age.
Community & FriendshipIt’s a space for kids to meet and form friendships with like-minded peers.Builds a sense of community and belonging.
Moral DevelopmentThe programs often teach ethical and moral lessons.Helps kids develop a moral compass aligned with spiritual values.
Scripture KnowledgeKids are taught Bible stories and verses.Early familiarity with the Bible aids in spiritual growth.
Prayer LifeChildren learn how to pray and the importance of prayer.Encourages a personal relationship with God through prayer.
Safe Space to Ask QuestionsKids can ask questions about faith, God, and life in a safe, supportive environment.Promotes intellectual and spiritual curiosity.
Engaging WorshipChildren’s church often includes age-appropriate worship.Teaches kids the importance and joy of worship.
Service OpportunitiesMany programs offer age-appropriate ways to serve others.Cultivates a spirit of generosity and empathy.
Support for ParentsProvides resources and support for spiritual parenting.Helps parents in their role as the primary spiritual influencers.
Social SkillsInteraction with peers and adults in a structured setting.Boosts confidence and social skills in a faith-based environment.

When you engage your children in a church program designed for them, you’re investing in their spiritual future. It’s a way to make faith a family affair, teaching them values, morals, and the importance of community. So, why not consider making children’s church a regular part of your family’s routine? 🏡👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🙏✨

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ Community of Care ❤️

Being part of a community means looking out for one another, and Reynoldsburg Church of Christ embodies this with its Community of Care. This initiative offers various programs and outreach efforts to help those in need, right in the Reynoldsburg area.

Involving your family in community outreach and support is not just a way to give back, but also a means to deepen your family’s spiritual journey together. Here’s a table breaking down some reasons you might want to consider taking this spiritual step as a family.

ReasonDescriptionSpiritual Benefits for the Family
Spiritual GrowthOutreach provides real-world applications of spiritual teachings.Engaging in good works can deepen understanding and commitment to spiritual values.
Fosters GratitudeHelping those in need can make your family more thankful for their blessings.Cultivates a spirit of gratitude, enhancing a positive spiritual outlook.
Unity and BondingWorking together on outreach strengthens family bonds.Shared spiritual experiences can unify the family.
Moral EducationParticipating in outreach reinforces ethical teachings.Offers hands-on experiences in kindness, empathy, and compassion.
Global PerspectiveOutreach can expose your family to the needs and issues affecting broader communities.Encourages a global spiritual perspective by seeing everyone as part of a larger family.
Acts of ServiceVolunteering helps put the principle of ‘service to others’ into practice.Following through on spiritual teachings about service fortifies your family’s faith.
Teaches EmpathyYour family will learn to understand the struggles of others.Empathy is a spiritual quality that can be nurtured through outreach.
Building CommunityYour family becomes part of a larger network of people working for good.Strengthens your family’s role and sense of belonging in your spiritual community.
Role ModelingParents can model spiritual principles in action.Sets a lifelong example for kids about the importance of spiritual and community engagement.
Spiritual FulfillmentMany find personal spiritual fulfillment in helping others.The act of giving can be a spiritually rewarding experience for the entire family.

So, as you can see, community outreach isn’t just about the community; it’s also about your family’s spiritual growth. It’s a win-win that benefits both the world around you and your own personal world at home. Why not give it a try and see the difference it makes? 🌍💖👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🙏✨

There you have it, my friend! Whether you’re in it for the top-rated schools, the close proximity to Columbus, or the welcoming faith communities, Reynoldsburg has a little something for everyone. 🌟

Hope you found this helpful! 😊

God Bless Greg


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