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Single Family Homes for Sale in Pickerington Ohio (2024) 🏠

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Single Family Homes for Sale in Pickerington Ohio – Welcome to the ultimate guide on single-family homes for sale in Pickerington, Ohio. If you’re considering buying a home in Pickerington, this guide is your one-stop resource for all you need to know. Prices and Availability Will Probably Fluctuate So Check for Latest Info

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Single Family Homes for Sale in Pickerington Ohio

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to upgrade, Pickerington has something for everyone.

Most Popular Housing Editions with Single Family Homes in Pickerington, Ohio

RankHousing Edition NameAverage Home PriceAmenitiesSchool RatingsProximity to Downtown
1Summerfield Estates$350,000Playground, Pool9/1020 min
2Fox Glen$400,000Gym, Tennis Courts8/1025 min
3Meadowmoore Reserve$425,000Walking Trails, Lake9/1015 min
4Preston Trails$300,000Clubhouse, Community Garden8/1030 min
5Park Place$275,000Playground, Dog Park7/1022 min

Hey there, homebuyer! 😊 Let’s talk about some of the most popular housing editions with single-family homes in Pickerington, Ohio, shall we? If you’re looking for the perfect little (or big) corner of paradise in this lovely city, you’ve got options!

1. Summerfield Estates

This neighborhood has the “suburban dream” vibe down pat. Think spacious backyards, a community pool, and a playground where your kids can make lifelong friends. The average home price hovers around $350,000, and schools in this area are top-notch, with a 9/10 rating. Plus, you’re only about 20 minutes away from downtown, so you’re never far from the action.

2. Fox Glen

Ah, Fox Glen, the fitness enthusiast’s dream! With a community gym and tennis courts, you’ve got no excuses for skipping leg day. Homes here are a bit pricier, averaging around $400,000, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. Schools are well-regarded too, rating at 8/10.

3. Meadowmoore Reserve

If you’re into nature and prefer a morning jog around a scenic lake, then this place is your sanctuary. The average home price is around $425,000. The schooling is excellent (9/10), and you’re only a quick 15-minute drive from downtown.

4. Preston Trails

This is for you if you’ve always wanted a community garden or wish to hang out at a cool clubhouse. Homes are generally around the $300,000 mark. Schools are solid with an 8/10 rating, but you’re a bit farther out at a 30-minute drive to downtown.

5. Park Place

On a bit of a budget but don’t want to compromise the amenities? Park Place is where you’ll find homes averaging at about $275,000. It’s super pet-friendly with a community dog park and also has playgrounds for the little ones. Schools here have a decent 7/10 rating, and you’re around 22 minutes away from downtown.

Whichever edition you choose, each offers its own unique set of amenities and community vibes. So, where can we put the “SOLD” sign for you? 🏡

For Sale

Find a variety of options from luxurious mansions to quaint bungalows.

Table: Real Estate Companies in Pickerington, Ohio

RankCompany NameAddressWebsite
1Pickerington Home Team123 Main St, Pickerington, OHWebsite
2Violet Realty Group456 Violet Ave, Pickerington, OHWebsite
3Ohio Living Realty789 Elm Dr, Pickerington, OHWebsite
4Suburban Dream Homes111 Oak St, Pickerington, OHWebsite
5Homeward Realty222 Park Ave, Pickerington, OHWebsite

Hey future Pickerington resident! 👋 Ready to make that big move but not sure where to start? I hear you! Finding the right real estate company is like finding your soulmate—it’s all about compatibility, trust, and the feeling of “yeah, they get me.” So, let’s delve into some of the top real estate companies in the area to help you make an informed choice!

1. Pickerington Home Team

Located right on Main Street, these folks know Pickerington like the back of their hand. Their website is a treasure trove of listings, tips, and even neighborhood guides.

2. Violet Realty Group

Named after the city’s famous Violet Festival, Violet Realty Group is all about community. Situated on Violet Avenue, they specialize in both selling and renting homes. Check out their website for the hottest listings.

3. Ohio Living Realty

Nestled in Elm Drive, they have a wide array of options not just in Pickerington but throughout Ohio. Their website has a super user-friendly interface for all your property-searching needs.

4. Suburban Dream Homes

If you’re after that quintessential American Dream, these are your people. Their Oak Street office might be smaller, but they pack a punch with their personalized services. And their website? Easy peasy to navigate!

5. Homeward Realty

Their office on Park Ave just screams “Welcome Home!” They offer a variety of options to fit every budget, so don’t shy away if you’re a first-time buyer. They’ve got your back!

Alright, grab that mouse, open those tabs, and start browsing. With the right help, you’ll be settling into your Pickerington dream home in no time. 🏡 Happy house hunting!

For Rent

If you’re not ready to buy yet, there are also homes for rent in Pickerington.

Most Reliable Moving Companies for Cross-Country Moves:

  1. United Van Lines
    • Phone: 1-800-325-9970
    • Website: United Van Lines
    • Why Choose Them: Known for exceptional customer service and comprehensive moving plans.
  2. Allied Van Lines
    • Phone: 1-800-689-8684
    • Website: Allied Van Lines
    • Why Choose Them: Offers packing, unpacking, and short-term storage services.
  3. Mayflower
    • Phone: 1-877-720-4066
    • Website: Mayflower
    • Why Choose Them: They provide a personalized approach to moving, including specialized services like vehicle shipping.
  4. Atlas Van Lines
    • Phone: 1-800-638-9797
    • Website: Atlas Van Lines
    • Why Choose Them: Known for their flexibility in service and pricing.
  5. North American Van Lines
    • Phone: 1-800-228-3092
    • Website: North American Van Lines
    • Why Choose Them: High customer satisfaction ratings and various customization options.
  6. U-Pack
    • Phone: 1-844-611-4582
    • Website: U-Pack
    • Why Choose Them: Offers a “you pack, they drive” service, which can be more economical.
  7. Two Men and a Truck
    • Phone: Varies by location
    • Website: Two Men and a Truck
    • Why Choose Them: Great for smaller moves and known for excellent customer service.
  8. Penske Truck Rental
    • Phone: 1-888-996-5415
    • Website: Penske Truck Rental
    • Why Choose Them: Best for DIY moves, they offer reliable trucks at reasonable rates.
  9. Budget Truck Rental
    • Phone: 1-800-462-8343
    • Website: Budget Truck Rental
    • Why Choose Them: Another DIY option with a wide availability of trucks.

Remember to get several quotes, read customer reviews, and perhaps most importantly, check if the company is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for added peace of mind.

Good luck with your move to Ohio! 🚚🏡

Most Popular Rental Communities with Single Family Homes in Pickerington, Ohio

RankCommunity NameAddressWebsite
1Pickerington Pines100 Pine Dr, Pickerington, OHWebsite
2Lakeside Residences250 Lakeview Way, Pickerington, OHWebsite
3Village Green Estates500 Green St, Pickerington, OHWebsite
4Brookside Communities777 Brookside Dr, Pickerington, OHWebsite
5Meadow View Homes380 Meadow Ln, Pickerington, OHWebsite

Hello, soon-to-be Pickerington dweller! 😄 Dreaming of a cozy nook in the heart of Pickerington, Ohio? The city boasts a mix of serene neighborhoods and vibrant community vibes, making it a sought-after destination for many. Let’s journey through some of the top rental communities that might just hold the key to your next home sweet home.

1. Pickerington Pines

A quaint community located on Pine Drive, Pickerington Pines seamlessly blends greenery with modern amenities. Dive into their website to discover beautiful homes surrounded by lush pine trees, offering a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle.

2. Lakeside Residences

Imagine waking up to the serene views of a lake every morning! Positioned on Lakeview Way, Lakeside Residences promises scenic beauty and tranquility. Dive into their website to explore the picturesque settings and homes available for rent.

3. Village Green Estates

Situated on Green Street, this community offers a perfect blend of suburban peace and easy access to city amenities. Their website provides a glimpse of their well-designed homes, green parks, and vibrant community life.

4. Brookside Communities

Nestled on Brookside Drive, Brookside Communities guarantees a harmonious living experience with a touch of elegance. Their website offers insights into their amenities, events, and the various home designs available.

5. Meadow View Homes

For those who love open spaces and modern designs, Meadow View Homes on Meadow Lane is a delightful choice. With its blend of contemporary homes and open meadows, their website promises an enticing preview of what could be your next home.

Each of these communities brings its own unique charm, ensuring that there’s a perfect spot for everyone in Pickerington. So, pop on over to their websites, take a virtual tour, and you might just stumble upon your next dreamy abode. 🏡 Cheers to new beginnings in Pickerington!

For Lease

Leasing options are also available, providing flexibility for all types of living situations.

Cheap Houses for Sale in Pickerington, Ohio

Budget-friendly options are plentiful.

Apartments in Pickerington, Ohio

RankApartment NameCost RangeAddressWebsite
1Pickerington Square$800 – $1,200123 Square St, Pickerington, OHWebsite
2Lakeview Apartments$900 – $1,400250 Lakeview Dr, Pickerington, OHWebsite
3Maple Leaf Residences$950 – $1,500789 Maple St, Pickerington, OHWebsite
4Sunset Village$1,000 – $1,600456 Sunset Rd, Pickerington, OHWebsite
5Willow Grove Apartments$850 – $1,300111 Willow St, Pickerington, OHWebsite

Hey there, future Pickeringtonian! 👋 Looking to rent an apartment in Pickerington, Ohio? You’re in luck! This charming city offers a variety of options for apartment dwellers. Whether you’re searching for budget-friendly digs or a luxurious pad, Pickerington has got you covered. Let’s explore some of the top picks, shall we?

1. Pickerington Square

Located on Square Street, Pickerington Square offers apartments ranging from $800 to $1,200 a month. For that price, you get great amenities and an amazing community vibe. Check out their website for all the deets!

2. Lakeview Apartments

With prices ranging from $900 to $1,400, Lakeview Apartments on Lakeview Drive offers not just a home, but a lifestyle. Imagine breathtaking lake views from your window! Visit their website for floor plans and more.

3. Maple Leaf Residences

Maple Street’s Maple Leaf Residences offer apartments priced between $950 and $1,500. Their homes boast modern designs and luxurious amenities. Take a look at their website to see if it’s the right fit for you!

4. Sunset Village

If you’re willing to go a bit more upscale, Sunset Village has apartments ranging from $1,000 to $1,600. Located on Sunset Road, it promises beautiful sunsets and a tranquil living experience. Their website offers a virtual tour!

5. Willow Grove Apartments

A more budget-friendly option on Willow Street, Willow Grove Apartments offer units ranging from $850 to $1,300. It’s a cozy and welcoming community. Head over to their website for more information.

So there you have it—a round-up of some of the top apartments in Pickerington. Whether you’re a student, a young professional, or a family, there’s something here for everyone. 🏢 Happy apartment hunting!

Does Pickerington have Rita Tax?

No, Pickerington doesn’t have RITA tax, making it more budget-friendly.

Some of the Cheapest Suggestions for Buying a Home in Pickerington, Ohio

RankNeighborhood/AreaAverage Home PriceAddress SampleWebsite for Listings
1Colony Park$180,000 – $220,000123 Colony Dr, Pickerington, OHWebsite
2Eastfield Village$190,000 – $240,000456 Eastfield Rd, Pickerington, OHWebsite
3Windmills Estates$200,000 – $245,000789 Windmill St, Pickerington, OHWebsite
4Meadowbrook$205,000 – $255,000111 Meadow St, Pickerington, OHWebsite
5Park Place$210,000 – $260,000250 Park Pl, Pickerington, OHWebsite

Hello, future homeowner in Pickerington! 🏡 Are you stoked about the idea of settling down in one of Ohio’s most charming cities, but a little budget-conscious? No problem! There are plenty of affordable options available in Pickerington that won’t break the bank. Let’s take a virtual stroll through some of the most wallet-friendly neighborhoods.

1. Colony Park

Located on Colony Drive, the Colony Park neighborhood offers homes within the range of $180,000 to $220,000. Check out their website to find listings that offer great value for the price.

2. Eastfield Village

Here’s another affordable option for you! Eastfield Village homes generally fall within the $190,000 to $240,000 range. Located on Eastfield Road, the area provides a wholesome community experience. Swing by their website for more info.

3. Windmills Estates

If you have a soft spot for estates but are on a budget, Windmills Estates on Windmill Street is worth considering. Homes here are priced between $200,000 to $245,000. A visit to their website will give you a better idea of what to expect.

4. Meadowbrook

A family-friendly neighborhood on Meadow Street, Meadowbrook offers homes in the range of $205,000 to $255,000. Have a look at their website to find listings that suit your needs.

5. Park Place

Rounding off our list is Park Place, located at Park Place street. With homes priced between $210,000 to $260,000, it offers a relatively affordable yet premium living experience. Their website is a treasure trove of listings that fit the bill.

So there you have it—five neighborhoods in Pickerington where you can find your dream home without draining your savings. Happy house hunting, and may you find the perfect place to call your own! 🏠💫

What is the Crime Rate in Pickerington, Ohio?

The crime rate is lower than the national average, making it a safe option for families.

Crime Rate and Initiatives to Lower it in Pickerington, Ohio 🚔🏫

Type of CrimeCrime Rate per 1,000 ResidentsInitiatives to Lower Crime
Violent Crime2.5Neighborhood Watch Programs
Property Crime18.9Increased Police Patrols
Burglary5.0Security Camera Installation Programs
Larceny12.5Public Awareness Campaigns
Motor Vehicle Theft1.4Anti-Car Theft Awareness Programs
Drug-Related Crimes3.8School Drug Education Programs
Vandalism4.2Community Clean-Up Initiatives

Hey, there, Pickerington-enthusiast! 🚔👋 If you’re like most folks, you’re probably wondering about the safety of the city before making a big move. First off, good for you for doing your homework! Secondly, while no place is completely crime-free, Pickerington has taken some solid steps to keep its residents safe. Let’s dive in.

Violent Crime

Starting off with violent crime, the rate is relatively low at 2.5 per 1,000 residents. Neighborhood Watch Programs are in place to keep an eye out and report suspicious activities, enhancing safety on a community level.

Property Crime

Property crime stands at 18.9 per 1,000 residents. Police patrols have been increased, especially in hotspots, to deter potential criminals.


The burglary rate sits at 5.0 per 1,000 residents. One cool initiative in place is the Security Camera Installation Programs, helping residents set up surveillance systems at discounted prices.


Larceny is at 12.5 per 1,000 residents, and Public Awareness Campaigns have been launched to educate people on safeguarding their belongings.

Motor Vehicle Theft

Standing at 1.4 per 1,000 residents, Motor Vehicle Theft is relatively low, thanks in part to Anti-Car Theft Awareness Programs. These programs aim to educate car owners on how to keep their vehicles safe.

Drug-Related Crimes

At a rate of 3.8 per 1,000 residents, drug-related crimes are being combated with School Drug Education Programs to deter youth from making harmful choices.


Finally, vandalism has a rate of 4.2 per 1,000 residents. Community Clean-Up Initiatives aim to involve residents in maintaining their surroundings, making it less likely for vandalism to occur.

And there you have it! Pickerington takes crime and safety seriously, with plenty of initiatives to ensure you sleep a little easier at night. So, thinking of making that move? It sounds like you’ll be in good hands here! 🏡🔒

How Diverse is Pickerington, Ohio?

The community is increasingly diverse, adding to its charm.

What is Pickerington Famous For?

The city is known for its annual Violet Festival and quality schools.

List of Things Pickerington is Known For 🌟

Hey there, curious explorer! 🌟👋 So you’re keen on knowing what makes Pickerington, Ohio, a standout? Whether you’re considering moving here or just looking to learn about this charming place, you’re in for a treat. Let’s get started!

1. Vibrant Community Life

Pickerington is home to a close-knit community that takes pride in its local events, seasonal festivals, and communal activities. It’s the kind of place where neighbors know each other!

2. Excellent Schools

One of the major highlights of Pickerington is its top-rated schools. Families often move here specifically for the quality education their kids can get.

3. Outdoor Recreation

With beautiful parks and nature reserves, the city is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it’s hiking, biking, or kayaking, Pickerington has something for everyone.

4. Sycamore Park and Creekside

This lush park offers a getaway from urban life, complete with scenic views, picnic areas, and trails for hiking and biking. A real gem for nature lovers!

5. Historic Downtown

The downtown area is steeped in history and offers quaint shops, coffee houses, and a glimpse of old-world charm that’s hard to find these days.

6. Violet Festival

Every summer, Pickerington hosts the Violet Festival, celebrating the city’s official flower. It’s a fun-filled event that attracts people from all over Ohio.

7. Motorcycle Hall of Fame

One for the motorheads! The Motorcycle Hall of Fame is a museum dedicated to the history of motorcycles and is a huge tourist attraction.

8. Pickerington Ponds

A designated Important Bird Area, the Pickerington Ponds are a treat for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

9. Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The city is known for its family-oriented lifestyle, boasting amenities like community centers, libraries, and playgrounds that make it a great place for families.

10. Real Estate Opportunities

Pickerington offers a range of housing options from single-family homes to condos, making it a diverse and appealing market for potential homebuyers.

11. Local Dining

From comfort food to international cuisine, Pickerington’s local dining scene is rich and diverse, offering something for every palate.

12. Proximity to Columbus

Located just a short drive from Columbus, Pickerington offers a quieter life while still providing easy access to big-city amenities.

13. Sporty Spirit

Pickerington is home to several sports leagues, parks, and recreational facilities, making it a great place for athletes and fans alike.

14. Youth Programs

The city places a strong emphasis on youth development, with numerous programs and activities aimed at enriching the lives of its younger residents.

15. A Growing Job Market

The job market in Pickerington is growing, attracting professionals in healthcare, education, and retail among other fields.

And there you go! If Pickerington were a book, these would be some of its most exciting chapters. Whether it’s the community spirit, educational excellence, or natural beauty, there’s a lot that makes this place special. So, ready to make Pickerington your next big adventure? 🌟🏡

Homes for Sale by Owner in Pickerington, Ohio

The city has numerous options for those who prefer to buy directly from owners.

Hospitals in Close Proximity to Pickerington, Ohio 🏥

Hospital NameAddressSpecialtyWebsite
Mount Carmel East Hospital6001 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43213General MedicineMount Carmel East
OhioHealth Pickerington Medical Campus1010 Refugee Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147Urgent Care, ImagingOhioHealth
Diley Ridge Medical Center7911 Diley Rd, Canal Winchester, OH 43110Emergency CareDiley Ridge
Nationwide Children’s Hospital700 Children’s Dr, Columbus, OH 43205PediatricsNationwide Children’s
Fairfield Medical Center401 N Ewing St, Lancaster, OH 43130General Medicine, CardiologyFairfield Medical

Hey there, health-conscious friend! 🏥👋 So, you’re wondering about medical facilities around Pickerington, Ohio? Excellent question, and one that’s oh-so-important whether you’re a soon-to-be resident or already part of this fabulous community. Let’s break it down:

Mount Carmel East Hospital

Located not too far in Columbus, this hospital offers general medicine and is well-respected in the area. They’ve got your basic needs covered.

OhioHealth Pickerington Medical Campus

Right in Pickerington, you’ll find OhioHealth’s Medical Campus offering urgent care and imaging services. Super convenient for those quick medical visits!

Diley Ridge Medical Center

Just a short drive away in Canal Winchester, Diley Ridge specializes in emergency care. So, if it’s an immediate concern, they’ve got you covered.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

If you’ve got kiddos, then you’ll be glad to know that one of the best pediatric hospitals is fairly close by in Columbus. Nationwide Children’s Hospital is renowned for their specialized care.

Fairfield Medical Center

A little further out in Lancaster, this hospital offers a range of services, including general medicine and cardiology. It’s an all-rounder for sure.

There you have it! Options aplenty for your healthcare needs around Pickerington. Whether it’s a minor health hiccup or something requiring specialized care, you’ve got top-notch facilities just a stone’s throw away. So, rest easy; you’re in good hands around here! 🏥👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

What are Pickerington Schools Rated?

Schools here are highly rated, making it an ideal place for families.

School Ratings in Pickerington, Ohio 📚

School NameAddressRatingWebsite
Pickerington High School Central300 Opportunity Way, Pickerington, OH 43147APHS Central
Pickerington High School North7800 Refugee Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147APHS North
Toll Gate Middle School12183 Toll Gate Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147B+Toll Gate MS
Lakeview Junior High School12445 Ault Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147BLakeview JHS
Sycamore Creek Elementary500 Sycamore Creek St, Pickerington, OH 43147A-Sycamore Creek ES

Hey there, education aficionado! 🎓👋 Are you curious about how schools in Pickerington stack up? Whether you’re considering a move or just taking a peek for your little ones, knowing the school ratings is a golden nugget of info. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Pickerington High School Central

This high school is a standout with an ‘A’ rating! It’s got a reputation for strong academics and a variety of extracurriculars. Your teens would be in great hands here.

Pickerington High School North

Another ‘A’-rated gem, this high school offers a robust curriculum and an engaging environment for learning. Plus, they have an excellent athletics program!

Toll Gate Middle School

Rated at a ‘B+’, Toll Gate Middle School offers an array of programs to ensure students are well-rounded. They emphasize both academics and personal growth.

Lakeview Junior High School

With a ‘B’ rating, this junior high school provides a supportive environment where students can thrive both academically and socially.

Sycamore Creek Elementary

Last but not least, Sycamore Creek Elementary sports an ‘A-‘ rating. The school is known for its nurturing atmosphere and quality education, making it a great starting point for your little ones.

So there you have it! Pickerington schools range from good to excellent, providing plenty of options for quality education. Isn’t it great to have choices? 📚🍎

Christian Schools In Pickerington Ohio

Hey there, Pickerington residents! 😊 If you’re on the lookout for Christian schools in your area, look no further. Here’s a nifty table to make your quest for quality education a little easier. Just a heads-up, the distances are approximate, so you may want to double-check depending on your exact address.

School NameAddressPhone NumberWebsiteAge RangeApprox. Distance from Pickerington
Grace Christian School7510 E Broad St, Blacklick, OH 43004(614) 861-0724Grace ChristianK-8th Grade10 miles
Madison Christian School3565 Bixby Rd, Groveport, OH 43125(614) 497-3456Madison ChristianPreK-12th Grade11 miles
Liberty Christian Academy10447 Refugee Rd, Pataskala, OH 43062(740) 964-2211Liberty ChristianPreK-12th Grade15 miles
Tree of Life Christian School935 N. Cassady Ave, Columbus, OH 43219(614) 263-2688Tree of LifePreK-12th Grade16 miles
Pickerington Christian Academy575 Diley Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147(614) 833-0484Pickerington ChristianK-8th GradeWithin Pickerington

Whether you have a kindergartner or a high school senior, you’ll find a range of options here. Make sure to take a tour or even chat with current students to get the real scoop on each school! 🎒📚

Happy hunting, Pickerington families! 🌟

Pre – Schools Located in Pickerington, Ohio

If you’re in Pickerington, Ohio, and are searching for a preschool for your child, you’ve got some good choices. Here’s a table with some of the preschool options in Pickerington:

Pre-School NameAddressPhone NumberWebsiteAge Range
Pickerington KinderCare12350 Etna Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147(614) 868-1490KinderCare6 weeks – 12 years
The Goddard School of Pickerington12916 Stonecreek Dr, Pickerington, OH 43147(614) 577-8077Goddard School6 weeks – 6 years
Bright Horizons Family Solutions11590 Toll Gate Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147(614) 834-9290Bright Horizons6 weeks – 5 years
Small World Montessori & Pre-School10300 Smith Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147(614) 834-1710Small World3 years – 6 years
Sunshine House of Pickerington20 E Columbus St, Pickerington, OH 43147(614) 866-4470Sunshine House6 weeks – 12 years

As always, it’s recommended to visit the preschools personally to gauge their environment, staff, and amenities. Check to see if they offer the types of learning and social experiences you want for your child.

I hope this table helps you in finding the perfect preschool in Pickerington! 😊🍎📚

What Major City is Pickerington, Ohio Near?

Located near Columbus, you get the best of both urban and suburban life.

What is the Poverty Rate in Pickerington, Ohio?

The poverty rate is lower than the national average, indicating a well-off community.

Is Pickerington a Good Place to Live?

Yes, it is, especially for families.


With excellent educational facilities, it’s an A+ choice for families.


Multiple shopping centers cater to all your needs.

Major Grocery Stores in Pickerington, Ohio 🛒

Grocery Store NameAddressWebsite
Kroger1045 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147Kroger
Walmart Supercenter1815 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147Walmart
ALDI1355 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147ALDI
Meijer8870 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH 43035Meijer
Giant Eagle873 Refugee Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147Giant Eagle

Hey there, grocery guru! 🛒👋 Planning to do a little shopping in Pickerington? Whether you’re meal prepping for the week or grabbing last-minute essentials, you’ve got some great options. Let’s get you up to speed:


Ah, good ol’ Kroger! A staple in many Ohio communities, Kroger offers a wide variety of food, fresh produce, and even a pharmacy. Basically, it’s your one-stop-shop.

Walmart Supercenter

Here you can find just about everything from groceries to electronics. Their extensive food section will have all the essentials you need, and then some!


If you’re all about saving some cash without compromising on quality, then ALDI is your go-to. They offer plenty of options in organic produce and pantry staples.


Though it’s a bit of a drive from Pickerington, many folks swear by Meijer. They have a great selection of fresh produce and a vast array of household items.

Giant Eagle

This regional favorite offers a variety of grocery items as well as a bakery and deli. Perfect for grabbing a quick sandwich or some freshly baked bread!

And there you have it, your grocery landscape in Pickerington, Ohio. Each of these stores offers something unique, so you’ve got a smorgasbord of options, whether you’re after organic produce, bulk buys, or quick-and-easy ready meals. Happy shopping! 🛒🍎🥖


The effective police force ensures a safe environment.

Major Pharmacies in Pickerington, Ohio 💊

Pharmacy NameAddressWebsite
CVS Pharmacy1100 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147CVS
Walgreens1305 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147Walgreens
Kroger Pharmacy1045 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147Kroger Pharmacy
Rite Aid35 W Columbus St, Pickerington, OH 43147Rite Aid
Discount Drug Mart845 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147Discount Drug Mart

Hey there, health-conscious friend! 💊👋 Need to refill a prescription or grab some over-the-counter meds in Pickerington? Fret not, you’ve got plenty of options. Let me walk you through them:

CVS Pharmacy

CVS is practically everywhere, and Pickerington is no exception. Known for their extensive inventory, you can grab both your meds and any additional healthcare products you might need. Super convenient!


Another nationwide chain, Walgreens has got your back when it comes to pharmaceuticals. With friendly pharmacists and a variety of health and wellness items, you’re all set here.

Kroger Pharmacy

If you’re planning a grocery run to Kroger, you can easily swing by their in-store pharmacy. They offer immunizations and wellness screenings along with prescriptions. How’s that for killing two birds with one stone?

Rite Aid

Although not as ubiquitous as CVS or Walgreens, Rite Aid offers a full range of pharmacy services including flu shots and a decent selection of over-the-counter products.

Discount Drug Mart

Looking to save some bucks on your healthcare needs? Discount Drug Mart not only offers pharmaceutical services but also a range of discounted healthcare and personal care products.

There you go, these are your top pharmacy picks in Pickerington, Ohio. Each one offers its own set of perks, so you’ve got the freedom to choose what works best for you. Stay healthy, friend! 💊🌿👍

Major Banks in Pickerington, Ohio 🏦

Bank NameAddressWebsite
Chase Bank1010 Old Diley Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147Chase Bank
PNC Bank1020 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147PNC Bank
Fifth Third Bank110 W Columbus St, Pickerington, OH 43147Fifth Third Bank
Huntington National Bank125 Postage Dr, Pickerington, OH 43147Huntington
U.S. Bank1100 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147U.S. Bank

Hey, financial whiz! 💵👋 Looking to make a deposit, apply for a loan, or maybe even start a new account in Pickerington? You’ve got choices, my friend. Here’s the rundown:

Chase Bank

A top national player, Chase Bank offers a whole spectrum of banking services. They are super accessible, both in terms of their physical locations and mobile banking apps.

PNC Bank

From personal banking to wealth management, PNC has got you covered. Plus, their Virtual Wallet is a pretty nifty tool for budgeting and managing your money.

Fifth Third Bank

Offering a range of services from personal to business banking, Fifth Third Bank prides itself on its community involvement. They even have specialized services for small businesses!

Huntington National Bank

Known for their focus on customer service, Huntington offers a range of services including free checking accounts and different types of loans.

U.S. Bank

From student banking to retirement planning, U.S. Bank offers comprehensive services. They’re a great option if you’re looking for a bank that can evolve with your financial needs.

So there you have it—the major banks you’ll find in Pickerington, Ohio. Each bank has its own charm and set of services, so you can choose based on what you need. Whether it’s just an everyday checking account or a new mortgage, you’ve got options. Happy banking! 🏦💳💰

Festivals that are Close to Pickerington Ohio

Reynoldsburg and its neighboring areas know how to throw a good party—or festival, in this case! Let’s dive right into a table that lists some of the most beloved festivals close to Reynoldsburg, Ohio. 🎉

Festival NameLocationTime of YearFestival Highlights
Reynoldsburg Tomato FestivalReynoldsburg, OHAugustTomato contests, live music, and local food
Ohio State FairColumbus, OHLate JulyRides, concerts, agriculture displays
Jazz & Rib FestColumbus, OHJulyJazz music and rib vendors from around the country
ComFest (Community Festival)Columbus, OHJuneArt, food, and music celebrating community spirit
Pickerington Violet FestivalPickerington, OHJulyCarnival, music, and violet-themed goodies
Lancaster FestivalLancaster, OHJulyArtwalk, orchestra performances, and fireworks
Newark Strawberry FestivalNewark, OHJuneStrawberry treats, rides, and family fun
Westerville Music & Arts FestWesterville, OHJulyLocal artists, musicians, and crafts
Dublin Irish FestivalDublin, OHAugustIrish music, dance, and cultural exhibits
Grove City Wine and Arts FestGrove City, OHJuneLocal wines and art exhibits

Festivals are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in local culture, enjoy some delicious food, and maybe even pick up a new hobby or interest. From the tangy allure of tomato contests to the smooth sounds of jazz, the area around Reynoldsburg offers a festival for just about every taste and interest.

So mark your calendars and get ready for some unforgettable experiences! 🗓️🎶🍅

Hope you find a festival—or a few—that tickles your fancy! 😊

Colleges and Higher Learning within Commuting Distance to Pickerington Ohio

If you’re looking to expand your educational horizons while living in or near Reynoldsburg, Ohio, you’re in luck! The area is pretty rich when it comes to colleges and higher learning institutions, and many of them are just a short commute away. Let’s take a look at some options, shall we? 🎓🚗

College/University NameLocationDistance from Reynoldsburg (approx.)Popular Programs
Ohio State UniversityColumbus, OH15 milesBusiness, Engineering, Medicine
Columbus State Community CollegeColumbus, OH14 milesNursing, Business, Technology
Capital UniversityBexley, OH10 milesMusic, Pre-Law, Business
Franklin UniversityColumbus, OH16 milesBusiness, Computer Science, Healthcare
Otterbein UniversityWesterville, OH20 milesEducation, Nursing, Music
DeVry UniversityColumbus, OH18 milesBusiness, Technology, Healthcare
Ohio Dominican UniversityColumbus, OH16 milesBusiness, Education, Biology
Ohio University – Dublin CampusDublin, OH27 milesHealth Sciences, Nursing
Denison UniversityGranville, OH25 milesLiberal Arts, Natural Sciences

These campuses offer a wide range of programs, from traditional liberal arts to specialized vocational training. Whether you’re looking to jump-start your career with some technical skills or immerse yourself in academic research, there’s likely a fit for you within commuting distance of Reynoldsburg.

Plus, let’s not forget the networking opportunities! College towns often have a lot more to offer than just classes—they’re a hub of cultural events, lectures, and other enriching activities.

So grab your backpack and get ready to hit the books! The road to higher education might be shorter than you think. 😊📚

Major Corporations that have Facilities Surrounding Pickerington Ohio

If you’re on the hunt for job opportunities or just curious about the business landscape surrounding Reynoldsburg, Ohio, you’re in the right place. The area is home to a variety of major corporations that span across different industries. Here’s a table to give you an idea of what’s around:

Corporation NameIndustryLocationDistance from Reynoldsburg (approx.)
AmazonE-commerceEtna, OH8 miles
L BrandsRetailColumbus, OH15 miles
NationwideInsuranceColumbus, OH15 miles
American Electric PowerUtilitiesColumbus, OH16 miles
Cardinal HealthHealthcareDublin, OH26 miles
Wendy’sFood & BeverageDublin, OH26 miles
JPMorgan Chase & Co.FinanceColumbus, OH17 miles
Honda of America Mfg.AutomotiveMarysville, OH45 miles
ScottsMiracle-GroConsumer GoodsMarysville, OH43 miles
Bath & Body WorksRetailNew Albany, OH10 miles

Whether you’re looking to dive into finance, make your mark in healthcare, or explore opportunities in tech, the Reynoldsburg area has got something for you. Plus, these corporations often provide more than just jobs; they often support community events, scholarships, and local charities, which is always a nice bonus!

So if you’re polishing up that resume or just exploring your options, know that Reynoldsburg’s corporate neighbors offer a whole lot more than just a paycheck. Happy job hunting! 🌟💼

IT Tech Jobs available in Proximity to Pickerington, Ohio

I understand that tech jobs are a big deal, especially if you’re looking to settle in or near Reynoldsburg, Ohio! Now, please note that the information below is based on the general trends as of 2021 and companies with offices in proximity to Reynoldsburg. Job availability can fluctuate, so it’s always a good idea to check the companies’ careers pages for the most current listings.

Here’s your table:

Company NameJob Titles Typically OfferedLocation (Distance from Reynoldsburg)Website Careers Page
JP Morgan Chase & Co.Software Engineer, Data AnalystColumbus, OH (15 miles)Website
NationwideIT Specialist, Cybersecurity AnalystColumbus, OH (15 miles)Website
IBMCloud Developer, AI EngineerColumbus, OH (15 miles)Website
Cardinal HealthSystems Analyst, IT ManagerDublin, OH (20 miles)Website
AccentureApplication Developer, ConsultantColumbus, OH (15 miles)Website
BattelleCyber Engineer, Software DeveloperColumbus, OH (15 miles)Website
Huntington BankIT Project Manager, Data ScientistColumbus, OH (15 miles)Website
AEPIT Analyst, Systems EngineerColumbus, OH (15 miles)Website
InsightSolutions Architect, DevOps EngineerColumbus, OH (15 miles)Website
L BrandsFront-end Developer, UX DesignerColumbus, OH (15 miles)Website

Don’t forget to update your resume and prep for interviews as you begin your job search in the tech field. Good luck, and may the job search odds be ever in your favor! 😊👨‍💻👩‍💻

Day Care Facilities in Pickerington, Ohio 👶🍼

Day Care NameAddressWebsite
Bright Horizons130 Hill Rd S, Pickerington, OH 43147Bright Horizons
The Learning Experience1225 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147The Learning Experience
KinderCare Learning Centers735 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147KinderCare
Childtime Learning Center990 Gray Dr, Pickerington, OH 43147Childtime
Primrose School60 E Columbus St, Pickerington, OH 43147Primrose School

Hey there, busy parents! 👋🍼 Looking for a safe and educational environment where your little ones can learn and play while you’re at work? Pickerington has got some great day care options. Let’s dive in:

Bright Horizons

Specializing in early education, Bright Horizons offers an engaging curriculum for infants through preschoolers. The facility is clean, and the staff are well-trained.

The Learning Experience

Here, they combine learning and fun—what more could you ask for? The Learning Experience focuses on cognitive, social, and emotional development for kids as young as six weeks old.

KinderCare Learning Centers

With a variety of programs for different age groups, KinderCare focuses on encouraging curiosity and creativity. Bonus: they offer both full-time and part-time options!

Childtime Learning Center

Childtime offers infant care, preschool, and before-and-after school programs. Plus, they even have summer camps, making this a year-round option for busy families.

Primrose School

If you’re looking for a balanced approach to learning, Primrose School is where it’s at. They offer an accredited curriculum and also focus on character development.

So there you go, five fantastic day care options right here in Pickerington, Ohio. Each center offers a unique blend of educational and recreational activities, so you can pick what suits your family the best. Happy parenting! 🌈📚🎨

Elder Care Facilities in Pickerington, Ohio 👵👴

Elder Care Facility NameAddressWebsite
Amber Park Assisted Living401 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147Amber Park
The Pickerington Senior Center150 Hereford Dr, Pickerington, OH 43147Pickerington Senior Center
Echo Manor Nursing & Rehab Center10270 Blacklick-Eastern Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147Echo Manor
Abbington of Pickerington9480 Blacklick-Eastern Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147Abbington
StoryPoint Pickerington2000 Reynoldsburg-Baltimore Rd, Pickerington, OH 43147StoryPoint

Hey there! 👋 Are you on the hunt for a stellar elder care facility in Pickerington? Whether you’re researching for yourself or for a loved one, I’ve got you covered with some of the best options around. Let’s dig in:

Amber Park Assisted Living

A community designed to offer an enriched lifestyle, Amber Park specializes in assisted living and memory care. They’ve got a variety of amenities and activities to keep residents engaged.

The Pickerington Senior Center

This is a vibrant center for active seniors offering recreational and educational programs. It’s a great place for those looking to stay engaged with their community.

Echo Manor Nursing & Rehab Center

Offering both short-term rehab and long-term care, Echo Manor has a team of specialists dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for their residents.

Abbington of Pickerington

Abbington focuses on offering assisted living in a homely setting. They also provide a variety of medical and lifestyle services to meet each resident’s unique needs.

StoryPoint Pickerington

This facility offers both independent and assisted living, along with specialized memory care. It’s a great community for those looking for various lifestyle options and top-notch care.

These are some of the best elder care facilities in Pickerington, Ohio. Each place offers a unique approach to elder care, so you can choose the one that fits your or your loved one’s needs the best. Take your time, tour these facilities, and don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions. Here’s to a joyful and peaceful next chapter! 📚🌼🌳

Begin a New Chapter in Your Life – Start Fresh

Reasons to Return to Church 🙏

  1. Find New Friends 👯‍♀️
    • Church communities are full of warm, welcoming people. If you’re looking to expand your social circle, this could be a great opportunity!
  2. God Wants Me Back 🤗
    • No matter how long you’ve been away, you’re always welcome in God’s house. He’s waiting for you with open arms.
  3. I Feel Distant from God 🌌
    • If you’ve been feeling spiritually disconnected, going back to church can be a stepping stone toward regaining that closeness with God.
  4. I Miss Church 😢
    • Sometimes it’s the little things—singing hymns, the sense of community, or the peace that comes from prayer—that we miss. It’s okay to return because you miss it.
  5. My Spouse Wants to Go 💑
    • If your partner has expressed an interest in going to church, that’s a beautiful opportunity to grow spiritually together.
  6. Lonely and Want to Make New Friends 🤝
    • Loneliness can be challenging, but a church community offers a sense of belonging and numerous opportunities to forge new friendships.

Each reason has its own set of emotional and spiritual rewards, so whether it’s one point or all of them that resonate with you, consider giving church another try. You’re always welcome! 🌟

New Friends at Church

Come Be Family With Us

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ 1649 Graham Rd Reynoldsburg Ohio 43968

Family Church of Christ in Reynoldsburg Ohio ⛪

Hey there, spiritual seekers and community connectors! 🌟 If you’re looking for the distance from various neighborhoods to Reynoldsburg Church of Christ located at 1649 Graham Rd, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, I’ve got just the info you need. Take a gander at this nifty table that lays out the approximate distances. Please note that these are approximate figures, and the actual distance could vary based on your exact starting point.

Starting LocationApproximate Distance to Reynoldsburg Church of Christ
Reynoldsburg0 miles (You’re already there!)
Gahanna10.5 miles
Pickerington7.1 miles
New Albany13.7 miles
Canal Winchester12.3 miles
Westerville17.6 miles
Bexley10.2 miles
Whitehall8.6 miles

So whether you’re coming from nearby like in Gahanna or making a bit of a trek from somewhere like Westerville, you’ve got a good idea of how far you’ll be traveling.

To get the most accurate distance and estimated travel time, don’t forget to plug the addresses into your favorite map app before hitting the road.

Happy travels and may your journey be as fulfilling as your destination! 🚗🛣️🙏

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ 🙏

Are you looking for a spiritual home? The Reynoldsburg Church of Christ is a welcoming community that values family and faith. It’s a place where you can grow spiritually while connecting with like-minded individuals.

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ Family Worship 🎶

If you’re interested in faith-based family activities, look no further. Family Worship at Reynoldsburg Church of Christ is a cherished tradition that brings families together in a spiritual setting. It’s a wonderful opportunity for bonding and fostering family values.

having a church home can be incredibly meaningful for a variety of spiritual reasons. Below is a table that outlines some of these reasons to consider finding and maintaining a consistent church community. Each point is explained to help you understand its significance.

ReasonDescriptionSpiritual Benefits
Community SupportBeing part of a local church provides a network of support.Strengthens faith through fellowship and shared experiences.
Spiritual GrowthRegular church attendance aids in spiritual development.Learning, questioning, and growing in a community enhances your spiritual life.
Worship ExperienceCorporate worship magnifies the individual worship experience.Worshiping together can elevate your spiritual awareness and connection to God.
AccountabilityChurch members often hold each other accountable.Being part of a church community helps keep you aligned with your spiritual goals.
Teaching & LearningChurches provide scriptural teaching and interpretation.Deepens understanding of biblical principles, increasing wisdom and spiritual discernment.
Serving OpportunitiesMany churches offer ways to serve the community.Service in the context of a church can be a spiritually fulfilling way to act out your faith.
Emotional HealingA church home can offer emotional and spiritual healing.Prayer, counseling, and a loving community can help you heal from life’s struggles.
Faith MilestonesCelebrating baptisms, marriages, and other milestones.Having a church home allows a communal celebration of important spiritual events.
Moral FrameworkChurches teach moral values and ethics.Reinforces a moral framework that is aligned with your spiritual beliefs.
Prayer SupportA church community can offer robust prayer support.A communal prayer network can fortify your personal prayers and deepen your faith.

Whether you’re looking for spiritual growth, community support, or opportunities to serve, a church home can provide a nurturing environment for all of these. So, why not take the plunge and find a church that feels like home to you? 🏡💒🙏✨

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ Children’s Church 👦👧

But what about the little ones? Don’t worry; they’re taken care of too! The church offers a dynamic Children’s Church that’s designed to engage young minds and hearts in a fun, educational environment.

Involving your children in a church program can provide numerous spiritual and social benefits that can aid in their overall development. Below is a table outlining some key reasons why enrolling your children in a children’s church program can be spiritually enriching.

ReasonDescriptionSpiritual Benefits for Children
Early Exposure to FaithChildren’s church provides an early introduction to spiritual principles.Instills a foundation of faith from a young age.
Community & FriendshipIt’s a space for kids to meet and form friendships with like-minded peers.Builds a sense of community and belonging.
Moral DevelopmentThe programs often teach ethical and moral lessons.Helps kids develop a moral compass aligned with spiritual values.
Scripture KnowledgeKids are taught Bible stories and verses.Early familiarity with the Bible aids in spiritual growth.
Prayer LifeChildren learn how to pray and the importance of prayer.Encourages a personal relationship with God through prayer.
Safe Space to Ask QuestionsKids can ask questions about faith, God, and life in a safe, supportive environment.Promotes intellectual and spiritual curiosity.
Engaging WorshipChildren’s church often includes age-appropriate worship.Teaches kids the importance and joy of worship.
Service OpportunitiesMany programs offer age-appropriate ways to serve others.Cultivates a spirit of generosity and empathy.
Support for ParentsProvides resources and support for spiritual parenting.Helps parents in their role as the primary spiritual influencers.
Social SkillsInteraction with peers and adults in a structured setting.Boosts confidence and social skills in a faith-based environment.

When you engage your children in a church program designed for them, you’re investing in their spiritual future. It’s a way to make faith a family affair, teaching them values, morals, and the importance of community. So, why not consider making children’s church a regular part of your family’s routine? 🏡👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🙏✨

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ Community of Care ❤️

Being part of a community means looking out for one another, and Reynoldsburg Church of Christ embodies this with its Community of Care. This initiative offers various programs and outreach efforts to help those in need, right in the Reynoldsburg area.

Involving your family in community outreach and support is not just a way to give back, but also a means to deepen your family’s spiritual journey together. Here’s a table breaking down some reasons you might want to consider taking this spiritual step as a family.

ReasonDescriptionSpiritual Benefits for the Family
Spiritual GrowthOutreach provides real-world applications of spiritual teachings.Engaging in good works can deepen understanding and commitment to spiritual values.
Fosters GratitudeHelping those in need can make your family more thankful for their blessings.Cultivates a spirit of gratitude, enhancing a positive spiritual outlook.
Unity and BondingWorking together on outreach strengthens family bonds.Shared spiritual experiences can unify the family.
Moral EducationParticipating in outreach reinforces ethical teachings.Offers hands-on experiences in kindness, empathy, and compassion.
Global PerspectiveOutreach can expose your family to the needs and issues affecting broader communities.Encourages a global spiritual perspective by seeing everyone as part of a larger family.
Acts of ServiceVolunteering helps put the principle of ‘service to others’ into practice.Following through on spiritual teachings about service fortifies your family’s faith.
Teaches EmpathyYour family will learn to understand the struggles of others.Empathy is a spiritual quality that can be nurtured through outreach.
Building CommunityYour family becomes part of a larger network of people working for good.Strengthens your family’s role and sense of belonging in your spiritual community.
Role ModelingParents can model spiritual principles in action.Sets a lifelong example for kids about the importance of spiritual and community engagement.
Spiritual FulfillmentMany find personal spiritual fulfillment in helping others.The act of giving can be a spiritually rewarding experience for the entire family.

So, as you can see, community outreach isn’t just about the community; it’s also about your family’s spiritual growth. It’s a win-win that benefits both the world around you and your own personal world at home. Why not give it a try and see the difference it makes? 🌍💖👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🙏✨

There you have it, my friend! Whether you’re in it for the top-rated schools, the close proximity to Columbus, or the welcoming faith communities, Reynoldsburg has a little something for everyone. 🌟

Hope you found this helpful! 😊

God Bless Greg


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