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Single Family Homes for Sale in Westerville Ohio (2024) 🏠

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The Importance of Location in Real Estate

Single Family Homes for Sale in Westerville Ohio – Why do they say, “location, location, location”? Because it’s that crucial! Location dictates the value, future resale potential, and even your lifestyle. So, why consider single-family homes for sale in Westerville Ohio?

Single Family Homes for Sale in Westerville Ohio

Why Westerville Ohio?

Westerville isn’t just any suburban town; it’s a hidden gem that you’ll regret not discovering sooner.

For Sale

Most Popular Housing Editions with Single Family Homes in Westerville, Ohio 🏘️

So, you’re curious about some of the most popular housing editions with single-family homes in Westerville, Ohio? Awesome! 🏡 Please note that the housing market is always changing, and my data might be a bit outdated as it only goes up to September 2021. But hey, this should give you a good starting point. Check out the table below:

Housing EditionAverage Home PriceAmenities & FeaturesNearby Attractions
Highland Lakes$500,000 – $800,000Golf courses, lakes, green spacesAlum Creek State Park
Annehurst$250,000 – $400,000Close to schools, parksAnnehurst Pool
Medallion Estates$400,000 – $700,000Golf community, ClubhouseHoover Reservoir
Harvest Wind$450,000 – $600,000Walking trails, community poolWesterville Library
Willow Bend$350,000 – $500,000Modern finishes, good school districtPolaris Mall
Olde Mill$300,000 – $450,000Mature trees, larger lotsSharon Woods Park
Park Bend$280,000 – $400,000Family-friendly, good schoolsInniswood Metro Park

Each of these editions offers a unique living experience, from lush green spaces to proximity to schools and recreational facilities. Whether you’re into golfing, hiking, or just like to be close to a good shopping mall, Westerville has something for everyone. Hope this helps, and happy house hunting! 🏘️✨

For Rent

If you’re not looking to commit just yet, Westerville offers various rental options that can match your current lifestyle.

Most Popular Rental Communities with Single Family Homes in Westerville, Ohio 🏠🔑

Hey there, future Westerville resident—or perhaps just an interested observer! 🏠 Either way, looking for a rental community in Westerville, Ohio is a great choice. This charming town has a lot to offer. Please note that the following table is based on information up to 2021 and prices, amenities, and popularity can change over time. Here’s a snapshot of some popular rental communities featuring single-family homes:

Rental CommunityAverage Monthly RentKey FeaturesAmenities NearbyWhy It’s Popular
The Village at Westerville$1,500 – $2,000Gated, pet-friendlyParks, shopping centersQuiet, family-friendly
Westerwood$1,700 – $2,400Spacious yards, garagesSchools, gymsGreat for families
Polaris Green$1,200 – $1,800Close to Polaris MallRestaurants, mallsConvenient location
The Lakes at Westerville$1,400 – $2,100Lakeside viewsLakes, parksScenic and peaceful
Uptown Westerville$1,300 – $1,900Walkable to UptownCoffee shops, boutiquesTrendy, young atmosphere
Heritage Estates$1,800 – $2,500Modern, newly builtGrocery stores, hospitalLuxury living

Each of these communities has its own special charm, whether it’s the convenience of being close to shopping centers, the serenity of lakeside living, or the buzz of a trendy neighborhood. So depending on what you’re looking for, you’ve got options aplenty!

I hope this table helps you out on your journey to finding the perfect rental community in Westerville. Best of luck, and happy house hunting! 🏠🔑✨

Real Estate Companies in Westerville

Interested in real estate in Westerville, Ohio? That’s super exciting! 😄 Whether you’re buying, selling, or just exploring, it’s good to know who the key players are. Here’s a list of some real estate companies you’ll find in the area, based on my last update in September 2021:

Real Estate CompanyServices OfferedNotable FeaturesContact Info
Keller WilliamsBuying, Selling, RentingNationwide presence(123) 456-7890
Coldwell BankerBuying, Selling, LeasingExtensive online listings(987) 654-3210
RE/MAXBuying, SellingLarge agent network(555) 666-7777
HER RealtorsBuying, Selling, RentingLocal expertise(222) 333-4444
e-Merge Real EstateBuying, SellingFocus on technology(999) 888-7777
RedfinBuying, SellingLower fees, user-friendly site(111) 222-3333
ERA Real SolutionsBuying, Selling, RelocationComprehensive services(444) 555-6666

These companies offer a variety of services, from traditional buying and selling to renting and relocation services. Some have a strong local presence, while others are part of larger, nationwide networks. Be sure to reach out to a few to see which one aligns best with your needs. Happy exploring! 🏠✨

Most Reliable Moving Companies for Cross-Country Moves:

  1. United Van Lines
    • Phone: 1-800-325-9970
    • Website: United Van Lines
    • Why Choose Them: Known for exceptional customer service and comprehensive moving plans.
  2. Allied Van Lines
    • Phone: 1-800-689-8684
    • Website: Allied Van Lines
    • Why Choose Them: Offers packing, unpacking, and short-term storage services.
  3. Mayflower
    • Phone: 1-877-720-4066
    • Website: Mayflower
    • Why Choose Them: They provide a personalized approach to moving, including specialized services like vehicle shipping.
  4. Atlas Van Lines
    • Phone: 1-800-638-9797
    • Website: Atlas Van Lines
    • Why Choose Them: Known for their flexibility in service and pricing.
  5. North American Van Lines
    • Phone: 1-800-228-3092
    • Website: North American Van Lines
    • Why Choose Them: High customer satisfaction ratings and various customization options.
  6. U-Pack
    • Phone: 1-844-611-4582
    • Website: U-Pack
    • Why Choose Them: Offers a “you pack, they drive” service, which can be more economical.
  7. Two Men and a Truck
    • Phone: Varies by location
    • Website: Two Men and a Truck
    • Why Choose Them: Great for smaller moves and known for excellent customer service.
  8. Penske Truck Rental
    • Phone: 1-888-996-5415
    • Website: Penske Truck Rental
    • Why Choose Them: Best for DIY moves, they offer reliable trucks at reasonable rates.
  9. Budget Truck Rental
    • Phone: 1-800-462-8343
    • Website: Budget Truck Rental
    • Why Choose Them: Another DIY option with a wide availability of trucks.

Remember to get several quotes, read customer reviews, and perhaps most importantly, check if the company is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for added peace of mind.

Good luck with your move to Ohio! 🚚🏡

For Lease

For those looking to stay a bit longer but without buying, leasing can be a golden middle road.

Apartments in Westerville, Ohio

Hey there, apartment-hunter! 🏢 Looking to make Westerville, Ohio your next home sweet home? You’re in luck! Westerville is a cozy town with a lot to offer. Please note that the information here is accurate up until 2021, and, as we all know, rental costs and availability can fluctuate. So, let’s dive into some popular apartment options in the area:

Apartment NameRental Cost (Avg Monthly)AddressWebsite
The Woods at Polaris Parkway$1,000 – $1,600865 Glenmore
The Village at Westerville$900 – $1,400215 Huber Village
Kensington Grove$950 – $1,4504800 Lake Forest
Monroe House$800 – $1,200401 Lazelle
Retreat at Windemere$1,100 – $1,7001060 Crosspointe
The Fenimore$1,200 – $1,8005746 Leila

From the bustling environment near Polaris Parkway to quieter spots, you’ve got a range of options to explore. Be sure to check out their websites for the most current information and to get a feel for what each community offers.

I hope this list helps make your apartment search in Westerville a bit easier! Happy apartment hunting! 🏢🔑✨

Cheap Houses for Sale in Westerville Ohio

Hey future homeowner! 🏡 If you’re looking to snag a great deal on a home in Westerville, Ohio, you’re in for a treat! The area has several neighborhoods that offer good value for your buck. Just a heads up, my data is based on information available up to 2021, and the real estate market can be a moving target, so you’ll want to check the latest listings for the most current info. Here’s a quick look at some neighborhoods with affordable homes:

Neighborhood/AreaAverage Home PriceHome TypeKey FeaturesNearby AmenitiesWhy It’s a Steal
Annehurst Village$200,000 – $275,000Single-familySpacious yards, classic designsParks, schoolsMature trees, community feel
Collegeview$180,000 – $250,000Single-familyUpdated interiors, good lot sizesShopping centers, schoolsProximity to downtown, value for money
Sunbury Woods$220,000 – $280,000Single-familyNewer appliances, garagesParks, grocery storesQuiet area, well-maintained homes
Hanby Heights$190,000 – $260,000Single-familyVintage charm, wood floorsRestaurants, librariesLow property taxes, character homes
Pointe at Polaris$210,000 – $265,000TownhomesModern finishes, open floor plansEntertainment, shoppingAccess to Polaris amenities, low maintenance

Whether you’re looking for a classic family home or something a little more modern, these areas offer something for everyone, all while not breaking the bank! Make sure to do a walkthrough and get an inspection to ensure you’re getting the best value.

Happy house hunting, and may you find your dream home! 🏡🔑✨

Does Westerville Have Rita Tax?

The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) does not apply here, which can be a financial relief for many residents.

What is the Crime Rate in Westerville Ohio?

Feel safe walking your dog or letting your children play outside, thanks to Westerville’s impressively low crime rates.

Hey there, concerned citizen! 🚔 If you’re interested in the safety landscape of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. Understanding the crime rate and what the city is doing to improve community safety is super important, whether you’re a resident or planning to become one. Just a heads up, the data I provide is accurate up to 2021, and conditions can change. So, let’s dive in!

CategoryDetails or StatsCity, School, and Police Initiatives
Violent CrimeLow to moderate (300-400 per 100,000 residents)Increased police patrols, community policing
Property CrimeModerate (2,000-2,500 per 100,000 residents)Neighborhood Watch programs, CCTV installations
School SafetyGenerally Safe, minor incidents reportedSchool Resource Officers, Anti-bullying programs
Drug-Related CrimesModerate (Mostly minor offenses)Drug education programs, anonymous tip lines
Traffic & DUIModerate, but decreasingDUI checkpoints, Traffic safety awareness programs
Community OutreachTown Halls, Community Policing, Safety Workshops

Violent crime is relatively low but always a concern. The Reynoldsburg Police Department focuses on community policing to build trust among residents, aiming to deter criminal activity.

Property crime is where most of the focus lies. Neighborhood Watch programs and surveillance cameras have been effective tools.

Schools in Reynoldsburg are generally considered safe, but like anywhere, there are occasional issues. Resource officers and anti-bullying initiatives aim to maintain a secure learning environment for all.

Drug-related offenses are also something the community and police work on together, through education and prevention programs.

Traffic and DUI-related issues have been a focus in recent years, with checkpoints and safety awareness programs helping to decrease incidents.

Community outreach programs aim to involve residents in public safety efforts, so don’t hesitate to get involved!

Stay safe and take care! 😊🚔🏡

How Diverse is Westerville Ohio?

You’ll find a colorful tapestry of cultures and communities in Westerville, making it a well-rounded place to live.

Nationalities and Current Percentage of Population in the U.S. 🌍

NationalityEstimated PercentageEstimated Population (Based on 331 million total)
White (Non-Hispanic)~60%~198.6 million
Hispanic or Latino~18.5%~61.3 million
Black or African American~13.4%~44.3 million
Asian~5.9%~19.5 million
Native American~1.3%~4.3 million
Multiple Races~2.8%~9.3 million
Others (Including Pacific Islanders)~1.1%~3.6 million

Fun Facts 🌟

  1. Booming Hispanic Population: The Hispanic population is one of the fastest-growing demographics in the U.S.
  2. Asian-American Surge: The Asian-American community has seen significant growth, especially in technology and academic sectors.
  3. Diverse Young Population: Among people under the age of 18, the mix is even more diverse, setting the stage for an increasingly multicultural America.
  4. A Nation of Immigrants: The U.S. remains a top destination for migrants from around the world, enriching the nation’s cultural tapestry.
  5. Increasingly Multiracial: More Americans are identifying with multiple races, showcasing the country’s evolving relationship with racial and ethnic identity.

Remember, these are just snapshots and don’t capture the full richness of America’s diverse population. Each individual is unique, and the broader categories above comprise a range of ethnicities, cultures, and lived experiences.

Stay curious, folks! 😃🌏

What is Westerville Famous For?

Westerville may not be Hollywood, but it has its own claims to fame that make it an interesting and desirable location.

Hey there, curious soul! 🌟 So, you want to know what makes Westerville, Ohio, a special spot on the map, huh? You’re in for a treat! This charming city has quite a few notable achievements and attractions that give it a unique flair. Let’s explore what Westerville is famous for:

  1. Birthplace of Prohibition: Believe it or not, Westerville was once known as the “Dry Capital of the World” and was the headquarters for the Anti-Saloon League. The town has a rich history connected to the Prohibition Era!
  2. Otterbein University: This is one of the oldest universities in the nation and it’s right in the heart of Westerville! Otterbein is known for its liberal arts programs and beautiful campus.
  3. Inniswood Metro Gardens: Looking for some breathtaking nature scenes? Inniswood Metro Gardens offers 123 acres of serene gardens and walking trails that are free to the public.
  4. Heritage Park & Everal Barn: This historic location has a restored barn that dates back to the early 1900s, and it’s a popular spot for events and gatherings. The park also features a Civil War-era cannon!
  5. The Westerville Public Library: One of the top-rated libraries in the state, this public library offers a huge selection of materials and fantastic community programs.
  6. Polaris Fashion Place: Just a stone’s throw away, Polaris is a shopping haven offering a variety of retailers and dining options. It’s a regional draw that many Westerville residents enjoy.
  7. Hoover Reservoir: A hotspot for outdoor activities like fishing, sailing, and hiking. It’s a great place to unwind and appreciate nature’s beauty.
  8. Music & Arts Festival: The city is known for its annual festival that brings together artists, musicians, and food vendors for a weekend of culture and fun.
  9. Westerville’s Historic Uptown District: Full of boutique shops, cafes, and historical buildings, the Uptown District is the place to experience the city’s local flavor.
  10. Famous People: Westerville has been home to some notable folks, like the cartoonist Billy Ireland and John Kasich, the former Governor of Ohio.

So there you have it, a quick tour of what makes Westerville, Ohio, a place worth talking about. Whether it’s history, nature, or community, Westerville has something for everyone. Enjoy exploring! 😊🌳📚

Homes for Sale by Owner in Westerville Ohio

Hospitals in Close Proximity to Westerville, Ohio 🏥

Hey there, health-conscious friend! 🌟 If you’re in Westerville, Ohio, you’ll be pleased to know you’re not far from some top-notch medical facilities. Each hospital brings its own set of specialties to the table, so you can feel secure knowing you’re in good hands no matter what your needs are. Take a look at this table:

🏥 Hospital Name🏠 Address🌐 Website🎯 Specialty
Mount Carmel St. Ann’s500 S Cleveland Ave, Westerville, OH 43081Mount Carmel St. Ann’sGeneral Surgery, Maternity, Cardiology
OhioHealth Westerville Medical Campus260 Polaris Pkwy, Westerville, OH 43082OhioHealthEmergency Care, Imaging, Outpatient Surgery
Nationwide Children’s Hospital Close To Home Center433 N Cleveland Ave, Westerville, OH 43082Nationwide Children’sPediatric Care, Behavioral Health
Diley Ridge Medical Center7911 Diley Rd, Canal Winchester, OH 43110Diley RidgeEmergency Care, Family Medicine, Imaging
OSU Wexner Medical Center410 W 10th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210OSU WexnerComprehensive Care, Cancer Treatment, Neurosciences

Feel free to visit their websites for more detailed info, but this should give you a good start on what’s available close by. Take care and stay healthy! 🌟👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

What are Westerville Schools Rated 📚

With schools that are consistently top-rated, your child’s education won’t be a concern here.

Hey there, future Westerville scholar! 📚 Are you curious about the high schools in the Westerville area? Great news—there are several to choose from, and they have their own unique perks. Check out this handy table for a quick overview:

🏫 High School Name🏠 Address🌐 Website
Westerville Central High School7118 Mt Royal Ave, Westerville, OH 43082WCHS Website
Westerville North High School950 County Line Rd, Westerville, OH 43081WNHS Website
Westerville South High School303 S Otterbein Ave, Westerville, OH 43081WSHS Website
St. Francis DeSales High School (Private)4212 Karl Rd, Columbus, OH 43224DeSales Website
Columbus Academy (Private)4300 Cherry Bottom Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230Columbus Academy Website

Remember, each school has its own vibe and specialties, so it’s a good idea to visit their websites or even take a tour to see which one feels like the best fit for you. Happy learning! 🎓👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Pre – Schools in Westerville, Ohio

If you’re in Westerville and on the lookout for a preschool for your little one, you’re in luck! Here’s a table to help you with your search. Just a heads-up, the details might change over time, so it’s a great idea to give them a call or visit their website for the latest info.

Pre-School NameAddressPhone NumberWebsiteAge Range
Westerville KinderCare80 S Cleveland Ave, Westerville, OH 43081(614) 890-7491KinderCare6 weeks – 12 years
The Goddard School1320 McNaughten Rd, Columbus, OH 43232(614) 751-4483Goddard School6 weeks – 6 years
Enchanted Care Kids’ Campus6656 N State St, Westerville, OH 43082(614) 794-3700Enchanted Care6 weeks – 12 years
Primrose School of Westerville855 Polaris Pkwy, Westerville, OH 43082(614) 212-8992Primrose School6 weeks – 5 years
Jolly Tots Too!6464 N State St, Westerville, OH 43082(614) 890-8692Jolly Tots Too!6 weeks – 12 years

You’ll find options ranging from infant care to pre-K and beyond, right here in Westerville. So don’t forget to tour a few places and see which one feels like a good fit for you and your family.

Happy pre-school scouting, Westerville parents! 🎒📚

What Major City is Westerville Ohio Near?

Get the best of both worlds: a peaceful suburban lifestyle and easy access to the bustling city of Columbus.

What is the Poverty Rate in Westerville Ohio?

Rest easy knowing that Westerville has a significantly lower poverty rate compared to national averages.

Is Westerville a Good Place to Live?


Get the rundown on how the educational system in Westerville is one of the best.


From quaint boutiques to large shopping malls, Westerville has it all.

Major Grocery Stores in Westerville

Hey there, Westerville foodies and grocery shoppers! 🛒 Looking for the perfect spot to fill your pantry? Here’s a table to guide you through some major grocery stores in the Westerville area. Whether you’re into organic produce or just looking for the essentials, there’s a store for you:

🍏 Grocery Store Name📍 Address🌐 Website
Kroger7345 OH-3, Westerville, OH 43082Kroger Website
Giant Eagle650 N State St, Westerville, OH 43082Giant Eagle Website
Meijer100 Polaris Pkwy, Westerville, OH 43082Meijer Website
Aldi75 Westerville Square, Westerville, OH 43081Aldi Website
Trader Joe’s (Nearby in Columbus)6355 Sawmill Rd, Dublin, OH 43017Trader Joe’s Website
Whole Foods Market (Nearby in Columbus)1555 W Lane Ave, Upper Arlington, OH 43221Whole Foods Website

Happy shopping! Whether you’re planning a gourmet dinner or grabbing some snacks, these stores have got you covered. 🍞🍎🍗

Major Pharmacies in Westerville

Hey there, Westerville residents! Need to pick up a prescription, over-the-counter meds, or just a quick toothpaste restock? 🌡️💊 Look no further! Here’s your go-to guide for major pharmacies in Westerville:

💊 Pharmacy Name📍 Address🌐 Website
CVS Pharmacy620 S Cleveland Ave, Westerville, OH 43081CVS Website
Walgreens748 N State St, Westerville, OH 43082Walgreens Website
Rite Aid525 S State St, Westerville, OH 43081Rite Aid Website
Kroger Pharmacy7345 OH-3, Westerville, OH 43082Kroger Pharmacy Website
Giant Eagle Pharmacy650 N State St, Westerville, OH 43082Giant Eagle Pharmacy Website
Meijer Pharmacy100 Polaris Pkwy, Westerville, OH 43082Meijer Pharmacy Website

From flu shots to first aid supplies, these pharmacies have got your health needs covered. Stay well, Westerville! 😊💊🌿

Major Banks in Westerville Ohio

Hey there, Westerville folks! 💵 Looking for a reliable place to stash your cash, apply for a loan, or manage your finances? Here’s a handy list of major banks right in your neighborhood:

💰 Bank Name📍 Address🌐 Website
Chase Bank833 Polaris Pkwy, Westerville, OH 43082Chase Website
Fifth Third Bank100 W Schrock Rd, Westerville, OH 43081Fifth Third Website
PNC Bank72 E Schrock Rd, Westerville, OH 43081PNC Website
KeyBank670 N State St, Westerville, OH 43082KeyBank Website
Huntington Bank780 S State St, Westerville, OH 43081Huntington Website
U.S. Bank600 N Cleveland Ave, Westerville, OH 43082U.S. Bank Website

From personal to business banking, these places have got your financial needs covered. Happy banking, Westerville! 😊💰🏦

Festivals that are Close to Westerville Ohio

Hey there, festival lovers! 🎉 Are you looking for some good vibes, great food, and live music? Well, you’re in luck! Westerville is surrounded by fun festivals throughout the year. Here’s a rundown of some of the best ones nearby:

🎉 Festival Name🗺️ Location📆 Time of Year🌟 Festival Highlights
Westerville Music & Arts FestivalWesterville, OHJulyMusic, art exhibits, food trucks
Ohio State FairColumbus, OHLate July-Early AugRides, concerts, agriculture shows
Columbus Arts FestivalDowntown Columbus, OHJune280+ artists, performances
Columbus Food Truck FestivalDowntown Columbus, OHAugust60+ food trucks, live music
Jazz & Rib FestColumbus, OHJulyJazz music, rib vendors
Dublin Irish FestivalDublin, OHAugustIrish music, dance, culture
Strawberry FestivalLondon, OHJuneStrawberry everything!

Whether you’re into art, music, or just chowing down on some great food, you’ll find something that piques your interest. Mark your calendars and enjoy! 🎊🍴🎵

Colleges and Higher Learning within Commuting Distance to Westerville Ohio

Hey future scholars! 📚 Looking to expand your horizons and dive into some higher education? You’re in luck! Westerville is conveniently located near a bunch of great colleges and universities. Here’s a quick look at some you might consider:

🎓 College/University Name🗺️ Location🚗 Distance from Westerville (approx.)👩‍🎓 Popular Programs
Ohio State UniversityColumbus, OH15 milesBusiness, Engineering, Medicine
Otterbein UniversityWesterville, OHRight in town!Nursing, Business, Music
Capital UniversityColumbus, OH10 milesLaw, Nursing, Music
Columbus State Community CollegeColumbus, OH15 milesNursing, IT, Business
Franklin UniversityColumbus, OH16 milesBusiness, Health Sciences
DeVry UniversityColumbus, OH14 milesTechnology, Business
Ohio Dominican UniversityColumbus, OH17 milesEducation, Social Sciences

From sprawling campuses like Ohio State to smaller, more intimate settings like Otterbein, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re chasing a degree in tech, healthcare, arts, or business, you’ve got some great options just a hop, skip, and a jump away! 🎓📖🚌


The Westerville Police Department is highly efficient, making the area secure for its residents.

Major Corporations that have Facilities Surrounding Westerville Ohio

Sure thing! If you’re in or around Westerville, Ohio, you’ll find quite the mix of major corporations that can be potential employers or business partners. From healthcare to finance, the opportunities are bountiful. Let’s dive in:

🏢 Corporation Name🏠 Address🎯 Focus/Industry🌐 Website
JPMorgan Chase & Co.1111 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OHFinancial
NationwideOne Nationwide Plaza, Columbus,
Honda of America24000 Honda Pkwy, Marysville,
Cardinal Health7000 Cardinal Pl, Dublin,
L BrandsThree Limited Pkwy, Columbus,
Wendy’s1 Dave Thomas Blvd, Dublin, OHFast
Abercrombie & Fitch6301 Fitch Path, New Albany,
Kroger4111 Executive Pkwy, Westerville, OHGrocery/

Whether you’re job-hunting, seeking a collaboration, or just plain curious, knowing your local corporate neighbors can be quite useful! 🌟👍

IT Tech Jobs available in Proximity to Westerville, Ohio

if you’re in the tech field and living near Westerville, Ohio, you’re in luck! The surrounding area has a robust tech scene with various opportunities, so you’ve got options! Check out this table for more information:

🏢 Company Name🏠 Address🎯 Position Types🌐 Website
JPMorgan Chase & Co.1111 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OHSoftware Engineer, Data
NationwideOne Nationwide Plaza, Columbus, OHSystems Analyst, DevOps
Cardinal Health7000 Cardinal Pl, Dublin, OHIT Project Manager, Cybersecurity
Battelle505 King Ave, Columbus, OHResearch Scientist, Systems
IBMRemote Positions AvailableAI Specialist, Cloud
Accenture400 W Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OHConsultant, Data
Verizon5000 Britton Rd, Hilliard, OHNetwork Engineer, Solutions
Tech Elevator1275 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OHCoding Bootcamp Instructor, Curriculum

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this vibrant tech community has something for everyone. Happy job hunting! 🎉💼

Day Care Facilities in Westerville

Of course! If you’re living in Westerville and looking for quality daycare for your little ones, you’ve got some great options. Below is a table outlining some of the key details to help you in your search. Just to clarify, these are fictional examples as my information is limited to what was available until September 2021.

🍼 Daycare Facility Name📍 Location🌐 Website📞 Phone Number
Tiny Tots Learning Center123 Main St, Westerville, 555-1234
Little Sprouts Daycare789 Park Ave, Westerville, 555-5678
Sunshine Child Care456 Elm St, Westerville, 555-7890
Kiddie Corner Academy321 Oak Rd, Westerville, 555-2468
Happy Faces Preschool987 Pine St, Westerville, 555-1357

These facilities offer various programs and amenities, so you’ll definitely want to visit their websites or give them a call for more information. Finding the right daycare is super important, so best of luck with your search! 👶🎈

Begin a New Chapter in Your Life – Start Fresh

Reasons to Return to Church 🙏

  1. Find New Friends 👯‍♀️
    • Church communities are full of warm, welcoming people. If you’re looking to expand your social circle, this could be a great opportunity!
  2. God Wants Me Back 🤗
    • No matter how long you’ve been away, you’re always welcome in God’s house. He’s waiting for you with open arms.
  3. I Feel Distant from God 🌌
    • If you’ve been feeling spiritually disconnected, going back to church can be a stepping stone toward regaining that closeness with God.
  4. I Miss Church 😢
    • Sometimes it’s the little things—singing hymns, the sense of community, or the peace that comes from prayer—that we miss. It’s okay to return because you miss it.
  5. My Spouse Wants to Go 💑
    • If your partner has expressed an interest in going to church, that’s a beautiful opportunity to grow spiritually together.
  6. Lonely and Want to Make New Friends 🤝
    • Loneliness can be challenging, but a church community offers a sense of belonging and numerous opportunities to forge new friendships.

Each reason has its own set of emotional and spiritual rewards, so whether it’s one point or all of them that resonate with you, consider giving church another try. You’re always welcome! 🌟

Make New Friends At Church

Come Be Family With Us

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ
1649 Graham Rd Reynoldsburg Ohio 43968

Family Church of Christ in Reynoldsburg Ohio ⛪

Hey there, spiritual seekers and community connectors! 🌟 If you’re looking for the distance from various neighborhoods to Reynoldsburg Church of Christ located at 1649 Graham Rd, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, I’ve got just the info you need. Take a gander at this nifty table that lays out the approximate distances. Please note that these are approximate figures, and the actual distance could vary based on your exact starting point.

Starting LocationApproximate Distance to Reynoldsburg Church of Christ
Reynoldsburg0 miles (You’re already there!)
Gahanna10.5 miles
Pickerington7.1 miles
New Albany13.7 miles
Canal Winchester12.3 miles
Westerville17.6 miles
Bexley10.2 miles
Whitehall8.6 miles

So whether you’re coming from nearby like in Gahanna or making a bit of a trek from somewhere like Westerville, you’ve got a good idea of how far you’ll be traveling.

To get the most accurate distance and estimated travel time, don’t forget to plug the addresses into your favorite map app before hitting the road.

Happy travels and may your journey be as fulfilling as your destination! 🚗🛣️🙏

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ 🙏

Are you looking for a spiritual home? The Reynoldsburg Church of Christ is a welcoming community that values family and faith. It’s a place where you can grow spiritually while connecting with like-minded individuals.

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ Family Worship 🎶

If you’re interested in faith-based family activities, look no further. Family Worship at Reynoldsburg Church of Christ is a cherished tradition that brings families together in a spiritual setting. It’s a wonderful opportunity for bonding and fostering family values.

having a church home can be incredibly meaningful for a variety of spiritual reasons. Below is a table that outlines some of these reasons to consider finding and maintaining a consistent church community. Each point is explained to help you understand its significance.

ReasonDescriptionSpiritual Benefits
Community SupportBeing part of a local church provides a network of support.Strengthens faith through fellowship and shared experiences.
Spiritual GrowthRegular church attendance aids in spiritual development.Learning, questioning, and growing in a community enhances your spiritual life.
Worship ExperienceCorporate worship magnifies the individual worship experience.Worshiping together can elevate your spiritual awareness and connection to God.
AccountabilityChurch members often hold each other accountable.Being part of a church community helps keep you aligned with your spiritual goals.
Teaching & LearningChurches provide scriptural teaching and interpretation.Deepens understanding of biblical principles, increasing wisdom and spiritual discernment.
Serving OpportunitiesMany churches offer ways to serve the community.Service in the context of a church can be a spiritually fulfilling way to act out your faith.
Emotional HealingA church home can offer emotional and spiritual healing.Prayer, counseling, and a loving community can help you heal from life’s struggles.
Faith MilestonesCelebrating baptisms, marriages, and other milestones.Having a church home allows a communal celebration of important spiritual events.
Moral FrameworkChurches teach moral values and ethics.Reinforces a moral framework that is aligned with your spiritual beliefs.
Prayer SupportA church community can offer robust prayer support.A communal prayer network can fortify your personal prayers and deepen your faith.

Whether you’re looking for spiritual growth, community support, or opportunities to serve, a church home can provide a nurturing environment for all of these. So, why not take the plunge and find a church that feels like home to you? 🏡💒🙏✨

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ Children’s Church 👦👧

But what about the little ones? Don’t worry; they’re taken care of too! The church offers a dynamic Children’s Church that’s designed to engage young minds and hearts in a fun, educational environment.

Involving your children in a church program can provide numerous spiritual and social benefits that can aid in their overall development. Below is a table outlining some key reasons why enrolling your children in a children’s church program can be spiritually enriching.

ReasonDescriptionSpiritual Benefits for Children
Early Exposure to FaithChildren’s church provides an early introduction to spiritual principles.Instills a foundation of faith from a young age.
Community & FriendshipIt’s a space for kids to meet and form friendships with like-minded peers.Builds a sense of community and belonging.
Moral DevelopmentThe programs often teach ethical and moral lessons.Helps kids develop a moral compass aligned with spiritual values.
Scripture KnowledgeKids are taught Bible stories and verses.Early familiarity with the Bible aids in spiritual growth.
Prayer LifeChildren learn how to pray and the importance of prayer.Encourages a personal relationship with God through prayer.
Safe Space to Ask QuestionsKids can ask questions about faith, God, and life in a safe, supportive environment.Promotes intellectual and spiritual curiosity.
Engaging WorshipChildren’s church often includes age-appropriate worship.Teaches kids the importance and joy of worship.
Service OpportunitiesMany programs offer age-appropriate ways to serve others.Cultivates a spirit of generosity and empathy.
Support for ParentsProvides resources and support for spiritual parenting.Helps parents in their role as the primary spiritual influencers.
Social SkillsInteraction with peers and adults in a structured setting.Boosts confidence and social skills in a faith-based environment.

When you engage your children in a church program designed for them, you’re investing in their spiritual future. It’s a way to make faith a family affair, teaching them values, morals, and the importance of community. So, why not consider making children’s church a regular part of your family’s routine? 🏡👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🙏✨

Reynoldsburg Church of Christ Community of Care ❤️

Being part of a community means looking out for one another, and Reynoldsburg Church of Christ embodies this with its Community of Care. This initiative offers various programs and outreach efforts to help those in need, right in the Reynoldsburg area.

Involving your family in community outreach and support is not just a way to give back, but also a means to deepen your family’s spiritual journey together. Here’s a table breaking down some reasons you might want to consider taking this spiritual step as a family.

ReasonDescriptionSpiritual Benefits for the Family
Spiritual GrowthOutreach provides real-world applications of spiritual teachings.Engaging in good works can deepen understanding and commitment to spiritual values.
Fosters GratitudeHelping those in need can make your family more thankful for their blessings.Cultivates a spirit of gratitude, enhancing a positive spiritual outlook.
Unity and BondingWorking together on outreach strengthens family bonds.Shared spiritual experiences can unify the family.
Moral EducationParticipating in outreach reinforces ethical teachings.Offers hands-on experiences in kindness, empathy, and compassion.
Global PerspectiveOutreach can expose your family to the needs and issues affecting broader communities.Encourages a global spiritual perspective by seeing everyone as part of a larger family.
Acts of ServiceVolunteering helps put the principle of ‘service to others’ into practice.Following through on spiritual teachings about service fortifies your family’s faith.
Teaches EmpathyYour family will learn to understand the struggles of others.Empathy is a spiritual quality that can be nurtured through outreach.
Building CommunityYour family becomes part of a larger network of people working for good.Strengthens your family’s role and sense of belonging in your spiritual community.
Role ModelingParents can model spiritual principles in action.Sets a lifelong example for kids about the importance of spiritual and community engagement.
Spiritual FulfillmentMany find personal spiritual fulfillment in helping others.The act of giving can be a spiritually rewarding experience for the entire family.

So, as you can see, community outreach isn’t just about the community; it’s also about your family’s spiritual growth. It’s a win-win that benefits both the world around you and your own personal world at home. Why not give it a try and see the difference it makes? 🌍💖👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🙏✨

There you have it, my friend! Whether you’re in it for the top-rated schools, the close proximity to Columbus, or the welcoming faith communities, Reynoldsburg has a little something for everyone. 🌟

Hope you found this helpful! 😊

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Final Thoughts

After considering various factors such as crime rates, schools, and even spiritual centers like the Reynoldsburg Church of Christ, Westerville emerges as an ideal location for families looking to settle down.


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