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Did Jesus Predict the End of the World?

Sure, let’s break it down into simpler terms!

Did Jesus Say the World Was Going to End?

What Was Happening Back Then?
Back in Jesus’ time, a lot of people were expecting big changes with God’s help. They thought everything was going to be turned upside down and made better. Jesus talked about this a lot because it was what everyone was wondering about.

What Did Jesus Say in the Bible?

  1. “No One Knows the Day or Hour” (from Matthew 24:36) – Jesus said that no one knows exactly when these big changes will happen, not even him, only God knows.
  2. “Stay Ready” (Mark 13:32-37) – Jesus told a story to say that since we don’t know when it’s going to happen, we should always be ready.
  3. Signs to Watch For (Matthew 24:1-35) – He talked about things that might happen that could make it seem like the end is near, like big troubles or scary events, but even then, we can’t be sure of the timing.

Examples of What He Meant

  • The Temple Getting Knocked Down: Jesus said the big temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed. This actually happened a bit later, and it freaked a lot of people out because it seemed like a sign of the end.
  • Fig Tree Story: He said just like you see a fig tree sprout leaves and know summer is coming, you might see signs that big changes are coming. But still, no one knows exactly when.

Three Things to Remember:

  1. Jesus Didn’t Know When: Jesus talked about future tough times and a big shake-up, but he clearly said he didn’t know when it would all go down.
  2. Be Ready All the Time: He cared more about people living right and being good, ready for whatever comes, instead of worrying about when it would happen.
  3. It Was a Different Time: Back then, people were really into predictions and signs. Jesus was answering their big questions but in his own way, telling them to focus on what’s important—how they live.

So, Jesus did talk about the world changing a lot, but he kept it a bit of a mystery when exactly it would happen, telling everyone to always be on their best behavior.


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