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How long Does it take to Become a Christian Counselor? | Christian 2021

How long Does it take to become a Christian Counselor?

How long Does it take to become a Christian Counselor?

Becoming a Christian counselor is not something that can be done overnight. It takes time, dedication, and hard work to become a licensed therapist who specializes in helping those with mental health issues. In this blog post, we will explore the process of becoming a Christian counselor and discuss some of the things that you will need to do in order to reach your goals. We hope that this information will be helpful for those who are considering a career in Christian counseling!

What are the Educational Requirements for Becoming a Christian Counselor?

In the United States, the educational process to become a Christian Counselor can be outlined here. It Begins with graduation from these levels of education. How long Does it take to become a Christian Counselor?

  • High School – this consist of completing 12 years of schooling and receiving a high school diploma
  • Associate’s Degree – A two-year program at a community college or university that gives you general education requirements for bachelor’s programs. This is only required if your undergraduate degree does not have the necessary prerequisite coursework.
  • Bachelor’s Degree – The minimum requirement in which to be considered for graduate school programs. Some Christian counseling schools require degrees in psychology as well as other fields related to mental health such as social work, family therapy, pastoral care, etc.) In order to get into master’s level training programs, there are some additional prerequisites including but not limited to: courses dealing with human development; abnormal behavior; professional ethics & legal issues related specifically toward the field of counseling
  • Masters Degree – A Christian Counselor must have a master’s degree is required in order to train at the doctoral level
  • Doctorate Degree – Most states require licensed counselors and therapists to complete an accredited program, like PsyD or Ph.D. programs. However, there are exceptions for some states that allow you to get your license without earning an advanced degree (like Texas). In addition, other states will accept degrees earned outside of their state but only if they’re from regionally approved schools which means these standards are met through education accreditation agencies such as CACREP; NCATE, etc.) After completing all requirements necessary one may apply for licensure with local authorities
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How long does it typically take to become a Christian counselor?

It takes a solid commitment and many years

  • High School – 12 Years
  • Associate Degree – 2 Years
  • Bachlors Degree – 4 Years
  • Master degrees – 6 Years
  • PHD / Doctotate Degree – 8 Years

To complete the training you will accumulate a total of 20 years of Schooling to Receive a PHD in this area of Service.

What is the Cost of an Education to become a Christian Counslor?

This is an Approximation of the Cost colleges are charging in 2021.

  • Private Colleges – $10,740 / Year
  • Public Colleges – $ 38,070 / Year
  • In Stated Public – $27,560 / Year
  • Out of State Public – $ 44,150 / Year

Associate Degree – 2 Years

  • Private Colleges – $10,740 / Year = $ 21,480
  • Public Colleges – $ 38,070 / Year = $ 76,140
  • In Stated Public – $27,560 / Year = $ 55,120
  • Out of State Public – $ 44,150 / Year = $ 88,300

Bachelor Degree – 4 Years

  • Private Colleges – $10,740 / Year = $ 42960
  • Public Colleges – $ 38,070 / Year = $ 152,280
  • In Stated Public – $27,560 / Year = $ 110,240
  • Out of State Public – $ 44,150 / Year = $ 176,600

Masters Degree – 6 Years

  • Private Colleges – $10,740 / Year = $ 64,440
  • Public Colleges – $ 38,070 / Year = $ 228,420
  • In Stated Public – $27,560 / Year = $ 165,360
  • Out of State Public – $ 44,150 / Year $ 264,900

PHD / Doctorate – 8 Years

  • Private Colleges – $10,740 / Year = $ 85,920
  • Public Colleges – $ 38,070 / Year = $ 304,560
  • In Stated Public – $27,560 / Year = $ 220,480
  • Out of State Public – $ 44,150 / Year = $ 353,200

What are the professional requirements for becoming a Christian counselor?

Some of the Professional Requirements include passing Test and fulfilling Requirements many times on a state level.

Many professional organizations require you to pass a test and fulfill various requirements. The American Association of Christian Counselors(AACC), for example, requires members to agree with their statement of faith as well as have at least 60 credit hours in a theology or counseling degree program.

Some states also require that you have obtained your master’s in order to be licensed while others only require an associate degree with additional training such as hours spent under the supervision and/or experience working with clients.

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The most common requirement is passing the National Certified Counselors (NCC) exam offered by NBCC which has been adopted by many states including Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

If you are looking to become a certified counselor, it is important to research the different requirements of each state. The website for NBCC provides a list of all states and their corresponding certification requirements.

What are the Personal Requirements for becoming a Christian Counselor?

Personal thoughts need to be considered in order to answer this question. The counselor has to deal with his own issues before he can help others. The need to help people are really worldwide. Personalities, emotions, and health all play a huge role in the life of a Christian counselor.

First off, being a Christian Counselor requires you to want to help people who are hurting because of sin or trauma in their lives. You can’t do that if you expect to be rich from it. It also takes someone who does not mind helping others for little pay or no pay at all.

The person must have the desire to help others without comparing themselves with the other counselors out there such as psychologists and psychiatrists. A degree is required by most churches for counseling; however, some churches don’t require one but they will do background checks on those wanting to be volunteers as well as get personal references. More than likely, they will be required to get a degree or certificate in order to counsel others on the church premises.

What is the Job Outlook for Christian counselors?

The Job Outlook is very good for Christian counselors. The need is worldwide and growing every day; however, the pay scale varies widely depending on where you live and what type of educational path you take toward a career as a counselor.

Job outlook: A job outlook study by U.S News showed that Mental Health Counselors were ranked in the top 100 jobs to have along with its high demand according to O*Net Online’s analysis of employment data from 2014-2024 shows an expected increase in growth rate from now until 2024. That means there will be new openings because people are retiring or moving onto different careers as well as more jobs becoming available because of the large number of people seeking counseling services for all types of problems such as mental health disorders, addiction, relationship issues, and family problems.

Certification: Certification is required in most states to become a Christian Counselor with the most common being the National Certified Counselor (NCC) credential which is offered by NBCC. The certification process includes passing an exam that covers all areas of counseling. You can find a list of state requirements at NBCC’s website.

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Final Thoughts – How long Does it take to become a Christian Counselor?

Personal Requirements: First and foremost, you must want to help people who are hurting because of sin or trauma in their lives. Secondly, you need to have the personality traits that will allow you to listen without judging, empathize with others, be non-judgmental and have strong boundaries. Finally, it takes someone who does not mind helping others at times for little pay or no pay at all.


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