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How to Find Peace Through Jesus

Here’s a simplified guide on how to find peace through Jesus:

How to Find Peace Through Jesus

Jesus promises a special kind of peace that helps us feel calm and confident inside, no matter what’s happening outside.

Steps to Finding Peace

  1. Learn What Jesus Taught
  • Read about Jesus’ teachings in the Bible, especially in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
  1. Talk to God
  • Pray every day, telling God about your worries and asking for His peace.
  1. Say Sorry and Forgive
  • Ask for forgiveness for your mistakes and try to forgive others. This clears away bad feelings.
  1. Trust God
  • Believe that God has everything under control, even when things seem tough.
  1. Join a Church Group
  • Being around other people who believe in Jesus can make you feel supported and loved.
  1. Help Others
  • Do kind things for others. Helping people can make you feel peaceful and happy.

Living It Out

Try to use these steps every day. They can help you feel more at peace and handle problems better.


Start trying these steps today to experience the peace Jesus talks about. You’ll feel better inside and more ready to face whatever comes your way.


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