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I Feel Distant from God 🌌


“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” – James 4:8 (NIV)

This verse is like a gentle, fatherly reminder that God is always there, even when we feel far away. It assures us that the act of seeking God is itself a way for us to feel His presence more strongly in our lives.

3 Points on Why It’s Important to Return to Church When You Feel Distant from God:

  1. A Safe Space for Vulnerability:
    • The church is one of the few places where you can bare your soul without judgment. It’s a sanctuary where you can openly discuss your doubts, fears, and the emotional or spiritual distance you’re feeling. You’re not alone on this journey; the church community is there to walk beside you. 🤝
  2. Reconnecting Through Worship and Prayer:
    • Sometimes, we lose our way and need a little help getting back on track. The structured environment of church services—complete with worship, scriptures, and prayer—can serve as a spiritual GPS, helping you navigate back to God. It’s like tuning your spiritual radio to the right frequency. 📻
  3. Accountability and Support:
    • When you’re feeling distant from God, it’s easy to stray further away. The church community can act as a gentle tether, holding you close even when you’re struggling. Your church friends can offer prayers, share wisdom, and encourage you to stick with your spiritual practices, even when it’s tough. 🙏

So, if you’re feeling far from God, consider that maybe He’s sending you a signal to find Him in the community that gathers in His name. Your seat has been empty for too long; it’s time to come back. The church and God Himself are waiting for you with open arms. 🤗

God Bless Greg

Darlene & Greg
Darlene & Greg


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