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Quiz – King David

Quiz - King David

15 Multiple choice questions ( with 4 Possible Answers) on the topic David – Man after God’s Own Heart

Quiz – King David

  1. What does the phrase “Man after God’s Own Heart” mean?
    A. A person who is strong and brave
    B. A person who is obedient and loyal to God
    C. A person who is wealthy and powerful
    D. A person who is wise and knowledgeable
  2. What was David’s profession before he became king?
    A. Shepherd
    B. Soldier
    C. Priest
    D. Farmer
  3. What is the name of the prophet who anointed David as King?
    A. Samuel
    B. Isaiah
    C. Ezekiel
    D. Aaron
  4. What was the name of David’s father?
    A. Nathan
    B. Saul
    C. Jacob
    D. Jesse
  5. What was the name of the giant that David killed with a sling?
    A. Goliath
    B. Saul
    C. Jacob
    D. Jesse
  6. What was the crime for which David was banished from his own kingdom?
    A. Murder
    B. Adultery
    C. Betrayal
    D. Idolatry
  7. What was the name of David’s first son by Bathsheba?
    A. Solomon
    B. Nathan
    C. Absalom
    D. Shammah
  8. What did David do when he heard that his son, Absalom, had died?
    A. He rejoiced
    B. He wept
    C. He cursed God
    D. He praised God
  9. What did David do with the Ark of the Covenant?
    A. He hid it
    B. He destroyed it
    C. He took it to Jerusalem
    D. He left it in the temple
  10. How many Psalms did David write?
    A. 150
    B. 100
    C. 50
    D. 25
  11. What did David ask God to do in Psalm 51?
    A. Save him from his enemies
    B. Restore his soul
    C. Make his enemies suffer
    D. Give him strength
  12. What did David do when he was confronted by the prophet Nathan?
    A. He repented
    B. He denied the charges
    C. He ran away
    D. He argued with Nathan
  13. What did David do after he was forgiven by God?
    A. He wrote a song of praise
    B. He built a temple
    C. He made a vow of silence
    D. He offered a sacrifice
  14. How many wives did David have?
    A. Ten
    B. Eight
    C. Six
    D. Four
  15. How did David die?
    A. He was killed in battle
    B. He was assassinated
    C. He died of natural causes
    D. He was stoned to death

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