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What did Jesus say about Hate

What Jesus say about Hate

Jesus addressed the concept of hate in several passages, emphasizing love and compassion. Here are some relevant Bible verses and three key takeaways:

  1. Matthew 5:43-48 (NLV):
  • Jesus challenged the common belief of “loving your neighbor and hating those who hate you.”
  • He instructed his followers to love even those who hate them.
  • The takeaway: Love should extend beyond our comfort zones and include those who oppose us ⁸.
  1. John 7:7 (CSB):
  • Jesus acknowledged that the world hated Him because He testified against its evil works.
  • The takeaway: Following Jesus may lead to opposition and hatred, but we should remain faithful ⁹.
  1. John 15:18-19 (NIV):
  • Jesus reminded His disciples that the world would hate them because it hated Him first.
  • He chose them out of the world, emphasizing their separation from worldly values.
  • The takeaway: As followers of Christ, we may face hostility, but our identity lies in Him [^10^].

In summary, Jesus taught us to love even our enemies, recognize that hatred resides in human hearts, and remain faithful despite opposition. His words continue to resonate today, urging us to respond differently and cultivate love in a world often marked by hate.


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