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Quiz – Naomi and Ruth

Quiz - Naomi and Ruth

Quiz – Naomi and Ruth

Quiz – Naomi and Ruth

  1. Who was Naomi’s husband?
    A. Boaz
    B. Elimelech
    C. Obed
    D. Jesse
  2. Where did Naomi and her family move to from Bethlehem?
    A. Moab
    B. Egypt
    C. Gilead
    D. Syria
  3. What did Naomi’s husband do for a living?
    A. Corrupted Judge
    B. Businessman
    C. Tax Collector
    D. Farmer
  4. Who was Ruth’s mother-in-law?
    A. Naomi
    B. Orpah
    C. Boaz
    D. Elimelech
  5. What did Ruth do to show her loyalty to Naomi?
    A. Refused to marry
    B. Refused to leave
    C. Gathered grain
    D. Took a vow
  6. Who was the man that Ruth married?
    A. Boaz
    B. Orpah
    C. Elimelech
    D. Jesse
  7. What did Ruth do to provide for Naomi?
    A. Gathered grain
    B. Took a vow
    C. Refused to leave
    D. Refused to marry
  8. What did Boaz do to provide for Ruth and Naomi?
    A. Gave them a house
    B. Bought them food
    C. Bought them land
    D. Gave them money
  9. How did Naomi feel about her life before Ruth and Boaz?
    A. Joyful
    B. Content
    C. Bitter
    D. Hopeless
  10. What did Boaz do in order to secure Ruth’s future?
    A. Bought her a house
    B. Bought her a ring
    C. Redeemed her
    D. Gave her money
  11. What did Naomi tell Ruth to do in order to find a husband?
    A. Stay with her
    B. Go to Boaz’s fields
    C. Go to Moab
    D. Ask her friends
  12. How did Boaz show his kindness to Ruth?
    A. Gave her money
    B. Allowed her to glean
    C. Bought her a house
    D. Bought her a ring
  13. How did Ruth and Boaz get married?
    A. Boaz proposed
    B. Naomi asked Boaz
    C. Ruth asked Boaz
    D. Boaz redeemed Ruth
  14. Who was the father of Ruth and Boaz’s son?
    A. Elimelech
    B. Boaz
    C. Obed
    D. Jesse
  15. What did Ruth and Boaz’s son become?
    A. King
    B. Priest
    C. Businessman
    D. Ancestor of Jesus

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