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11 Compassion Stories in the Bible (2024) 🤗💖✨

Stories of Compassion in the Bible

11 Compassion Stories in the Bible (2023) | Compassion – God’s love and mercy are evident in the stories of people who were willing to help others, even when it was difficult or dangerous to do so. These stories remind us that we should always strive to show compassion to those around us, no matter what the situation might be. Below are examples of bible stories and bible verses that go a long way to help us understand the good news.

11 Compassion Stories in the Bible (2023) | Compassion (Entire Book of the Bible)

  1. Peters Denial
  2. Prodigal Son (Parable of the Lost Son)
  3. The Samaritan woman at the Well
  4. Leper
  5. Lazarus
  6. Woman Being Stoned
  7. Zacchaeus
  8. Good Samaritan
  9. Widows Mite
  10. Jonah in the Old Testament
  11. Noah
  12. Jesus Died for our Sins (Lord Jesus Christ)

Stories of Compassion in the Bible

As Christians, we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. This is easier said than done, but thankfully we have a perfect example to follow in Jesus Christ. Throughout the Bible, there are many stories of compassion that can inspire us in our own lives. Here are just a few of them.

1. The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) – In this story, a man is robbed and left for dead on the side of the road. A priest and a Levite pass by without helping, but a Samaritan stops to render aid. He bandages the man’s wounds and takes him to an inn to recover. This story teaches us that compassion has no bounds—we are called to love all people, even those who are different from us. He Met the Genuine needs of sick people

Stories of Compassion in the Bible

2. The Widow’s Mite (Mark 12:41-44) – In this story, Jesus is observing people giving offerings at the temple. He sees that the wealthy are giving large amounts of money, while a poor widow gives only two small coins. However, he says that her offering was more valuable than all the others because she gave out of her poverty. This story teaches us that it is not how much we give that matters, but rather the motivation behind our giving. When we give out of compassion, even our smallest gifts can make a big difference in someone’s life.

here’s a table detailing several instances of compassion shown in the Bible:

Act of CompassionBible ReferenceDescription
The Good SamaritanLuke 10:25-37A Samaritan shows compassion by helping a man who was beaten and left on the road, tending to his wounds and paying for his care.
Jesus Healing the SickMatthew 14:14Jesus shows compassion to the crowds by healing their sick.
Jesus Feeds the 5,000Matthew 14:15-21Out of compassion for a hungry crowd, Jesus miraculously feeds 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish.
The Father in the Prodigal SonLuke 15:11-32The father shows compassion for his wayward son by welcoming him home with open arms, even after the son squandered his inheritance.
Jesus and the Woman Caught in AdulteryJohn 8:1-11Jesus shows compassion to a woman about to be stoned for adultery, reminding those who wanted to stone her that they too were sinners.
Jesus and the Widow of NainLuke 7:11-17Jesus, moved with compassion, raises a widow’s only son from the dead.
Joseph and His BrothersGenesis 45:1-15Despite his brothers selling him into slavery, Joseph forgives them and provides for them and their families during a famine.

These acts of compassion are drawn from various books in the Bible, including both the Old and New Testaments. They often serve to illustrate the biblical teaching of loving one’s neighbor and showing mercy to others.

3. The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) – In this story, a man squanders his inheritance on wild living and then finds himself destitute and alone. He returns home, expecting to be treated as a servant, but his father runs to meet him with open arms and throws a feast in his honor. This story teaches us that God’s love for us is unconditional—no matter how far we stray from him, he is always ready to forgive us and welcome us back with open arms.  He was the younger son.

These are just a few of the many stories of compassion in the Bible. As we read these stories, let us remember that we are called to love others as Christ loves us. When we do so, we can make a difference in this world—one act of compassion at a time.

What does the Word Compassion Mean

Compassion is often thought of as a feeling of pity or sympathy for someone who is experiencing hardship. While it is certainly true that compassion can involve these feelings, there is much more to the concept than that. The word compassion comes from the Latin word compati, which means “to suffer with.” When we feel compassion for someone, we are not simply feeling sorry for them; we are also entering into their pain, and sharing in their suffering.

This empathic connection is what separates compassion from other emotions like sympathy or empathy. It is an active engagement with another person’s pain, rather than a passive response. In the Bible, compassion is often used to describe God’s love for us. It is doing Good things for others

He does not simply see our pain from a distance; he enters into it with us, suffering alongside us. This is the ultimate expression of compassion, and it is something that we are called to emulate in our own lives. As Christians, we are called to show compassion to those who are hurting, not simply because it makes us feel good, but because it reflects the character of God himself.

Stories of Compassion in the Bible

How is Compassion used in Old / New Testament?

The Words translated into compassion is used 31 (5 Hebrew,5 Greek)Times in the Bible. The words that are translated into compassion are:

  1. Hebrew – Rachamin – Mercies, Tender Compassion
  2. Hebrew – Rachum – Merciful, Compassionate
  3. Hebrew – Chamal – to pity
  4. Hebrew – Racham – to love to pity
  5. Hebrew – Spla – to have bowels yearning
  6. Greek – Eleeo – to show kindness
  7. Greek – Sumpatheo – to suffer width
  8. Greek – Metriopatheo – display moderation
  9. Greek – Oikteiro – to have pity, mercy
  10. Greek – Sumpathes – suffering with

 5 Examples of Compassion that Jesus Showed 

As Christians, we are called to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. One of the ways we can do that is by showing compassion. Jesus was the perfect example of compassion. Below are five examples of times when Jesus showed compassion.

1. When Peter denied Him three times, Jesus showed compassion and forgave him. (Luke 22:54-62) 

2. When the woman at the well was an outcast from society, Jesus showed her compassion and accepted her. (John 4:1-26) (sinful Woman)

3. When Lazarus died, Jesus wept and showed compassion for his sisters Mary and Martha. (John 11:1-44) (Dead Man)

4. When the crowds were hungry, Jesus showed compassion and fed them. (Matthew 14:13-21) 

5. When Zacchaeus was a sinner, Jesus showed compassion and ate with him. (Luke 19:1-10) 

Conclusion: As Christians, we are called to show compassion just as Jesus did. By following His example, we can make a difference in other people’s lives. Do you need some help showing more compassion? 

The 5 Examples of Compassion that God Showed Us

There are many examples of compassion that God showed us. Here are five times when God showed his compassion: 

1) When Adam and Eve sinned, God did not abandon them. He gave them clothes and promised to send a Savior. After the Holy Spirit has hovered over the face of the Waters.

2) When the Israelites were slaves in Egypt, God heard their cries and sent Moses to rescue them. 

3) When Jonah ran away from God, God sent a big fish to swallow him and then spit him out on dry land. 

4) When the widow’s son died, Jesus raised him from the dead. 

5) When we sin, God sent Jesus to die on the cross for our forgiveness. (physical Suffering)

The first example of compassion that God showed was when Adam and Eve sinned against him. instead of abandoning them, he clothed them and promised to send a Savior. This showed that even after they had disobeyed him, he still loved them and wanted to help them. 

Stories of Compassion in the Bible

when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. They cried out to God for help, and he sent Moses to lead them out of slavery. This showed that God hears our cries and will help us if we ask him. 

The third example is when Jonah ran away from God because he was afraid of what would happen if he went to Nineveh as God had asked him to do. Jonah ended up getting swallowed by a big fish , but then he spat back out onto dry land. This showed that even when we run away from God, he is still willing to forgive us and give us another chance. 

The fourth example is when Jesus raised the widow’s son from the dead. This showed that Jesus has power over death and that he is willing to help us even when we are grieving. 

The fifth and final example is when Jesus died on the cross for our sins. This showed that even though we sin against him, he is still willing to forgive us because of his great love for us. 

How Can Christians (Child of God) show compassion to the Lost (Great Way by showing Acts of Kindness)

Showing Compassion to the Lost: Why It Matters and How to Do It

As Christians, we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:31). This includes showing compassion to those who are lost, both in the sense of being spiritually lost and in need of salvation, and in the sense of being lost in this world and in need of help. In this blog post, we’ll explore what it means to show compassion to the lost, why it matters, and how we can do it effectively. 

What Does It Mean to Show Compassion to the Lost? 

When we talk about showing compassion to the lost, we’re talking about two different groups of people: those who are spiritually lost and in need of salvation, and those who are lost in this world and in need of help. 

For the first group, showing compassion means sharing the gospel with them in a way that is clear, respectful, and loving. We want them to understand that they are sinners in need of a Savior and that Jesus died on the cross to forgive their sins. We want them to know that they can have eternal life if they repent of their sins and put their faith in Christ alone. 

For the second group, showing compassion means helping them meet their physical needs. This might mean providing food or clothing for someone who is homeless or offering emotional support for someone who is going through a difficult time. It might also mean volunteering your time at a local shelter or soup kitchen. Whatever form it takes, showing compassion to the lost in this world is an important part of being a Christian. 

Why Does It Matter? 

Showing compassion to the lost is important because it is one way that we can love our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:31). It’s also important because it is one way that we can glorify God. When we share the gospel with someone who is spiritually lost, we are giving them the opportunity to receive eternal life (John 3:16). And when we help meet the physical needs of someone who is lost in this world, we are acting as Christ’s hands and feet (Matthew 25:40). In everything we do, our ultimate goal should be to glorify God and make His name known. As a human being, we can show we believe in a gracious God, who rewards his fellow servants. Whether it is a cup of Coffee, financial support, medical bills, or even an invitation to Bible Class.

Stories of Compassion in the Bible

How Can We Show Compassion To The Lost Effectively? 

If you want to show compassion to the lost effectively, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, pray for opportunities to share your faith (Luke 10:2). Second, be prepared to explain why you believe what you believe (1 Peter 3:15). Third, always speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). And fourth, be willing to meet physical needs as well as spiritual needs (James 2:15-17). When we keep these things in mind, we can confidently show compassion to the lost knowing that we are doing so in a way that is pleasing to God. 

As Christians, we are called to show compassion to the lost both spiritually and physically. This is important because it is one way that we can love our neighbor as ourselves and glorify God.

If you want to show compassion effectively, pray for opportunities to share your faith, be prepared to explain why you believe what you believe, always speak the truth in love, and be willing to meet physical needs as well spiritual needs. When we keep these things in mind, we can confidently show compassion t the lost knowing that we are doing so in a way that is pleasing to God.

3 Stories about Kindness in the Bible

Kindness is such a universal virtue, and it’s no surprise that the Bible is filled with stories that showcase this beautiful quality. Whether it’s opening our hearts to strangers or going that extra mile for loved ones, kindness leaves an indelible impact. Let’s dive into three awe-inspiring stories from the Bible that teach us a thing or two about the power of kindness. 🌟

1. The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

This is perhaps one of the most famous stories about kindness in the Bible! In this parable told by Jesus, a man is left beaten and robbed on the side of the road. A priest and a Levite (a temple assistant) both pass by without helping. Then comes a Samaritan, someone from a group often looked down upon by the locals. This Samaritan goes out of his way to care for the injured man, bandaging his wounds and even paying for his stay at an inn to recover.

Lesson: This story teaches us that kindness has no boundaries. It challenges us to show compassion to all, even those who we may not ordinarily associate with.

2. Ruth and Naomi (The Book of Ruth)

Ruth is a young Moabite woman married to Naomi’s son. When her husband and other male relatives die, Naomi decides to return to her homeland and urges her daughters-in-law to stay in Moab. Ruth, however, chooses to stay with Naomi and says, “Where you go, I will go; where you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God.”

Lesson: Ruth’s kindness to Naomi is a stunning example of loyalty and devotion. Ruth’s selfless love transcends geographical boundaries and family ties, showcasing that kindness can be the strongest bond between two people.

3. Joseph and His Brothers (Genesis 37, 39-45)

Joseph, the favored son of Jacob, is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. Years later, Joseph rises to prominence in Egypt and has the power to save or doom his family during a famine. When his brothers come to Egypt seeking food, Joseph forgives them and provides for them and their families.

Lesson: Joseph’s kindness shows us the power of forgiveness. He had every reason to turn his back on his brothers, yet he chose the path of kindness, forgiveness, and family unity.

Each of these stories serves as an inspirational reminder that kindness is a choice, often requiring us to put aside our prejudices, pain, or pride. In a world where you can be anything, why not be kind? 🤗💖✨

Story of Kindness in the Bible

The Bible is filled with wonderful stories of kindness, compassion, and love. Below is a table summarizing three of the most common and cherished stories of kindness in the Bible:

Story TitleBiblical ReferenceSummary of Kindness Displayed
The Good SamaritanLuke 10:25-37A man is attacked by robbers and left for dead. A priest and a Levite pass by without helping, but a Samaritan, considered an outsider, stops to help. He bandages the man’s wounds and takes him to an inn for care, paying for his expenses. This story teaches the importance of showing kindness and mercy to everyone, regardless of their background or status.
Boaz and RuthBook of RuthRuth, a widow and a foreigner, chooses to stay with her mother-in-law, Naomi, also a widow, to support her. Boaz, a relative of Naomi, shows great kindness to Ruth, ensuring she is treated well and has enough to eat. Eventually, Boaz marries Ruth, preserving the family line. This story illustrates kindness through loyalty, protection, and generosity, extending beyond cultural and societal boundaries.
Jesus Heals the LeperMatthew 8:1-4A man with leprosy comes to Jesus, asking to be healed. Jesus reaches out and touches the man, which was unthinkable as leprosy was highly contagious and stigmatized. Jesus heals the man, showing immense kindness and compassion by restoring his health and dignity. This act of kindness demonstrates Jesus’ willingness to reach out to the marginalized and ostracized, offering healing and inclusion.

These stories reflect the boundless and inclusive nature of true kindness and are beautiful illustrations of compassion and love in action. They encourage us to embrace kindness in our daily lives and extend it to others, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

Kindness Stories in the Bible

The Old Testament is brimming with beautiful stories of kindness, compassion, and love. Here is a table that summarizes three of the most common and treasured stories of kindness from the Old Testament:

Story TitleBiblical ReferenceSummary of Kindness Displayed
Abraham and the Three VisitorsGenesis 18:1-15Abraham welcomes three strangers, offering them food, water, and rest. He goes out of his way to ensure their comfort, showing hospitality and kindness to those he does not know. These visitors turn out to be angels, bringing messages from God. This story illustrates the importance of showing kindness and hospitality to strangers.
Joseph and His BrothersGenesis 45:1-15; 50:15-21Despite being sold into slavery by his brothers, Joseph rises to power in Egypt and forgives them when they come to him in a time of famine. Joseph provides his brothers and their families with food and a place to live. This story is a beautiful illustration of forgiveness, provision, and familial love, emphasizing the power of kindness even in the face of betrayal.
Boaz and RuthBook of RuthRuth, a Moabite widow, chooses to support her Israelite mother-in-law, Naomi. Boaz, a relative of Naomi, shows great kindness to Ruth, protecting her and ensuring she has enough to eat, eventually marrying her. This story, rich with themes of loyalty, protection, and generosity, exemplifies kindness that extends beyond cultural and societal boundaries.

These Old Testament stories underscore the timeless and universal nature of kindness, reminding us to be compassionate, forgiving, and hospitable, even when faced with adversity or encountering strangers. They illustrate the different facets of kindness and encourage us to practice it in our everyday lives.

How Many Times is Compassion Mentioned in the Bible

In the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, the concept of compassion is mentioned frequently, and it’s a central theme throughout the scriptures.

In Total:

Compassion is mentioned approximately 41 times in the KJV Bible.

Old Testament:

In the Old Testament, compassion is mentioned around 30 times. It’s primarily depicted as a divine quality of God, highlighting His boundless love, mercy, and willingness to forgive and restore His people.

New Testament:

In the New Testament, the word compassion appears roughly 11 times. Here, we see the compassion of Jesus as He interacts with the people around Him, emphasizing His loving-kindness, mercy, and the deep empathetic concern He has for humanity.

Remember, these numbers can slightly vary depending on the version and translation of the Bible you are referencing, but in the KJV, these counts reflect how often compassion is explicitly mentioned.

The repeated emphasis on compassion throughout the Bible, both in God’s character and in the actions of Jesus, serves as a guiding principle for us to embody compassion in our daily lives, reflecting God’s love and mercy to those around us. It’s a wonderful reminder of the tenderness and empathy that should permeate our interactions with one another.

Compassion Bible Story

Most Compassionate – A Tale of Biblical Compassion

In the pages of the Bible, we encounter numerous stories that reflect the depth of human emotions, including compassion. One of the most heartwarming and compassion-filled stories is that of the “Good Samaritan.” This parable, shared by Jesus, continues to resonate through the ages, teaching us valuable lessons about empathy and kindness.

The Good Samaritan – A Tale of Compassion

In the Gospel of Luke (Luke 10:25-37), Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan in response to a question posed by an expert in the law: “Who is my neighbor?” This parable beautifully illustrates the true essence of compassion and challenges us to examine our own capacity for empathy and care.

The Story in Bullet Points:

  • The Traveler: The parable begins with a traveler who is journeying from Jerusalem to Jericho. Along the way, he falls victim to robbers who beat him, strip him of his belongings, and leave him wounded on the side of the road.
  • The Passersby: As the wounded man lies helpless and in pain, two individuals pass by him separately – a priest and a Levite. Both are religious figures, expected to show mercy and compassion. However, they choose to ignore the wounded man and continue on their way.
  • The Samaritan: The unexpected hero of the story is a Samaritan, a member of a group typically despised by the Jewish community. When he encounters the injured traveler, he is moved with compassion. He tends to the man’s wounds, pours oil and wine on them, and places him on his own animal.
  • Lodging and Care: The Samaritan takes the injured man to an inn and cares for him throughout the night. In the morning, he gives money to the innkeeper, asking him to continue caring for the wounded man and promising to return and cover any additional expenses.
  • Jesus’s Message: After recounting this parable, Jesus asks the expert in the law which of the three passersby proved to be a neighbor to the injured man. The expert acknowledges that it was the Samaritan who showed compassion. Jesus then imparts the powerful message: “Go and do likewise.”

Lessons in Compassion:

  • Compassion Knows No Boundaries: The Good Samaritan’s compassion transcended social, racial, and religious boundaries, reminding us that true compassion has no limits.
  • Action Speaks Louder: Compassion is not just a feeling; it’s an action. The Samaritan’s practical care for the injured man exemplifies the essence of compassion.
  • Empathy Matters: The Samaritan’s ability to “put himself in the other’s shoes” is a testament to the importance of empathy in acts of compassion.
  • A Challenge for Us: Jesus’s message challenges us to be compassionate neighbors, extending kindness and care to those in need, regardless of our differences.
  • The Universal Call: The parable of the Good Samaritan underscores the universal call for compassion that transcends time and culture, resonating with people of all faiths and backgrounds.

The story of the Good Samaritan remains a timeless example of compassion in action, urging us to be compassionate neighbors, reaching out to help those in need, and embodying the essence of love and empathy in our lives.

Bible Stories on Compassion

The Bible is rich with stories that exemplify compassion and the importance of showing kindness and empathy to others. Here is a bullet list of some Bible stories on compassion:

  • The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37): This parable told by Jesus illustrates the concept of compassion through the actions of a Samaritan who helps a wounded stranger on the road.
  • The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32): This story emphasizes the compassion and forgiveness of a father who welcomes back his wayward son with open arms.
  • The Healing of the Leper (Mark 1:40-45): Jesus demonstrates compassion by healing a man suffering from leprosy, a disease that made people outcasts in society.
  • The Woman Caught in Adultery (John 8:1-11): Jesus shows compassion by not condemning a woman caught in adultery but instead urging her accusers to examine their own hearts.
  • Feeding the Five Thousand (Matthew 14:13-21): Jesus’s compassion is evident as he feeds a large crowd of hungry people with just a few loaves of bread and fish.
  • The Widow’s Offering (Mark 12:41-44): Jesus observes a poor widow’s selfless offering at the temple, highlighting the value of sacrificial giving.
  • The Healing of the Blind Beggar (Mark 10:46-52): Jesus shows compassion by healing Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, and restoring his sight.
  • The Woman with the Issue of Blood (Mark 5:25-34): Jesus’s compassion is evident as he heals a woman who had suffered for twelve years from a chronic ailment.
  • The Compassionate Father (Genesis 45:1-15): Joseph forgives and reconciles with his brothers who had betrayed him, demonstrating compassion and love.
  • The Story of Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1-4): Ruth’s loyalty and compassion toward her mother-in-law, Naomi, serve as a beautiful example of love and devotion.
  • The Healing of the Centurion’s Servant (Matthew 8:5-13): Jesus displays compassion by healing the servant of a Roman centurion who had great faith.
  • The Widow of Nain’s Son Raised (Luke 7:11-17): Jesus shows compassion by raising a widow’s son from the dead, bringing comfort to her heart.
  • The Compassion of King David (2 Samuel 9): David extends compassion to Mephibosheth, the disabled son of his dear friend Jonathan.

These Bible stories not only inspire us with the compassionate acts of biblical figures but also teach us valuable lessons about the importance of showing love, kindness, and empathy to others in our own lives.

Best Bible Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Below is a table featuring some highly regarded Bible Encyclopedias and Dictionaries along with their publishers and websites where they can be found or purchased.

The International Standard Bible EncyclopediaEerdmansEerdmans
Zondervan’s Pictorial Bible DictionaryZondervanZondervan
Easton’s Bible DictionaryThomas NelsonThomas Nelson
Holman Illustrated Bible DictionaryB&H Publishing GroupB&H Publishing Group
The New Unger’s Bible DictionaryMoody PublishersMoody Publishers
HarperCollins Bible DictionaryHarperOneHarperOne
Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament WordsThomas NelsonThomas Nelson

You can generally find these resources on the publishers’ websites, as well as other online book retailers such as Amazon or Christianbook. It’s always good practice to confirm availability and review additional details on the specific websites or other reliable online bookstores.

Final Thoughts – Stories of Compassion in the Bible

When we study Compassion, we find God, and Jesus is teeming with lessons that as God’s Children we should show compassion.

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