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6 People: Elishama in the Bible | Bible | Elishma

6 People: Elishama in the Bible | Bible | Elishma

6 are mentioned at different times. Elishama was a prophet in the bible. He is mentioned in 2 Kings 4:9 and Isaiah 6:1. Elishama was one of the sons of Shallum, who was also a prophet. Elishama prophesied during the reigns of King Jehoahaz and King Jehoash.

Also one of the twelve spies that were sent out. Grandfather of Joshua. This name is mentioned 19 Times in the King James Version of the Bible. mentioned it 19 times.

Who was Elishama in the Bible?

All six of the men named Elishama were significant in their own way. The grandfather of Joshua was a leader of the Israelites and a priest. The son of David was also a leader and is mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. The descendant of Judah was mentioned in the book of Jeremiah . The priest who taught the law is also mentioned in Chronicles. Lastly, the scribe of Jehoiakim is mentioned in the book of Jeremiah.

Elishama – Grandfather of Joshua

  1. Numbers 1:10
  2. Numbers 2:18
  3. Numbers 7:48
  4. Numbers 7:53
  5. Numbers 10:22
  6. I Chronicles 7:26

Elishama – A Son of David

  1. 2 Samuel 5:17
  2. 1 Chronicles 3:6 – 8
  3. I Chronicles 17:7

Elishama – Descendent of Judah

  1. Jeremiah 41: 1

Elishama – Son of Jekamiah

  1. 1 Chronicles 2:41

Elishama – Priest who taught the Law

  1. 2 Chronicles 17:8

Elishama – Scribe of Jehoiakim

  1. Jeremiah 36: 12-21

Elishama is first mentioned in the Bible as one of the twelve spies sent by Moses into the Promised Land (Numbers 13:8). He was a leader of the tribe of Ephraim, and he later served as Elishama’s army commander under Joshua (Joshua 21:20). Elishama is also listed among those who approached Eleazar, the high priest, to inquire about the instructions for purifying the camp after the sin of Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu (Leviticus 10:1-11).

Elishama is last mentioned in 1 Chronicles 7:26, where he is listed as one of the valiant warriors who assisted David during his reign. It is likely that Elishama died during the reign of Solomon, since he is not mentioned among those who participated in the division of the kingdom after Solomon’s death (1 Kings 11:43).

Despite his minor role in the Bible, Elishama was an important figure in Israelite history. He was a leader during the Exodus and Conquest, and he served faithfully during David’s reign. His name was likely passed down to future generations, and it is possible that some readers of the Bible were descended from him.

6 People: Elishama in the Bible | Bible | Elishma

What Does the Name Elishama Mean?

The name Elishama appears in the Bible in the book of Numbers. It is the name of one of the sons of Elizur, who was a prince of the tribe of Reuben. The name Elishama means “God has heard,” and it is likely that this was given to him as a prophetic name, signifying that God had heard the prayers of his parents for a child. The tribe of Reuben was known for their faithfulness to God, and this may be seen in Elishama’s very name. The meaning of his name speaks of confidence that God hears and answers prayer, something that would have been deeply significant to his tribe. As we see in the life of Elishama, even today, names can hold great meaning and significance. They can be a reminder to us of who we are and Whose we are. What’s in a name? Quite a lot, it seems.

What was Israel Like during the Days of Elishama?

Israel in the days of Elishama is best remembered for being a time when the nation was divided into two kingdoms. The northern kingdom, which included the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, was known as Israel. The southern kingdom, which was made up of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin , was called Judah. This division occurred after the death of Solomon , who had been the king of a united Israel. The divisions between the two kingdoms were both political and religious. The kingdom of Judah followed the Mosaic Law, while the kingdom of Israel worshiped pagan gods. This division ultimately led to the destruction of the northern kingdom by the Assyrians in 722 B.C.E. Although Israel was no longer a united nation, the tribe of Judah continued to exist as a separate entity until its eventual destruction by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.E. Even after these two disasters, however, many members of both tribes continued to maintain their identity as Israelites. In fact, it is from these Israelites that the modern state of Israel traces its origins. Consequently, while Israel in the days of Elishama is best known for its divisions, it is also significant for its role in preserving the identity of the Israeli people.

When Did Elishama Live?

Elishama is mentioned several times in the Bible, but his exact story is somewhat elusive. The first mention of Elishama is in the book of Exodus, where he is listed as one of the twelve spies sent by Moses to scout out the land of Canaan. Unfortunately, Elishama was one of the ten spies who returned with a negative report, and as a result, the Israelites were forced to wander in the desert for forty years.

6 People: Elishama in the Bible | Bible | Elishma

The next time Elishama appears is during the reign of King David. He is listed as one of David’s chief officers, and he seems to have been a man of some importance. However, after David’s death, we hear little more about Elishama. It’s possible that he faded into obscurity, or perhaps he met with an untimely end. Regardless, Elishama was clearly a significant figure in early biblical history.

Was Elishama Married?

There is some debate among biblical scholars about whether or not Elishama was married. Some believe that he was a widower, while others believe that he is never married. The evidence for both positions is relatively equal, so it is tough to say for sure which is correct. However, there are a few key passages that suggest Elishama may have been married at one point. For example, in 1 Chronicle 7:18, Elishama is listed as one of the heads of the tribes of Israel who were married. Additionally, in Jeremiah 36:26, Elishama is described as having children. These passages seem to indicate that Elishama was at least married at some point in his life, even if we cannot say for sure if he was married at the time of his death

Other Mentions were

  1. Son of Nethaniah
  2. Son of Shemaiah
  3. Son of Achbor
  4. Son of Shaphan
  5. Son of Hananiah
  6. David’s Sons
  7. Grandfather of Ishmael
  8. Son of Ahikam
  9. .Son of Pedahzur
  10. Son of Elishama
  11. Prince of Benjamin
  12. Father of Jekamiah
  13. Slayer of Gedaliah
  14. Father of Nethaniah
  15. Royal Scribe
  16. Son of King David
  17. Man of the Tribe of Judah
6 People: Elishama in the Bible | Bible | Elishma

Final Thoughts – Elishama in the Bible

Elishama is a name that appears in the Bible multiple times. The most notable instance of this name is when it is given to a son of David. This Elishama is mentioned in 2 Samuel 5:17 and 1 Chronicles 3:6 – 8. He was one of the many sons of David , and his descendants continued to serve in the royal line. Another instance of this name appearing in the Bible is when Jeremiah 41:1 mentions an Elishama who was a descendant of Judah. This Elishama was part of a group of people who were spared from destruction when the Babylonians invaded Judah. Finally, Elishama is mentioned as a scribe of Jehoiakim in Jeremiah 36:12-21.

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