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How Did King Solomon Die (2024) 🤔

How Did King Solomon Die

How Did King Solomon Die – Welcome to an enriching exploration of a question that has intrigued historians, scholars, and curious minds alike – how did King Solomon die? King Solomon seemed to have died from Natural Causes around the age of (60)Sixty. (Some Say at 80) Though the Bible offers a rich tapestry of his wisdom, wealth, and grandeur, the circumstances of King Solomon’s death remain somewhat shrouded in mystery . Let’s embark on a deep dive into this subject, drawing from an array of resources to seek answers.

How Did King Solomon Die – The Life of King Solomon

Possible Causes of the Death of King Solomon

Here is a table listing possible causes of the death of King Solomon, based on historical and biblical speculation:

Natural CausesIt is likely that King Solomon, like any human being, eventually succumbed to natural causes associated with aging, such as illness or organ failure.
Stress and Physical ExhaustionSolomon’s ambitious building projects, administrative duties, and extensive kingdom may have subjected him to significant stress and physical exhaustion.
Political and Succession ChallengesThe division and strife caused by the succession crisis between Solomon’s son Rehoboam and Jeroboam, which led to the split of the kingdom, may have taken a toll on Solomon’s health and contributed to his death.
Spiritual Consequences of ApostasySolomon’s turning away from exclusive worship of Yahweh and his tolerance of foreign gods led to divine judgment and may have had spiritual consequences that impacted his health.
Historical Records and Cultural FactorsDue to the limitations of historical records and cultural factors, the specific cause of King Solomon’s death is not explicitly recorded, leaving room for speculation and interpretation.
How Did King Solomon Die

This table provides a range of possible causes of King Solomon’s death. It includes natural causes associated with aging, stress and physical exhaustion from his ambitious endeavors, political and succession challenges leading to kingdom division, spiritual consequences of his apostasy, and the limitations of historical records and cultural factors that contribute to uncertainty about the exact cause of his death.

It is important to note that these causes are speculative in nature and not definitive historical facts, as the specific cause of King Solomon’s death is not explicitly recorded in the biblical accounts or other historical sources.

How Did King Solomon Die

King Solomon: A Brief Overview

Known as one of the most distinguished figures in biblical history, Solomon was the son of King David and Bathsheba. His reign as King of Israel (970-931 BCE) is often referred to as the “Golden Age” of Israel’s monarchy. Renowned for his wisdom and wealth, King Solomon’s accomplishments include building the First Temple in Jerusalem and penning a significant portion of the Old Testament wisdom literature.

Solomon’s Ascension to the Throne

Solomon’s journey to kingship was not a straightforward one. The rightful heir was Adonijah, David’s eldest surviving son, but Bathsheba and the prophet Nathan intervened, resulting in Solomon’s ascension.

Timeline of the Major Events on Solomons Life

Here is a table and timeline of the major events in the life of Solomon, as described in the Old Testament:

EventTime Period
Solomon’s Birthc. 1010 BCE
Anointing as Kingc. 970 BCE
Building the First Templec. 967-959 BCE
Completion of the Templec. 959 BCE
Dedication of the Templec. 959 BCE
Wisdom and KnowledgeThroughout Solomon’s Reign
Alliance and Trade with Hiram of Tyrec. 967-957 BCE
Construction of Palaces and CitiesThroughout Solomon’s Reign
Fame and International RecognitionThroughout Solomon’s Reign
Marriage AlliancesThroughout Solomon’s Reign
Ecclesiastes and Song of SolomonComposed during Solomon’s Reign
Decline and IdolatryLater years of Solomon’s Reign
Death of Solomonc. 931 BCE
How Did King Solomon Die

c. 1010 BCE – Solomon’s Birth
c. 970 BCE – Anointing as King
c. 967-959 BCE – Building the First Temple
c. 959 BCE – Completion of the Temple
c. 959 BCE – Dedication of the Temple
Throughout Solomon’s Reign – Wisdom and Knowledge, Alliance and Trade with Hiram of Tyre, Construction of Palaces and Cities, Fame and International Recognition, Marriage Alliances
During Solomon’s Reign – Composition of Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon
Later years of Solomon’s Reign – Decline and Idolatry
c. 931 BCE – Death of Solomon

How Did King Solomon Die

This table and timeline provide an overview of the major events in Solomon’s life, spanning from his birth to his death. It includes significant accomplishments such as the construction and dedication of the First Temple, his reputation for wisdom and knowledge, alliances with other kingdoms, cultural and artistic achievements, and the later decline marked by idolatry. Solomon’s reign is known for its prosperity, grandeur, and his renowned wisdom, which left a lasting impact on Israelite history.

The Reign of Solomon

Solomon’s Wisdom

Solomon’s reign was marked by unprecedented wisdom. The Bible highlights his wisdom in various narratives, with the most famous being the Judgment of Solomon, where he intelligently resolves the dispute over a baby between two women.

Solomons Wisdom in Solomons Life (Solomon Wisdom)

Here is a table showcasing the events that highlight Solomon’s wisdom in his life:

God’s Grant of WisdomIn a dream, God appears to Solomon and offers him anything he desires. Solomon humbly asks for wisdom to govern the people of Israel effectively.
Solomon’s Wise JudgmentSolomon gains fame for his wisdom and discernment, exemplified by his renowned judgment in the case of the two women claiming to be the mother of the same child.
International Reputation for WisdomThe fame of Solomon’s wisdom spreads beyond Israel, attracting the attention of neighboring nations, who come to seek his counsel and witness his wisdom firsthand.
Proverbs and Wise SayingsSolomon is credited with composing many Proverbs, which are renowned for their insightful and practical wisdom, providing guidance for various aspects of life.
Exploration of Natural SciencesSolomon’s wisdom extends to the study of natural sciences, including botany and zoology. He has a deep understanding of plants, animals, and their characteristics.
Influence on Future Wisdom LiteratureSolomon’s wisdom, as demonstrated in his proverbs and writings, serves as a foundation and influence for future wisdom literature in various cultures and religions.
How Did King Solomon Die

This table highlights the events that showcase Solomon’s wisdom throughout his life. It begins with God granting him wisdom in response to his humble request. Solomon’s wise judgment in the case of the two women and his renowned reputation for wisdom attract attention and admiration both within Israel and internationally. His composition of Proverbs, exploration of natural sciences, and the lasting influence of his wisdom on future literature further illustrate his intellectual depth and insight.

How Did King Solomon Die

Solomon’s wisdom is a defining characteristic of his reign and has left a significant impact on religious, philosophical, and literary traditions.

Wives of King Solomon

Here is a table listing the known wives of King Solomon, as mentioned in the Old Testament: 300 Wives and 700 Concubines

WifeOrigin and Background
Pharaoh’s DaughterDaughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh, brought as a political alliance and marriage partner to Solomon.
Many Foreign WivesSolomon had numerous wives from various nations, including Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians, and Hittites, among others.
Unknown NamesThe Old Testament does not provide specific names or details about all of Solomon’s wives, only mentioning that he had a multitude of foreign wives.

This table indicates the notable wives of King Solomon. The most prominent is Pharaoh’s Daughter, who was brought into the marriage as a political alliance between Egypt and Israel. Additionally, Solomon had numerous wives from different nations, as recorded in the Old Testament, contributing to the vast number of foreign wives mentioned in the biblical accounts.

It is important to note that the biblical texts do not provide specific names or information about all of Solomon’s wives. The emphasis is placed on the consequences of his many foreign marriages, which eventually led to his spiritual decline and the division of the kingdom.

Achievements and Acquisitions

Under Solomon’s rule, Israel prospered and expanded territorially. He was known for his architectural endeavors, the most famous being the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem. He also established a strong trade network and amicable foreign relations through marriages.

Here is a table showcasing the major achievements of Solomon, the son of King David :

Construction of the First TempleSolomon undertakes the construction of the First Temple in Jerusalem, which becomes a symbol of worship and centralizes religious practices for the Israelites.
Completion and Dedication of the TempleThe construction of the First Temple is completed, and Solomon presides over its dedication ceremony. This momentous event marks the consecration of the Temple as the dwelling place of God’s presence among His people.
Expansion of JerusalemSolomon expands the city of Jerusalem, constructing fortifications and establishing it as a political and cultural center.
Administrative and Judicial ReformsSolomon implements administrative and judicial reforms, organizing the kingdom into districts, appointing officials, and establishing a just and efficient legal system.
Trade and Alliance with Hiram of TyreSolomon establishes a prosperous trade network and forms a strategic alliance with Hiram, the king of Tyre. This trade partnership enhances the economic growth and stability of Israel and contributes to its overall prosperity.
Cultural and Artistic AchievementsSolomon fosters cultural and artistic endeavors, commissioning the construction of palaces, gardens, and grand infrastructure projects, reflecting the grandeur and sophistication of his reign.
Acquisition of Wisdom and Proverbial LiteratureSolomon’s wisdom and intellectual pursuits contribute to the compilation of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon, renowned literary works that showcase his insightful teachings and philosophical reflections.
International Recognition and InfluenceSolomon’s reputation spreads far and wide , attracting international recognition and admiration for his wisdom, wealth, and splendor. His court becomes a center of diplomacy, attracting envoys and visitors from various nations.
How Did King Solomon Die

This table highlights the major achievements of Solomon, the son of King David. It includes his notable accomplishments such as the construction and dedication of the First Temple, expansion of Jerusalem, administrative and judicial reforms, trade partnerships, cultural and artistic endeavors, acquisition of wisdom and literary contributions, and his international recognition and influence.

Solomon’s achievements solidify his reign as a time of great prosperity, cultural advancement, and intellectual prominence in the history of ancient Israel.

Fall from Grace

Despite his glorious reign, the Bible also narrates Solomon’s moral decline. His many foreign wives led him astray, turning his heart towards idol worship. This deviation angered God, leading to a prophecy that his kingdom would be torn apart.

The Death of King Solomon (Die)

How Did King Solomon Die: The Biblical Account

The Bible, specifically in 1 Kings 11:41-43, states Solomon “rested with his ancestors and was buried in the city of David his father.” However, it does not give a specific cause of death, leading to many interpretations and theories.

Here is a table outlining the events surrounding the death of King Solomon, as described in the Old Testament:

Decline and ApostasyIn Solomon’s later years, he turns away from the worship of Yahweh and begins to worship foreign gods, leading to a decline in his devotion to God.
Divine JudgmentAs a consequence of Solomon’s apostasy, God pronounces judgment against him, stating that the kingdom will be torn apart after his death.
Solomon’s Final WordsBefore his death, Solomon addresses his son and successor, Rehoboam, imparting wisdom and advice on how to govern the kingdom.
Death of SolomonAfter ruling for approximately 40 years, Solomon dies, marking the end of his reign.
Succession and DivisionFollowing Solomon’s death, his son Rehoboam becomes king. However, due to his harsh rule, the kingdom faces division, leading to the split between the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah.

This table outlines the key events surrounding the death of King Solomon. It includes the decline of Solomon’s faith and the worship of foreign gods, the divine judgment pronounced against him, his final words to his son Rehoboam, his death after a long reign, and the subsequent succession and division of the kingdom.

Solomon’s apostasy and the resulting consequences serve as a cautionary tale about the importance of remaining faithful to God’s commands and the potential consequences of straying from the righteous path.

Historical Interpretations

Given the lack of specifics in the biblical narrative, historical interpretations of Solomon’s death vary. Some historians suggest natural causes due to old age, while others point to possible conspiracies.

Symbolic Interpretations

From a symbolic perspective, Solomon’s death can be viewed as a spiritual downfall precipitated by his apostasy. This interpretation aligns with the spiritual and moral lessons frequently drawn from biblical narratives.

Legacy of King Solomon

Immediate Aftermath

After Solomon’s death, his son, Rehoboam, succeeded him. As prophesied, the kingdom was torn apart due to Rehoboam’s oppressive policies, leading to the formation of two separate kingdoms – Judah and Israel.

Solomon in Later Traditions

Solomon’s legacy extends beyond biblical accounts. He is venerated in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism for his wisdom and is frequently depicted in literature and art.


1. How old was King Solomon when he died?

The Bible does not provide explicit information about Solomon’s age at the time of his death. However, given that he reigned for 40 years and became king when he was relatively young, it’s safe to assume he died in his sixties.

2. Did King Solomon repent before he died?

Biblical texts do not clearly state whether Solomon repented for his idol worship. However, some Jewish traditions suggest he did repent towards the end of his life.

3. What were the consequences of King Solomon’s actions?

Solomon’s idolatry led to the division of his kingdom after his death. His son Rehoboam ruled over Judah, while Jeroboam, an officer of Solomon, became king of Israel.

4. Where is King Solomon buried?

Solomon is said to be buried in the city of David, Jerusalem. However, the exact location of his tomb is unknown.

5. How did Solomon’s actions influence the future of Israel?

Solomon’s idol worship and the subsequent divine punishment resulted in the division of Israel into two kingdoms. This division marked the beginning of a tumultuous period in Israel’s history.

  1. How Did King Solomon Died?
    According to the Bible, King Solomon died of natural causes in old age. There is no specific account of his cause of death mentioned in the biblical texts.
  2. How Did King Solomon Die?
    King Solomon’s death is described in the Bible as him passing away in old age. The specific cause of his death is not provided in the biblical narrative.
  3. How Did Solomon Die in the Bible?
    In the Bible, it is recorded that Solomon died in his old age. However, the exact cause of his death is not mentioned in the biblical account.
  4. How Did Solomon Die?
    King Solomon’s death is attributed to old age in the Bible. The specific details surrounding his death, such as the cause, are not provided in the biblical texts.
  5. How Did Solomon Died?
    Solomon’s death is described in the Bible as him dying in old age. The Bible does not specify the exact circumstances or cause of his death.
  6. How Does Solomon Die?
    According to the Bible, Solomon died in his old age. However, the biblical account does not provide specific details about the manner or cause of his death.
  7. How Did King Solomon Die?
    The Bible records that King Solomon died in old age. It does not elaborate on the cause of his death.
  8. How Did Solomon Died in the Bible?
    The biblical account of Solomon’s death mentions that he died in old age. However, it does not provide further information about the circumstances or cause of his death.
  9. How Did Soloman Die?
    In the Bible, Solomon’s death is attributed to old age. The exact cause of his death is not mentioned in the biblical narrative.
  10. How Did King Solomon Die in the Bible?
    King Solomon’s death is described in the Bible as him passing away in old age. The specific cause of his death is not provided in the biblical texts.

6. What lessons can we learn from King Solomon’s life and death?

King Solomon’s life and death teach us about the perils of straying from righteous paths, the importance of wisdom, and the consequences of our actions, all significant themes in biblical teachings.

How Did Solomon Die in the Bible? 📖

The Bible provides insights into the life and death of King Solomon, one of the most renowned figures in biblical history. According to 1 Kings 11:41-43, Solomon reigned over Israel for 40 years in great splendor and wisdom. However, his later years were marked by a departure from God’s commands. In 1 Kings 11:4-6, it is recorded that Solomon’s many foreign wives led him astray, causing him to worship their idols. As a result of his disobedience, God decreed that the kingdom would be torn away from Solomon’s descendants.

1st Takeaway: The Consequences of Disobedience 🚫

Solomon’s life and death serve as a powerful reminder of the consequences of disobedience to God’s commands. Despite his initial wisdom and devotion, his later choices, including marrying foreign wives who practiced idolatry, led to the unraveling of his kingdom. This illustrates the biblical principle that obedience to God’s laws brings blessings, while disobedience brings consequences.

2nd Takeaway: The Complexity of Human Choices 🤔

Solomon’s story also highlights the complexity of human choices. Even someone as wise as Solomon can make decisions that lead them away from God’s path. This underscores the importance of vigilance and seeking God’s guidance in our own lives to avoid straying from His will.

3rd Takeaway: God’s Continued Faithfulness 🙏

Despite Solomon’s failings, God remained faithful to His promise to David, allowing Solomon to reign for 40 years. This demonstrates God’s mercy and commitment to His covenant, even when human actions fall short. It’s a testament to God’s enduring love for His people.

While the Bible does not provide specific details about the circumstances of Solomon’s death, it is clear that his later years were marred by disobedience and idolatry. His life serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of remaining faithful to God’s commands and seeking His guidance in all aspects of life.

Final Thoughts – How Did King Solomon Die

In answering the question ‘how did King Solomon die?’, we must acknowledge the complexities involved. The paucity of details in the biblical account leaves room for interpretation, leading to an amalgamation of historical, symbolic, and speculative conclusions. However, the intriguing story of King Solomon’s life, his reign, and his eventual demise continues to captivate us, teaching us important lessons about wisdom, morality, and legacy.

Best Old Testament Commentaries

Below is a table featuring some renowned Old Testament commentaries, their publishers, and websites where they can be found. As always, it’s best to confirm availability on multiple platforms or the publishers’ websites.

Commentary NamePublisherWebsite
The New International Commentary on the Old TestamentEerdmansEerdmans
Word Biblical CommentaryZondervanZondervan
Baker Commentary on the Old TestamentBaker AcademicBaker Academic
The Anchor Yale Bible CommentaryYale University PressYale University Press
Tyndale Old Testament CommentariesInterVarsity PressInterVarsity Press
Expositor’s Bible CommentaryZondervanZondervan
The Old Testament for EveryoneWestminster John Knox PressWestminster John Knox Press

Note: As with the New Testament table, this table provides generalized examples and does not list each volume within the commentary series. The commentaries can usually be found on the publishers’ websites or other online book retailers such as Amazon or Christianbook. It is always advisable to check for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding availability.



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