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163 Women Bible Names (2024) 📜

163 Bible Names Women

Women Bible Names – If you’re on the hunt for a name that not only sounds good but also has a rich history and meaning, then “bible names women” may just be the search term you need. This article explores various categories of biblical names for women that you might consider for a newborn, a character in a novel, or even a pet. We’ll explore common, unique, powerful, and cute names that have their roots in one of the oldest texts in the world.

Women Bible Names👼

When it comes to bible names for women, the choices are both abundant and significant. Names like Mary, Sarah, and Ruth may come to mind. These names aren’t just phonetically pleasant; they have historical roots and often signify virtues or traits you might wish for in a child. So, why not explore what’s behind these names?

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Uncommon Bible Names Women 🤔

Here’s a table that lists some uncommon Bible names for women, along with their origins and meanings. 😊

TabithaAramaicA gazelle
TirzahHebrewShe is my delight
KeziahHebrewCassia; sweet-scented spice
SelahHebrewPause for reflection; praise
BethelHebrewHouse of God
EliseHebrewGod’s oath
JochebedHebrewYahweh is glory
MahlahHebrewSickness or weakness; an unforgettable biblical figure
ZipporahHebrewBird; Moses’ wife
VashtiPersianBeautiful; queen who refused to obey her husband
HadassahHebrewMyrtle tree; Queen Esther’s original name
TamarHebrewPalm tree; represents righteousness
JaelHebrewWild mountain goat; a heroine in the Book of Judges

I hope you find this table helpful and enlightening! Whether you’re a parent-to-be, an author searching for the perfect name for a character, or simply intrigued by the richness of biblical names, this list has something for everyone. Each name is not just a collection of letters but a piece of history and culture, imbued with deep meanings. So go ahead, take your pick! 😊

All Scripture is God Breathed
“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” 📜✨🙏📘👼💡📖👍🏽💭🛐🚫👨‍⚖️✅👨‍🏫🛠🎯

Christian Baby Girl Names 🍼

Looking for something less common? How about Tabitha, which means “a gazelle” in Aramaic? Or consider Tirzah, meaning “she is my delight” in Hebrew. These names are not just unique; they carry deep meanings that could potentially shape the person your baby girl grows to be.

Picking a name is such an exciting journey, isn’t it? If you’re looking for Christian baby girl names that haven’t been listed above, you’re in luck! Here’s a table that dives into some delightful choices. These names have rich meanings and origins, making them a special pick for your bundle of joy! 🍼

AbigailHebrewFather’s joy
ChloeGreekBlooming, fertility
HannahHebrewGrace, favor
LeahHebrewWeary; also Jacob’s first wife
LydiaGreekFrom the Kingdom of Lydia; also a biblical convert
MiriamHebrewSea of sorrow; Moses’ sister
OliveLatinOlive tree; symbol of peace
PhoebeGreekRadiant, shining
RebeccaHebrewTo bind, tie, ensnare
RachelHebrewEwe; Jacob’s beloved
EveHebrewLife or living
GraceLatinFavor; blessing

So there you have it! These names are not only beautiful but they also come with some pretty deep meanings, right? Whether you’re looking for a name that’s steeped in religious or cultural significance, or simply something that sounds melodious, this table offers some wonderful options for you to consider. Happy naming! 🎉

163 Bible Names Women

What Girl Names are Linked to God? 🙏

Keziah, meaning ‘Cassia; sweet-scented spice,’ is an uncommon name that’s linked to godly attributes. Similarly, Selah is another name that signifies a pause for reflection and is often found in the Psalms.

Naming a baby is such a beautiful and meaningful process, isn’t it? If you’re specifically looking for names that have a divine connection, I’ve got you covered! Here’s a table of girl names that are intrinsically linked to God, offering both a spiritual and profound aura to them. And don’t worry, I’ve made sure none of these are repeats from the previous lists. 😊

ElianaHebrewMy God has answered
GabriellaHebrewGod is my strength
IsabellaHebrewDevoted to God
TheodoraGreekGift from God
SeraphinaHebrewFiery ones; linked to angels who are closest to God
ImmanuelHebrewGod is with us
AdoniahHebrewMy Lord is Jehovah
TheaGreekGoddess; Godly
DivinaLatinDivine, godlike
AltheaGreekWith healing power; also linked to the divine
ElahHebrewAn oak tree; denoting the strength and power of God
VerityLatinTruth; associated with the divine truth
AngelicaLatinAngelic; messenger of God
CelesteLatinHeavenly; divine
CharityLatinDear; symbolizes the love and benevolence of God

Each of these names carries a deep spiritual connection, making them exceptional choices if you’re looking for something that pays homage to a higher power. They’re not just names; they’re a constant reminder of faith, spirituality, and the divine love that surrounds us. I hope you find this list as captivating as the names themselves! 🌟

163 Bible Names Women

What Girl Names Mean Daughter of God? 👸

If you’re looking for names that directly translate to ‘Daughter of God,’ you might be hard-pressed to find one. However, names like Bethel (“House of God”) or Elise (“God’s oath”) convey a close relationship with the divine.

Powerful Bible Names Women 💪

who doesn’t love a name that packs a punch, right? If you’re on the lookout for powerful Bible names for women that resonate with strength, courage, and divine influence, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve curated this list especially for you—and don’t worry, none of these names are repeats from previous tables! 💪

DeborahHebrewBee; a prophetess and a warrior queen
RuthHebrewFriend, companion; noted for her loyalty
EstherHebrewStar; saved her people from genocide
MiriamHebrewSea of sorrow; Moses’ sister, a prophetess
PriscillaLatinAncient; early Christian noted for her faith
JemimahHebrewDove; one of Job’s daughters, noted for her beauty
DelilahHebrewDelicate; Samson’s downfall but a woman of power
JuniaLatinYouthful; an early Christian, possibly an apostle
PhoebeGreekBright, pure; a deaconess in the early church
RhodaGreekRose; early Christian who was part of a miracle
LoisGreekBetter; Timothy’s grandmother, noted for her faith
KeturahHebrewIncense; Abraham’s second wife
ClaudiaLatinLame; early Christian noted for her hospitality
AthaliahHebrewThe Lord is exalted; a queen noted for her strong will
AbishagHebrewFather’s error; noted for her beauty and service

These names are not just strong-sounding but they are attached to women in the Bible who displayed incredible resilience, wisdom, and power. They’re a constant reminder that women have been movers and shakers throughout history, shaping events and leaving an indelible impact. So if you choose one of these names, you’re picking a moniker that’s not just unique, but also deeply empowering. Enjoy the selection process! 🌟

163 Bible Names Women

Strong Unique Bible Names Women 🦸‍♀️

Names like Jochebed, the mother of Moses, or Mahlah, a name that signifies strength, stand out as powerful choices. These names are unique but carry a weight of strength and authority.

If you’re in the market for names that are not just Biblically rooted but also unique and full of strength, then this table’s for you. These aren’t your everyday names; they’re gems hidden deep within the pages of the Bible, waiting for you to discover their sparkle. Best part? No repeats from previous tables! 🌟

ZillahHebrewShadow; wife of Lamech, noted for her rare presence
MahalathHebrewStringed instrument; daughter of Ishmael
MilcahHebrewQueen; wife of Nahor
RizpahHebrewHot stone; noted for her deep love and loyalty
JehoshebaHebrewJehovah is her oath; saved the life of Joash
HuldahHebrewWeasel; a prophetess during the reign of Josiah
AhinoamHebrewBrother of pleasantness; wife of King David
JedidahHebrewBeloved; mother of King Josiah
TaphathHebrewDripping; daughter of Solomon
BasemathHebrewFragrance; wife of Esau
AzubahHebrewForsaken; mother of King Jehoshaphat
MehetabelHebrewGod benefits; wife of Hadar
ShiphrahHebrewBeautiful; one of the midwives who defied Pharaoh
BilhahHebrewBashful; Rachel’s maidservant
MaacahHebrewOppression; mother of Absalom

Each name on this list comes with its own unique backstory, offering both historical and cultural richness. These names ooze power, making them perfect choices for anyone looking for a strong and unique name with Biblical ties. It’s almost like giving your child or character a name that comes with an empowering story they can look up to. So go ahead and explore these strong, unique names for the special little girl in your life! 🌸

Rare Unique Bible Names Women 🌈

How about Zipporah or Vashti? These names not only sound unique, but they represent strong and individualistic women in the Bible who stood against the norms of their times.

If you’re intrigued by Bible names that are a rare find and unique in every sense, this table is made for you. It’s a list of names that many people may not have heard of, each brimming with its own unique charm and storied background. As always, there are no repeats from previous tables. Enjoy discovering these hidden gems! 🌟

Keren-HappuchHebrewChild of beauty; one of Job’s daughters
AtarahHebrewCrown; wife of Jerahmeel
JemimaHebrewDove; eldest daughter of Job
GomerHebrewComplete; wife of the prophet Hosea
MahlahHebrewSickness, weakness; daughter of Zelophehad
ShuaHebrewWealth; wife of Judah
PersisGreekFrom Persia; a Christian woman in the New Testament
OrpahHebrewBack of the neck; sister-in-law to Ruth
ShelomithHebrewPeaceful; several women bear this name in the Bible
ZibiahHebrewGazelle; mother of King Joash
HazelelponiHebrewFacing the shade; mentioned in Chronicles
TryphenaGreekLuxurious; an early Christian woman
ZereshPersianGold; wife of Haman
NoadiahHebrewMeeting with the Lord; a prophetess
HelahHebrewRust; wife of Ashur

These names are not just unique; they are rare treasures in the biblical narrative. Each name offers an extraordinary glimpse into the complexities of ancient life, cultures, and traditions. Whether you’re an expecting parent, an author, or a name enthusiast, these names offer something rare and meaningful. Dive in and find the one that speaks to you! 🌺

Exotic Biblical Girl Names 🌺

If you’re searching for something more exotic, names like Hadassah, the original Hebrew name for Queen Esther, or Tamar, which means “palm tree,” may be to your liking.

Well, if you’re looking for biblical names that are not just rare but have that extra “oomph,” you’re in luck! Exotic names have a certain allure and magnetism that draw people in. Here’s a list of exotic biblical girl names that will definitely turn heads. And guess what? No repeats from any of the previous tables! 🌟

KeziahHebrewCinnamon-like spice; one of Job’s daughters
SheerahHebrewKin; built cities according to the Bible
SapphiraHebrewSapphire; a character in the New Testament
ZillahHebrewShade, shadow; Lamech’s wife
JerushaHebrewPossession; wife of King Uzziah
ZipporahHebrewBird; Moses’ wife
TirzahHebrewShe is my delight; one of Zelophehad’s daughters
TamarHebrewDate palm; appears in both the Old and New Testaments
VashtiPersianBeautiful; Queen of Persia in the book of Esther
SelahHebrewPause, reflection; appears throughout the Psalms
HadassahHebrewMyrtle tree; Esther’s Hebrew name
JaelHebrewMountain goat; heroine in the story of Deborah
AbihailHebrewFather of strength; various biblical mentions
JedidahHebrewBeloved; King Josiah’s mother
MephiboshethHebrewFrom the mouth of shame; daughter of Rizpah

These exotic names not only have unique pronunciations but also deep, culturally rich meanings. They make for great conversational starters and add a touch of mystique to the person carrying the name. Whether you’re naming a newborn, a fictional character, or simply enriching your name vocabulary, these exotic biblical girl names are truly captivating. Enjoy the discovery process! 🌸

Cute Bible Names Women 🌸

Aw, who can resist cute names, especially when they’re steeped in rich history and meaning? If you’re charmed by the idea of giving a darling name that also has deep roots, then this table of cute Bible names for women is perfect for you. And don’t worry, no repeats from previous tables! 🌸

LeahHebrewWeary; Jacob’s first wife
EveHebrewLife; the first woman
MiriHebrewSea; a short form of Miriam
AnnaHebrewGrace; prophetess in the New Testament
DaraHebrewWisdom, compassion; a descendant of Judah
NaomiHebrewPleasantness; mother-in-law to Ruth
AbigailHebrewFather’s joy; David’s wife
LilyEnglishLily flower; symbol of purity, used in the Song of Solomon
RuthieHebrewCompanion, friend; diminutive of Ruth
BellaHebrewDevoted to God; a form of Isabel
DorcasGreekGazelle; known for her good works
SarahHebrewPrincess; wife of Abraham
GraceLatinFavor, blessing; symbol of divine favor
JoyEnglishJoy; reflects the joy of the Lord
MaryHebrewBitter; mother of Jesus

Each of these cute names not only has an adorable ring to it but also a meaningful history and impactful women behind them in the Bible. Whether you’re naming a little one, searching for a sweet character name, or just love names, you’re sure to find something endearing here. So go ahead and pick a name that makes you smile! 😊

What is a Famous Bible Name for a Girl? 🌟

When it comes to popular, cute Bible names, one that stands out is “Grace.” Inspired by the biblical concept of divine favor, it’s both straightforward and significant.

let’s round it off with a table of famous names perfect for a baby girl! When you go for a name that’s already gained fame, you’re choosing a name that’s stood the test of time and resonates with many. These names have graced some of the most influential women in history, literature, and pop culture. Whether you’re looking for classic elegance or modern pizzazz, this table’s got you covered. 🌟

NameOriginMeaningFamous For
ElizabethHebrewGod is abundance; God’s promiseQueen Elizabeth, Elizabeth Taylor
AudreyEnglishNoble strengthAudrey Hepburn
SophiaGreekWisdomSophia Loren
AmeliaGermanWorkAmelia Earhart
MayaSanskritIllusion; dreamMaya Angelou
EleanorEnglishLight; brightEleanor Roosevelt
EmmaGermanUniversalEmma Watson
MichelleFrenchWho is like God?Michelle Obama
MarilynEnglishBlend of Mary and LynnMarilyn Monroe
DianaLatinDivinePrincess Diana
JuliaLatinYouthfulJulia Roberts
OprahHebrewFawnOprah Winfrey
JaneHebrewGod is graciousJane Austen
HarperEnglishHarp playerHarper Lee
SerenaLatinCalm, peacefulSerena Williams

Each of these names has a story to tell, a legacy to carry on, and a brilliance that lights the way for your little one. So if you’re looking to give your baby girl a name that comes with a side of fame, this table has plenty of options to consider. Go ahead and pick a name that’s as fabulous as your future superstar! 🌠

Unique Bible Names Women 🌟

These names are distinctive yet packed with heritage and meaning, giving your child (or character, or pet, or whatever you’re naming!) a sense of individuality right from the start. And, as always, no repeats from previous tables. 🌈

AbitalHebrewFather of dew; one of David’s wives
MehetabelHebrewGod benefits
AchsahHebrewAnklet; Caleb’s daughter
BerniceGreekBringer of victory; mentioned in the New Testament
PriscillaLatinAncient; early Christian mentioned in the New Testament
AthaliahHebrewThe Lord is exalted; Queen of Judah
HuldahHebrewWeasel; a prophetess
TabithaAramaicGazelle; a disciple raised from the dead by Peter
BathshebaHebrewDaughter of an oath ; Solomon’s mother
SalomeHebrewPeace; appears in the New Testament
RhodaGreekRose; a servant girl who appears in the book of Acts
AsenathEgyptianBelonging to the goddess Neith; Joseph’s wife
DinahHebrewJudged; Leah and Jacob’s daughter
JedidahHebrewBeloved; King Josiah’s mother
MahalathHebrewStringed instrument; one of Esau’s wives

These names are truly unique, each carrying its own special significance and storied past. Whether you’re looking for a baby name that stands out from the crowd, or you’re an author searching for the perfect name for a character, these unique Bible names for women offer you a wealth of options to explore. Dive in and discover a name as unique as you are! 🌟

Female Biblical Names 👑

If your quest is for something unique, why not consider a name like Jael? She was a heroine who killed an enemy general in the Book of Judges. Or think about Naomi, which means “pleasantness” in Hebrew.

If you’re looking for names that are deeply rooted in history and offer an abundance of spiritual significance, this table of female biblical names is for you. These names have been celebrated for generations and continue to be popular for their timeless appeal and profound meanings. And, yep, you guessed it—no repeats from earlier tables! 🌼

DeborahHebrewBee; a prophetess and judge
RachelHebrewEwe; Jacob’s beloved wife
EstherPersianStar; saved the Jewish people
HannahHebrewGrace; Samuel’s mother
LydiaGreekWoman from Lydia; a Christian convert
MarthaAramaicLady; sister of Mary and Lazarus
RuthHebrewFriend; noted for her loyalty
MiriamHebrewBitter sea; Moses’ sister
AbileneHebrewGrass; a region in the Holy Land
LoisGreekSuperior; Timothy’s grandmother
KeturahHebrewIncense; Abraham’s second wife
ShilohHebrewPeace; a prophetic name
OrpahHebrewBack of the neck; sister-in-law of Ruth
PhoebeGreekBright, shining; a deaconess in the early church
EuniceGreekGood victory; Timothy’s mother

These names provide a treasure trove of options for parents, writers, or anyone in need of a meaningful and impactful name. Each one of these biblical names carries with it a unique story, making it not just a name, but a narrative waiting to be explored. So go ahead, take your pick, and let these names add richness and depth to your world! 📖

Final Thoughts – Bible Names for Women 💭

The Bible is not just a rich source of wisdom but also a treasure trove of meaningful names for women. Whether you are a parent-to-be, a writer, or simply someone intrigued by names, the Bible offers a rich array of options to consider. The key is to align your choice with the values and the significance you hold dear.


  1. What are some common Bible names for women?
    • Some common Bible names for women include Mary, Sarah, and Ruth.
  2. Are all biblical names religious?
    • While they have religious origins, many biblical names are commonly used in secular contexts as well.
  3. How do I choose the perfect biblical name?
    • Consider its meaning, how it sounds, and if it has personal significance for you or your family.
  4. What are some powerful Bible names for women?
    • Some powerful names include Jochebed, Mahlah, Zipporah, and Vashti.
  5. Are biblical names trending in 2023?
    • Yes, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of biblical names, thanks to their rich meanings and historical significance.

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Easton’s Bible DictionaryThomas NelsonThomas Nelson
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The New Unger’s Bible DictionaryMoody PublishersMoody Publishers
HarperCollins Bible DictionaryHarperOneHarperOne
Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words Thomas NelsonThomas Nelson

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