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Quiz – Who are the Gentiles

Quiz - Who are the Gentiles

Quiz – Who are the Gentiles

Quiz – Who are the Gentiles

  1. Who are the Gentiles?
    A. Non-Jews
    B. Jews
    C. Native Americans
    D. African Americans
  2. Where did the term Gentile originate from?
    A. Ancient Greece
    B. Ancient Rome
    C. Ancient India
    D. Ancient China
  3. What is the biblical definition of a Gentile?
    A. A person who is not Jewish
    B. A person who does not practice Judaism
    C. An enemy of the Jews
    D. A person who does not believe in God
  4. According to the Bible, how did God view the Gentiles?
    A. With hatred
    B. With favor
    C. With indifference
    D. With animosity
  5. What was the purpose of the Jews and Gentiles living together in the Promised Land?
    A. To create a peaceful society
    B. To demonstrate the power of God
    C. To form an alliance against enemies
    D. To spread the teachings of the Bible
  6. What is the relationship between Jesus and the Gentiles?
    A. He was sent to save them
    B. He was sent to punish them
    C. He was sent to judge them
    D. He was sent to ignore them
  7. How did the early Church view the Gentiles?
    A. With suspicion and hostility
    B. With acceptance and understanding
    C. With fear and mistrust
    D. With scorn and ridicule
  8. What did the Apostle Paul do to spread the message of Christianity among the Gentiles?
    A. He traveled to their cities
    B. He wrote letters to them
    C. He studied their cultures
    D. He prayed for them
  9. How did the Jews respond to the conversion of Gentiles to Christianity?
    A. With joy
    B. With disdain
    C. With confusion
    D. With acceptance
  10. How did the Jews and Gentiles interact in the New Testament?
    A. They lived in harmony
    B. They co-existed peacefully
    C. They clashed and fought
    D. They ignored each other
  11. What did the early Church do to make the transition from Judaism to Christianity easier for the Gentiles?
    A. They adopted some Jewish customs
    B. They prohibited the use of Hebrew
    C. They accepted Jewish converts
    D. They allowed Gentiles to worship in synagogues
  12. How did the Gentiles respond to the message of Christianity?
    A. With hostility
    B. With enthusiasm
    C. With indifference
    D. With skepticism
  13. What is the primary way in which Gentiles are identified in the Bible?
    A. By their language
    B. By their customs
    C. By their religion
    D. By their nationality
  14. How did the Gentiles respond to the changes that Christianity brought to their lives?
    A. With joy
    B. With anger
    C. With confusion
    D. With acceptance
  15. Who were the first Gentiles to convert to Christianity?
    A. The Samaritans
    B. The Romans
    C. The Greeks
    D. The Egyptians

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