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How to Grow your Church Congregation: 18 Tips That Work

How to Grow your Church Congregation: 18 Tips That Work

How to Grow your Church Congregation? We look at the World around us and see the division, the conflict, the wars, the poverty, and the Disease. The world, in general, is broken. Sin is rampant and it is difficult to see and find the light on the hill. One thing Remains Constant.

More than Ever the World Needs Jesus. Luke 19:10

When Looking Over Theses Suggestions it is important to keep all things in perspective. Prioritize and make improvements on what the Lord has given you.

Go and make Disciples

How to Grow your Church Congregation / Focus on Prayer

Don’t be afraid to Aim High If You never aim at anything you are guaranteed not to hit anything. Make Your Goals ones that you cannot do on your own – Count on Jesus and the Father help, they will need to assist you on.

What is Vision Casting – Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish

Check this vision – I would follow this – Greg Gaines

Good Food / Bible

For anything in God’s Creation to grow it needs the proper food. If a Congregation makes sure that it is offering a diet that is full of God’s Kingdom. People will be fed. They will come each week to grow and eat. They will become strengthened. Their coats will shine. The Church should be a place where unholy people can find God and become whole. A Proper Diet will allow God to give the growth. Without it your flock will starve, they will be sick, easy prey. here are some simple Foods – that will Nourish the Flock

  • Bible – Steady Diet of God’s Word – its seeds can be planted and allow it to grow and mature. Hebrews 5:12
  • Prayer – Importance of Spending Time in Prayer to Allow God to Guide our Service I John 5:14
  • Fasting – Jesus fasted – The Jews in the 1st Century fasted Two Days a Week. Fasting Brings Clarity and allows us to hear the Quiet Voice of our Father That seeks to Lead Us. Matthew 6: 16-18
  • Fellowship
  • Serving – Exercise – Each Christian needs help finding his place to serve – It is best for the Health of the Body and also best for the health of the individual Christian.
Saddleback Leadership Training

Clear Vision – Single Direction

It is Paramount that Leadership has a clear vision. Without it, everyone does what is right in their own eyes. A lot of energy and work is done, but it is not focused. The various Ministries and their leaders are kinds of going into circles. So You see a lot of Business, you tend to see also a lot of Burnout.

If you have a Leadership Team that says here where we are going and leads everyone in the same direction. You will see the forward movement. They will set attainable Goals with God’s help. They will all work in that same direction and the sheep will follow.

Jesus described the opposite of that as “The Blind Leading The Blind – They both Fall into ditch” (Matthew 15:14)

My personal observations over the Years.

God’s Leaders have Good Men, They are Spiritual, They are Righteous, but most do not possess the “Gift of Vision” So They cannot Lead with Confidence and Boldness because they are not sure where they are going.

A Shepherd leads to good Pastures, Still Waters, and protection of the Flock. So it can be safe and grow and multiply.

Therefore Go

Leadership Developement

It is a wise Thought that Churches always have a good plan or process in place for developing Leadership . Training Programs. can be some of the following but would supply a good stock of church leadership for the future.

  • Assistant Ministers
  • Youth Ministers
  • Deacons
  • Deaconesses
  • Ministry Leaders and Assistants
  • Teaching Assistants (Adults, Teens, Pre Teens, and Young Ones.

Leadership Field Trips

I think this is very important, your leaders need to be open to experiencing what other churches are doing. If the church is going to begin a new ministry or sense God is leading them in that direction. It is wise to search for other churches that are involved in that same ministry. I try to focus on the ones God is Blessing in that work.

Then I set up times to visit their programs to learn and then I also ask to set up a lunch, coffee, or meeting with the Ministry Leaders. The wealth of experience they have is invaluable and also set the stage for you to have another mentor in that ministry as you unfold it at your family Church.

Copy of How to Grow Your church

There is no sense in making the same mistakes others have Made if you can seek the Wisdom they have learned. This can save a lot of Money and Grief.


Teamwork is essential in all your ministries. Working together. The sharing of the Joys and disappointments. Building Teams is very Biblical. Jesus put together a 12 person Team, he took three years to train them.

That Team was so strong and committed to each other and the mission. Their work continued on to the end of their lives. It Literally changed the face of the world. At That Time and from then until now.

IMG 2108
All Have Been on Mission Trips except Tiny Indie

Have Your Budget / Align with Your Vision

Another important piece that can greatly propel you toward yours and God’s Vision. Is to align your resources that you have been blessed with the vision.

  • Contribution, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly aligned with your mission.
  • Staffing for your vision
  • Ministries all gelled with your Vision

Many Congregation mismatches here. Their Vision is aligned with Gods yet the resources that God Has blessed the church with are going a different direction .

Invest In Your Leaders

Our Christian Lives should always be represented by Growth. God is Always Revealing. We are always learning, studying, seeking out the best workshops, crusades, classes, curriculums to learn.

A leadership that is always learning. people will follow because people want to learn, to grow, to be fed.

I would suggest it to the point that you set aside $$m in your annual church budget to send you Preacher/ Pastor/ Evangelist to further training. Many Very Evangelistic successful congregations put in training workshops, that your minister can glean from and bring those nuggets home. Many Christian Colleges and seminaries also have programs that can benefit not only your minister but the flock

Maybe the congregation would want to make the time and $$ available for your pastor to academically further his education. It definitely would be a blessing to him and also could be a blessing to the local Church.

Viewing the Church as a Hospital

Churches can become so tight-knit that it is very difficult for a new Born Child of God, to fit in and be assimilated by the church. If you can lead the church to the same understanding that Jesus had when he said Oh Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem I would have gathered you as a Hen gathers her chicks under her wings.

The church is a place of Growth and transition

  • UnHoly – Becomes Holy
  • Sinful Becomes Forgiven
  • Broken Lives are Healed
  • Broken Marriages are healed
  • Sin addicted Lives are made Hole
  • Starving will become Fed
  • The Baby becomes an adult
  • The newborn Becomes the Teacher.

Spirit of Visitation

Avery needed a spirit that is needed is one of going. Many Churches have grown inward to the point – that they are satisfied with how big they are, kind of protecting the walls. One spirit that Jesus had was that he came to seek and save the lost. The work of the church is to take the message. That is extremely difficult to do without going. many churches have developed extensive outreaches to get unbelievers to come to the building. And do not want to discourage that at all. but still, that is different than actually going and searching out that lost sheep.

IMG 20190630 WA0021 1
Ladies Inspiration Day Blueberry Hill Guyana

Children’s Ministry Young

It is important in any family that food, Nourishment, and training.are given to the Young Children. A family will not remain with your church if you are not providing food for all ages. I have known many parents to move to other congregations because there were no groups of teens or young adults. This is very dependent on how many families you have in your congregation. But Young Families will not stay if Their Children are not provided for.

Pre Teen Ministry

Over the Last 30 Years, I have noticed a migration and change in our Christian teaching programs. Years ago children’s classes would be in the hour prior to services. Also on Wednesday night was devoted to classes for children. Over the last several years, I have noticed a change. The Change I have seen is that.

20190414 111150
Our Pre Teen Ministry

Parents are not bringing children early to classes provided at the same time I also noticed Wed night services Classes for children declining.

Opposite to that congregation that is offering children ministry that is parallel to worship times seems to be Prospering. Children Churches, Children Worship Services.

I don’t want to say this is good, But I want to say it seems to be a reality. Now we can sit back and say we want things as they use to be. Or we can say how can we minister to families Now.

Importance of Children’s Ministry

I kind of Break the Ministry into two simple directions

  1. Children Attend Classes Because They Suppose to. Parents that are believers bring their children – Like public schools – You go to class or else. Discipline and Tradition Takes Presidency Over Learning
  2. Children Attend Children Ministry Because They Want To – Some Congregations have a vibrant Exciting, Captivating Children’s Ministry that grows excited Christian Teens.

Teenage Education / Groups

When I was growing up in our small congregation, Maybe 100-150 in attendance. Our Teen Group was very Small. Maybe 6-10 in attendance at its height. from that small group, 4 Ministers had been cultivated. We did not Have a minister, we just had faithful parents that provided their house as a place we could fellowship and meet together.

Teenage Years are today very Volatile. The Teens of today are exposed to so much more than I ever was growing up. I have not checked the stats but It seems that the loosing of Young Teen Christians happens during these important Years. many Parents are one of the most important features of a congregation that they have a teen group. Can Be a Class or a Small Group but they are purposefully being strengthened, encouraged, and mentored in their Christian lives.

5 Reasons Your Church Needs Youth Ministry

Young Adult Groups

Young Adults, Newly Married, and Singles in that age range look for fellowship for families of the same age range. In our area, we have several churches that have healthy programs, two of those I know are close to Christian College Campuses.

Small Group Ministry

This I believe is one of the cultural changes I have seen taking place. Services were when I was young were

  • Sunday Morning Classes – Adult Children 45 Minutes
  • Wed Night Services – Children and Adult Classes – 45 Minutes
  • Sunday Morning service – 45 Minute Sermon
  • Sunday Night Service 45 Minute Sermon
  • That’s About 3 Hours of Bible Teaching Weekly

Today I have noticed that classes before services are dwindling – Classes on Mid Week Services Dwindling

What seems to be happening today That Small Groups have replaced the time spent in classes. Also, Sunday Evening Services and also Wed Night Devices. Comparing Tine allotted today this seems to be the norm

  • Sunday Morning Adult Worship – 1 Hour
  • Children’s Ministry 1 – Hour
  • Small-Group Meeting any night group preference – Mostly adults – 1 Hour

Church Families seem very receptive in our current time period to be involved in Small Groups. We would encourage any congregation to explore these options for Small Groups

Small Groups Are Our Church

Out Reach Events

Outreach Events are Events you might hold that your objective is to reach out and try to teach, finds souls for the lord. Some of the ones we have had in Past or that i have witnessed are following examples

  • Friend Day – Everyone is encouraged to invite a friend, Message and ushers everything is tailored toward welcoming visitors
  • Christmas Programs. I witness one Christmas Out Reach Program by a very large church in California. During a three week period over 700 people accepted the Lord. Darlene and I were there on one of the Sunday morning services and that Sunday morning 52 people were baptized
  • Vacation Bible School Programs – These are very popular and a new twist has been taking place where individual Christians have a VBS in their own back yard and invites neighborhood Children A church may have 20 – 30 of theses small backyard VBS over a summer.
  • Husband and Wife Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Campouts / Whole churches reserve a campground for their families. We attended one last November, They had morning Classes and Crafts for Kids, Nightly devotionals and joint Fellowship Meals – quite uplifting
IMG 9ffc0a9f47b03ef6c6b908d276743ae1 V001 1555465798787
Teens Campout Coomacka Guyana

Community Programs

Some Churches have developed a Heart for Ministering to their Communities. There are various types of OutReach Done in this ministry

  • Feeding the Homeless – meals taken to homeless camps
  • Community Groceries – Churches provide food help to needy families
  • Clothing – Clothing is given to those who need it
  • Alcohol Programs
  • Drug addiction Programs
  • Single Parent Programs
  • School Children Help Programs – Lunches – School- Supplies – Meals – Tutoring
  • Tax – Barber – Computer – Tutoring Programs – Free Help to those in Need

Missions / Local / Global

Any Type of Mission Programs benefit the Place you are doing the Missions and also greatly help the Hosting Congregation. Mission programs greatly involve those who are going to the mission field. It was one of these first trips that put it on Our Hearts to serve in this way the rest of our lives.

ztf1mjAH 6450298
Feeding the Community

It also involves those that are going need help – Some things they might need are

  • Travel $$
  • Food $$
  • Housing $$
  • Vaccinations $$
  • Outreach Materials – Bibles – Medicines – SongBooks – Children Materials
Biblical Basis of Missions

Christian College Assistance

Many Christian Colleges are not only teaching our children Professions but also giving them godly Training. I have known several Churches to contact a Christian College, or seminary and ask if there were any classes that might come and help with an outreach event for your local Church. It is a Win / Win. Students get actual experience and training in serving in whatever Christian ministry they are training for. For the local Church , you have a concentrated outreach that you can meld your flock with. many times it can be done with very little money. Housing, Food, and Transportation you will need to provide

If The Horse Is Dead / Dismount

For Years I had a sign in my office that had this caption at the bottom. It was a picture of a cowboy. Riding a horse. He is spurring it, jumping up and down just riding that horse like crazy. — The Horse was dead – Despite all the cowboys best intentions and sincere effort He is not going anywhere

I write this article to encourage you – The Word of God does Not change – But The Apostle Paul Walked Donkied, and went by Ship to preach – Today we fly – The World Still Needs Jesus

If you continuing doing the Same Thing – the Same Way – You Will Probably get the same Result……God Bless Greg


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