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Quiz – Spiritual Meaning of Noah

Quiz - Spiritual Meaning of Noah

Quiz – Noah

Quiz – Spiritual Meaning of Noah

  1. What was the spiritual significance of Noah in the Bible?
    A. He was a symbol of hope
    B. He was a messenger of God
    C. He was a sign of faith
    D. He was a symbol of rebirth
  2. What does the story of Noah teach us?
    A. To be obedient to God
    B. To have faith in God
    C. To be kind to all
    D. To do good works
  3. How was Noah chosen as a righteous man?
    A. He was chosen by God
    B. He was chosen by Lot
    C. He was chosen by Abraham
    D. He was chosen by Jacob
  4. What did God ask Noah to do?
    A. Build an ark
    B. Pray to God
    C. Worship God
    D. Follow God’s commandments
  5. What did Noah do to obey God’s instructions?
    A. He built an ark
    B. He prayed to God
    C. He worshipped God
    D. He followed God’s commandments
  6. How long did it take Noah to build the ark?
    A. 12 days
    B. 40 days
    C. 7 days
    D. 120 days
  7. What was the purpose of the ark?
    A. To provide shelter
    B. To provide food
    C. To protect Noah and his family
    D. To provide a safe passage to the promised land
  8. How many of each kind of animal did Noah take on the ark?
    A. Two
    B. Seven
    C. Ten
    D. Twelve
  9. How long did the flood last?
    A. 40 days
    B. 7 days
    C. 120 days
    D. 365 days
  10. What did Noah send out of the ark to see if the waters had receded?
    A. A dove
    B. A raven
    C. A fish
    D. A lamb
  11. What did God promise after the flood?
    A. To never send another flood
    B. To provide shelter for Noah and his family
    C. To bless Noah and his descendants
    D. To provide food for Noah and his family
  12. What did Noah offer to God after the flood?
    A. A prayer
    B. A sacrifice
    C. An offering
    D. A song
  13. What did the rainbow signify to Noah?
    A. God’s mercy
    B. God’s forgiveness
    C. God’s blessing
    D. God’s love
  14. How did Noah’s story end?
    A. He died
    B. He moved away
    C. He lived a long life
    D. He was rewarded by God
  15. What can we learn from Noah’s story?
    A. To trust in God
    B. To obey God’s commands
    C. To be kind to all
    D. To never give up hope

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