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Qiuz – Moses

Quiz Moses

d 15 Multiple choice questions on the Life of Moses

  1. What type of Pharaoh did Moses face in Egypt?
    A. Ramses II
    B. Seti I
    C. Tutankhamun
    D. Amenhotep IV
  2. What miraculous event did Moses use to convince Pharaoh to free the Israelites?
    A. Parting of the Red Sea
    B. Provides manna for the Israelites
    C. Turning water into blood
    D. Descending of the Ten Commandments
  3. How old was Moses when he first encountered God?
    A. 12
    B. 80
    C. 40
    D. 20
  4. Where did Moses flee to after killing an Egyptian?
    A. Midian
    B. Egypt
    C. Canaan
    D. Babylon
  5. What did Moses use to part the Red Sea?
    A. Staff
    B. Sword
    C. Hands
    D. Word of God
  6. What did Moses receive from God on Mount Sinai?
    A. Ten Commandments
    B. Covenant of Circumcision
    C. Law of Sacrifice
    D. 12 Tribes of Israel
  7. What did Moses do when the Israelites worshiped the golden calf?
    A. Destroyed the calf
    B. Prayed to God
    C. Cursed the Israelites
    D. Mourned for 40 days
  8. How did Moses die?
    A. Natural causes
    B. Stricken by God
    C. Drowned in the Red Sea
    D. Killed by the Amalekites
  9. What did God tell Moses to build for the Israelites?
    A. Altar
    B. Tabernacle
    C. Ark of the Covenant
    D. Tower of Babel
  10. Who was Moses’ brother?
    A. Aaron
    B. Joseph
    C. Benjamin
    D. Esau
  11. How many plagues did Moses bring upon Pharaoh and Egypt?
    A. 5
    B. 10
    C. 3
    D. 7
  12. What did God instruct Moses to use to write the Ten Commandments?
    A. Stone tablets
    B. Papyrus
    C. Clay tablets
    D. Gold tablets
  13. What is the title of the book in the Bible that tells the story of Moses?
    A. Exodus
    B. Genesis
    C. Numbers
    D. Leviticus
  14. Who was Moses’ adopted mother?
    A. Pharaoh’s daughter
    B. Jochebed
    C. Miriam
    D. Pharaoh’s wife
  15. What type of rod did Moses use to perform miracles?
    A. Silver
    B. Gold
    C. Iron
    D. Bronze

Key Answers to the Quiz

  1. A. Ramses II
  2. A. Parting of the Red Sea
  3. B. 80
  4. A. Midian
  5. A. Staff
  6. A. Ten Commandments
  7. A. Destroyed the calf
  8. B. Stricken by God
  9. B. Tabernacle
  10. A. Aaron
  11. B. 10
  12. A. Stone tablets
  13. A. Exodus
  14. A. Pharaoh’s daughter
  15. A. Silver


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