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Ouiz – Miriam and Moses

Ouiz - Miriam and Moses

15 Multiple choice questions ( with 4 Possible Answers) on the topic Miriam and Moses

Ouiz – Miriam and Moses

  1. Who were Miriam and Moses?
    A. Sisters
    B. Brother and Sister
    C. Cousins
    D. Parents
  2. Who was Miriam’s brother?
    A. Jacob
    B. Pharaoh
    C. Aaron
    D. Moses
  3. How old was Miriam when her brother was found in the Nile?
    A. 5
    B. 7
    C. 10
    D. 12
  4. What did Miriam do to help save her brother?
    A. Watched over him
    B. Left him in the Nile
    C. Asked Pharaoh for help
    D. Negotiated with Pharaoh
  5. How did Pharaoh’s daughter show her appreciation to Miriam?
    A. She gave her gold
    B. She made her a slave
    C. She gave her a pet
    D. She offered her a job
  6. What did Miriam do during the Exodus?
    A. Led the people
    B. Made the plagues
    C. Protected Moses
    D. Sang songs
  7. What did Moses and Miriam do when they crossed the Red Sea?
    A. They celebrated
    B. They wept
    C. They sang
    D. They prayed
  8. What did Miriam do when she struck the rock?
    A. She cursed it
    B. She sang to it
    C. She prayed to it
    D. She struck it
  9. What did Miriam do when the people of Israel complained about not having water?
    A. She cursed them
    B. She prayed for them
    C. She gave them water
    D. She struck the rock
  10. What did Miriam do when she spoke out against Moses?
    A. She was punished
    B. She was exiled
    C. She was forgiven
    D. She was ignored
  11. What did Miriam do when she was ostracized?
    A. She turned to God
    B. She turned to her family
    C. She turned to the people
    D. She turned to Pharaoh
  12. Who did Miriam marry?
    A. Aaron
    B. Moses
    C. Pharaoh
    D. No one
  13. What did Miriam do when she died?
    A. She was buried
    B. She was mourned
    C. She was celebrated
    D. She was forgotten
  14. What did Miriam do after the death of Moses?
    A. She disappeared
    B. She led the people
    C. She mourned
    D. She rejoiced
  15. What did Miriam do for the people of Israel?
    A. She provided food
    B. She provided protection
    C. She provided guidance
    D. She provided hope

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