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Quiz – The Euphrates River?

Quiz - The Euphrates River

15 Multiple choice questions Euphrates River

  1. What is the source of the Euphrates River?
    A. Lake Van
    B. Lake Aral
    C. Lake Urmia
    D. Lake Tiberias
  2. How long is the Euphrates River?
    A. 1,735 km
    B. 2,835 km
    C. 3,935 km
    D. 4,635 km
  3. In what year did the Euphrates River become an international waterway?
    A. 1947
    B. 1954
    C. 1964
    D. 1974
  4. What two countries does the Euphrates River flow through?
    A. Syria and Iraq
    B. Iran and Iraq
    C. Syria and Jordan
    D. Iran and Turkey
  5. What is the average depth of the Euphrates River?
    A. 3 meters
    B. 5 meters
    C. 7 meters
    D. 10 meters
  6. What is the average width of the Euphrates River?
    A. 10 meters
    B. 20 meters
    C. 30 meters
    D. 40 meters
  7. Where does the Euphrates River meet the Tigris River to form the Shatt al-Arab?
    A. Mosul
    B. Aleppo
    C. Baghdad
    D. Basra
  8. What is the name of the ancient city located on the banks of the Euphrates River?
    A. Babylon
    B. Ur
    C. Nineveh
    D. Jericho
  9. What is the main tributary of the Euphrates River?
    A. Karun River
    B. Khabur River
    C. Tigris River
    D. Orontes River
  10. What is the highest point of the Euphrates River?
    A. Qurnah
    B. Sharaf al-Din
    C. Dezful
    D. Qandil
  11. What is the name of the dam built on the Euphrates River?
    A. Atatürk Dam
    B. Aswan Dam
    C. Sennacherib Dam
    D. Keban Dam
  12. What is the approximate discharge rate of the Euphrates River?
    A. 7 cubic km/year
    B. 14 cubic km/year
    C. 21 cubic km/year
    D. 28 cubic km/year
  13. What is the main source of water for the Euphrates River?
    A. Rainfall
    B. Groundwater
    C. Springs
    D. Snowmelt
  14. What is the total drainage area of the Euphrates River?
    A. 1,095,000 square km
    B. 1,195,000 square km
    C. 1,295,000 square km
    D. 1,395,000 square km
  15. What percentage of the Euphrates River’s water comes from Turkey?
    A. 25%
    B. 35%
    C. 45%
    D. 55%

Answer to the Above Questions

  1. A. Lake Van
  2. D. 4,635 km
  3. B. 1954
  4. A. Syria and Iraq
  5. C. 7 meters
  6. C. 30 meters
  7. D. Basra
  8. A. Babylon
  9. B. Khabur River
  10. A. Qurnah
  11. A. Atatürk Dam
  12. B. 14 cubic km/year
  13. D. Snowmelt
  14. A. 1,095,000 square km
  15. D. 55%


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