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Quiz – Joseph and Mary

Quiz – Joseph and Mary

15 Multiple choice questions ( with 4 Possible Answers) on the topic – Joseph and Mary

Quiz – Joseph and Mary

  1. Who were Joseph and Mary?
    A. Husband and wife
    B. Brother and sister
    C. Father and daughter
    D. Uncle and aunt
  2. How did Joseph respond when he learned about Mary’s pregnancy?
    A. He was angry
    B. He was confused
    C. He was accepting
    D. He was excited
  3. What were Joseph and Mary’s occupations?
    A. Fisherman and seamstress
    B. Carpenter and maid
    C. Farmer and teacher
    D. Blacksmith and nurse
  4. What did the angel tell Joseph to name the baby?
    A. Jesus
    B. John
    C. Joseph
    D. David
  5. What language did the Christmas story originate from?
    A. Latin
    B. Chinese
    C. Greek
    D. Hebrew
  6. What was the name of the town where Joseph and Mary traveled to for the census?
    A. Bethlehem
    B. Nazareth
    C. Jerusalem
    D. Capernaum
  7. How did Mary travel to Bethlehem to give birth?
    A. On a donkey
    B. On a horse
    C. On foot
    D. By carriage
  8. How many wise men came to visit baby Jesus?
    A. Three
    B. One
    C. Two
    D. Four
  9. What did the wise men bring as gifts for baby Jesus?
    A. Money
    B. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh
    C. Clothing
    D. Toys
  10. Where did Joseph and Mary take Jesus when they escaped from King Herod’s soldiers?
    A. Egypt
    B. Syria
    C. Israel
    D. Jordan
  11. What did the star signify to the wise men?
    A. The birth of a king
    B. The coming of a prophet
    C. The arrival of an angel
    D. The end of the world
  12. What did Joseph do to protect Mary and Jesus from King Herod’s soldiers?
    A. He hid them in a cave
    B. He took them to a foreign land
    C. He asked for help from a friend
    D. He prayed for divine protection
  13. What was the purpose of the census Joseph and Mary had to travel for?
    A. To collect taxes
    B. To register births
    C. To count the population
    D. To draft soldiers
  14. What did the shepherds do when they heard about the birth of Jesus?
    A. They ran away in fear
    B. They brought gifts
    C. They spread the news
    D. They sang praises
  15. What did Joseph do after the angel appeared to him in a dream?
    A. He took Mary as his wife
    B. He moved away from Nazareth
    C. He went to Bethlehem
    D. He gave Jesus a new name

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