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Quiz – The Prophet Samuel

Quiz - The Prophet Samuel

15 Multiple choice questions ( with 4 Possible Answers) on the topic – The Prophet Samuel

Quiz – The Prophet Samuel

  1. Who anointed Saul as King of Israel?
    A. Moses
    B. Solomon
    C. Elijah
    D. Samuel
  2. How did God call Samuel?
    A. Through a dream
    B. Through an angel
    C. Through a burning bush
    D. Through a loud voice
  3. What did Samuel do after he heard God’s call?
    A. He refused to obey
    B. He ran away
    C. He answered, “Here I am”
    D. He prayed to God
  4. Who was Eli, the priest of Shiloh?
    A. Samuel’s grandfather
    B. Samuel’s father
    C. Samuel’s uncle
    D. Samuel’s mentor
  5. What was the name of the city where Samuel lived?
    A. Jerusalem
    B. Nazareth
    C. Jericho
    D. Ramah
  6. What did Samuel’s mother give to him when she dedicated him to God?
    A. A robe
    B. A staff
    C. A crown
    D. A lamb
  7. What did Samuel do when the people wanted a king?
    A. He refused
    B. He consulted God
    C. He ran away
    D. He offered a prayer
  8. Who were the Philistines?
    A. The enemies of Israel
    B. The allies of Israel
    C. The ancestors of Israel
    D. The descendants of Israel
  9. What did the Philistines do to capture the Ark of the Covenant?
    A. They attacked the Temple
    B. They stole it
    C. They captured it in battle
    D. They tricked the Israelites into giving it to them
  10. What did God do to the Philistines after they captured the Ark of the Covenant?
    A. He destroyed them
    B. He cursed them
    C. He sent a plague
    D. He sent an army
  11. What did Samuel do to avenge the death of his sons?
    A. He led a revolt
    B. He destroyed the Philistines
    C. He cursed the Philistines
    D. He appealed to God
  12. What did Samuel do to ensure that Israel remained loyal to God?
    A. He built an altar
    B. He created a law code
    C. He wrote the Ten Commandments
    D. He established a school of prophets
  13. What did Samuel appoint to help him govern the nation?
    A. Judges
    B. Priests
    C. Warriors
    D. Kings
  14. What did Samuel warn the people about if they chose to have a king?
    A. The king would forget God
    B. The king would be corrupt
    C. The king would make them slaves
    D. The king would take away their freedom
  15. What did Samuel tell Saul to do after he was anointed king?
    A. Destroy the Philistines
    B. Obey the laws of God
    C. Kill the prophets
    D. Conquer the land of Israel

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